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    Quote Originally Posted by irishunclebill View Post
    The Tom Loy factor

    I did not realize that Loy has had Demetris Robinson Crystal Balled to ND since September and Jonah Morris since November so that actually means he has had 10 ND Crystal Balls at one time or another since early December. He already has 4 of the 10 in the bag with Hayes, Studstill, Pride, and McKinley. The other 6 are all still uncommitted but he has already flipped his Crystal Ball on Damar Hamlin so that leaves him with 5 ND crystal balls still in play.

    Demetris Robertson- Loy is one of only 2 out of 16 who have Robertson to ND. The Crystal Ball leader right now is UGA with 56%.

    Jeffrey McCulloch- Crystal Ball wise McCulloch is definitely trending away from ND. Loy still has him as ND but he is all by his lonesome now as 1 out of 16. 5 Crystal Balls went to Texas yesterday alone including one from Wiltfong and Texas is now the big leader at 81%.

    Jonathan Jones- Jones is currently showing Michigan 78%/ND 22% with Loy joined by 4 others out of 23 having ND as their pick.

    Jonah Morris- Morris is showing 45% ND and 45% Sparty but he isn’t going back to Sparty and all 5 of the most recent picks were for ND. The only question here seems to be whether ND will take him after he officially visits on 1/22 unless Urbie gives him a committable offer when he visits pOSU this weekend on which I would assume he would act immediately on.

    Damian Alloway- Of the 5 Alloway is the only one where the majority consensus Crystal Ball agrees with Loy. ND is the prediction on 11 of the 12 picks with Oregon getting the other one which is kind of curious since I thought UCLA was supposed to be the major competition here and last I looked Alloway was still penciled in to visit UCLA on 1/22 after which he is supposed to make a final decision. Call me skeptical still on Alloway ending up at ND. I still get the feeling that if he was going to be Irish it would have already happened.

    This is where the other 2 names being talked about right now sit with ND at least from the 247 viewpoint.

    Jordan Fuller- Fuller is at 67% pOSU with no ND picks.

    Caleb Kelly- Kelly is 100% OU.

    Did I miss anybody?

    Looks like ND could get as many as 4 of these 7 guys but they could also very easily get shut out too.
    So it doesn't look like ND will get shutout on this list of 7 but they also won't get anywhere close to 4 of them. Jonathan Jones is by far their best bet to get an LOI from on Wednesday and the only other one of the 7 that ND is presumably still in contention for is Demetris Robertson although he is claiming he won't even make a decision on Wednesday.

    Loy for some odd reason even put a ND Crystal Ball on Caleb Kelly although he only had it that way for a week before switching it to OU. I guess he thought his CB % was too high. When all is said and done he will likely be below 50% for all of the ND crystal balls that he had at one time or another since December 1st.

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    Reflecting all recent changes

    Listed below is the current status of 2016 scholarships by position. The total scholarship players listed is 85.

    Note that the class standings on this list are that only, they do not indicate remaining eligibility. Anyone listed with a # or an * after their name have a redshirt year available beyond their class standing.

    Quarterback (5)
    Senior: Malik Zaire *
    Junior: DeShone Kizer *, Montgomery Van Gorder *
    Sophomore: Brandon Wimbush
    Freshman: Ian Book

    Halfback (7)
    5th Year Senior: Josh Anderson
    Senior: Tarean Folston *
    Junior: Justin Brent *
    Sophomore : Josh Adams, Dexter Williams
    Freshman: Tony Jones, Deon McIntosh

    Wide Receiver (9)
    Senior: Torii Hunter Jr. #, Corey Robinson
    Junior: Corey Holmes *
    Sophomore: Miles Boykin *, C.J. Sanders, Equanimeous St. Brown
    Freshman: Chase Claypool, Javon McKinley, Kevin Stepherson

    Tight End (4)
    Senior: Jacob Matuska *, Durham Smythe *
    Junior: Nic Weishar *
    Sophomore: Alize Jones

    Center (2)
    Junior- Sam Mustipher *
    Sophomore: Tristen Hoge *

    Offensive Guard (5)
    Senior- Colin McGovern #
    Junior: Jimmy Byrne *, Quentin Nelson *
    Sophomore: Trevor Ruhland *
    Freshman: Parker Boudreaux

    Offensive Tackle (6)
    5th Year Senior: Mark Harrell
    Senior: Hunter Bivin *, Mike McGlinchey *
    Junior: Alex Bars *
    Freshman: Liam Eichenberg, Tommy Kraemer

    Defensive End (6)
    Senior: Isaac Rochelle
    Junior: Grant Blankenship, Andrew Trumbetti
    Freshman: Khalid Kareem, Adetokunbo Oguneji, Julian Okwara

    Defensive Tackle (10)
    5th Year Senior: Jarron Jones
    Senior: John Montelus #
    Junior: Jonathan Bonner *, Daniel Cage, Jay Hayes *, Pete Mokwuah *
    Sophomore: Micah Dew-Treadway *, Elijah Taylor *, Brandon Tiassum *, Jerry Tillery

    Outside Linebacker (4)
    Senior: James Onwualu
    Sophomore: Asmar Bilal *, Tevon Coney
    Freshman: Daelin Hayes

    Inside Linebacker (5)
    Junior: Greer Martini, Nyles Morgan
    Sophomore: Josh Barajas *
    Freshman: Jamir Jones, Jonathan Jones

    Cornerback (8)
    Senior: Devin Butler, Cole Luke
    Junior: Nick Watkins
    Sophomore: Nick Coleman, Shaun Crawford *
    Freshman: Julian Love, Troy Pride, Donte Vaughn

    Safety (10)
    6th Year Senior: Avery Sebastian
    Senior: Max Redfield
    Junior: Drue Tranquill *
    Sophomore: Nicco Fertitta, Ashton White *, Mykelti Williams *
    Freshman: Jalen Elliott, D.J. Morgan, Spencer Perry, Devin Studstill

    Punter/Kicker (2)
    Junior: Tyler Newsome *
    Sophomore: Justin Yoon

    Long Snapper (2)
    5th Year Senior: Scott Daly *
    Freshman: John Shannon

    * = Player may be eligible for 5th year of eligibility
    # = May be granted medical redshirt

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    Reflecting all recent changes

    Breakdown by Eligibility of the 2016 Notre Dame Football Team

    2016 Total Scholarships (85)

    5th & 6th Year Senior 2016 (5)

    RB Josh Anderson
    LS Scott Daly
    OT Mark Harrell
    DT Jarron Jones
    S Avery Sebastian

    Senior- 2016 (6)

    WR Corey Robinson
    DE Isaac Rochell
    OLB James Onwualu
    CB Devin Butler, Cole Luke
    S Max Redfield

    Senior - 2017 (9)

    QB Malik Zaire *
    RB Tarean Folston #
    WR Torii Hunter Jr. #
    TE Durham Smythe *, Jacob Matuska *
    OT Hunter Bivin *, Mike McGlinchy *
    OG Colin McGovern #
    DT John Montelus #

    Junior- 2017 (6)

    DE Grant Blankenship, Andrew Trumbetti
    DT Daniel Cage
    ILB Greer Martini, Nyles Morgan
    CB Nick Watkins

    Junior- 2018 (14)

    QB DeShone Kizer *, Montgomery Van Gorder *
    RB Justin Brent *
    WR Corey Holmes *
    TE Nic Weishar *
    OT Alex Bars *
    OG Jimmy Byrne *, Quentin Nelson *
    OC Sam Mustipher *
    DT Jonathan Bonner *, Jay Hayes *, Pete Mokwuah *
    S Drue Tranquil #
    K/P Tyler Newsome *

    Sophomore- 2018 (11)

    QB Brandon Wimbush
    RB Josh Adams, Dexter Williams
    WR C.J. Sanders, Equanimeous St. Brown
    TE Alize Jones
    DT Jerry Tillery
    OLB Tevon Coney
    CB Nick Coleman
    S Nicco Fertitta
    K Justin Yoon

    Sophomore- 2019 (11)

    WR Miles Boykin *
    OC Tristen Hoge *
    OG Trevor Ruhland *
    DT Elijah Taylor *, Brandon Tiassum *, Micah Dew-Treadway *
    ILB Josh Barajas *
    OLB Asmar Bilal *
    CB Shaun Crawford *
    S Ashton White *, Mykelti Williams *

    Freshman- 2019 (23)

    QB Ian Book
    RB Tony Jones, Deon McIntosh
    WR Chase Claypool, Javon McKinley, Kevin Stepherson
    OT Liam Eichenberger, Tommy Kraemer
    OG Parker Boudreaux
    DE Khalid Kareem, Adetokunbo Ogundeji, Julian Okwara
    ILB Jamir Jones, Jonathan Jones
    OLB Daelin Hayes
    CB Julian Love, Troy Pride, Donte Vaughn
    S Jalen Elliott, D.J. Morgan, Spencer Perry, Devin Studstill
    LS John Shannon

    * = Player may be eligible for 5th year of eligibility
    # = May be granted medical redshirt

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    With the news today that Doug Randolph will no longer be playing football ND has apparently already reached back to the 85 scholarship limit for the 2016 football season.

    I have not actually seen the final 5th year's announced but this list which is based on the BGI/Rivals scholarship list assumes that it is finalized with the following 5 players being invited back:

    RB Josh Anderson
    LS Scott Daly
    OT Mark Harrell
    DT Jarron Jones
    S Avery Sebastian

    Changes from previous versions of this list on the 5th years is the addition back of Josh Anderson, and the subtractions of John Turner and Nicky Baratti.

    The other departures from the previous list in addition to Randolph, Turner, and Baratti, are Tyler Luatua, and Steve Elmer.

    Position changes since this was last published at least according to BGI/Rivals:

    Mark Harrell from OC to OT
    Jacob Matuska from DT to TE
    John Montelus from OG to DT
    Ashton White from CB to S

    Based on past history it is likely that this list will shrink even more before we get to August but one person who managed to survive for 2016 as I am sure he also will for 2017 & 2018 if his Dad hangs around is Montgomery Van Gorder.

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