I stole this idea from OFD. You can check out their "fantasy" schedules submitted by each blogger at www.onefootdown.com

What about you guys? If you were given power to make the ND schedule on any particular year, what would it look like? Which rivalries would you keep or drop? Would u dare to add an FCS opponent? Don't forget the five ACC games. Here's mine:

Game 1: @NAVY. no brainier here. I'd politely tell Navy that in order to remain on our schedule, they would need to be the opener EVERY year. It makes sense for ND b/c of the unique prep the D needs to install and if there are some lower extremity injuries, the players have more time to recover and can be back before season's end. NOTE: I realize that most of the season-ending injuries ND suffered in a Navy game was not a direct result of "cut blocking", however; it's rare ND escapes that game w/o a crucial player going down...coincidence or not. I don't think it's a coincidence that the one blowout of Navy in recent memory was the 2012 opener.

Game 2: @UNC. Solid opponent that ND should beat in most years. plus, it satisfies the ACC agreement.

Game 3: Michigan State. This is the one B1G team is appreciate as a true, long time rival.

Game 4: Boston College. Another solid opponent who is an occasional rival. Another ACC box to check. @


Game 5: USC. Nothing like two weeks to prepare for the spoiled children. This is NDs #1 rival IMO

Game 6: @Pitt. Obvious trap game, but it's time to start winning the games ND is expected to win. I'm not dismissing the fact that Narduzzi could get them back to a power either.

Game 7: Tulsa. One word: payback. Also, should be a breather where the backups get reps.


Game 8: Mizzou (Shamrock Series @ Jerrys World). Shut Pinkel's ass up once and for all.

Game 9: Northwestern. Revenge

Game 10: @ Louisville. Solid ACC opponent...keep the Revenge Tour going

Game 11: Wake Forest. Senior Day & they're an ACC opponent. Nuff said

Game 12: @ UCLA. I agree with one of the OFD guys in that I don't see Standord as a rival that should be sacrosanct, but that we should include them in a rotation of other Pac 12 schools in Cali when SC has to travel to ND. I'd propose alternating Stanford, UCLA & Cal in this spot.