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    Who says athletes choose the right sport?

    Check out this vid on of all people Allen Iverson!


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    I was actually going to bring this up a while back, but I forgot what for. Pretty impressive highlight reel.

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    He had talent. Too bad he got into trouble with the law as a teen. His stock went down somewhat.
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    I remember Rickey Henderson said his first love was football & supposedly he had the talent to excel at the next level. He was smart in one respect: he knew baseball would carry less physical risk & more guaranteed caysh.

    Then there was Dave Winfield out of the Univ. of Minnesota. He got drafted by the NBA, ABA, MLB & NFL as I recall. I don't believe he ever played football, but I think the Vikings took a chance on him in the later rounds based on his athletic ability.

    Sounds like the subject of a new thread & since summer is slow, I'll start one myself.

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