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    Listed below is the current status of 2015 scholarships by position. The total scholarship players listed is 90.

    Note that the class standings on this list are that only, they do not indicate remaining eligibility. Anyone listed with a # or an * after their name have a redshirt year available beyond their class standing.

    Quarterback (5)
    5th Year Senior: Everett Golson *
    Junior: Malik Zaire *
    Sophomore: DeShone Kizer
    Sophomore: Montgomery Van Gorder
    Freshman: Brandon Wimbush (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Halfback (3)
    Junior: Greg Bryant *, Tarean Folston
    Freshman: Josh Adams (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Fullback (0)

    Wide Receiver (11)
    5th Year Senior: Amir Carlisle #
    Senior: Chris Brown, C.J. Prosise *
    Junior: Will Fuller, Torii Hunter Jr. #, Corey Robinson
    Sophomore: Justin Brent, Corey Holmes
    Freshman: Miles Boykin (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: Jalen Guyton (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: C.J. Sanders (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Tight End (4)
    Junior: Mike Heuerman #, Durham Smythe *
    Sophomore: Tyler Luatua, Nic Weishar

    Center (4)
    5th Year Senior: Matthew Hegarty *, Nick Martin *
    Junior- Scott Daly *
    Freshman: Tristen Hoge (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Offensive Guard (8)
    5th Year Senior: Conor Hanratty *
    Senior- Steve Elmer, Mark Harrell *
    Junior: Colin McGovern #, John Montelus #
    Sophomore: Jimmy Byrne, Sam Mustipher
    Freshman: Trevor Ruhland (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Offensive Tackle (6)
    Senior: Ronnie Stanley *
    Junior: Hunter Bivin *, Mike McGlinchey *
    Sophomore: Alex Bars, Quentin Nelson
    Freshman: Jerry Tillery (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Defensive End (9)
    5th Year Senior: Ishaq Williams *
    Senior: Romeo Okwara
    Junior: Isaac Rochelle
    Sophomore: Grant Blankenship, Kolin Hill, Andrew Trumbetti, Jhonathon Williams
    Freshman: Elijah Taylor (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: Bo Wallace (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Defensive Tackle (10)
    Senior: Sheldon Day, Chase Hounshell #, Jarron Jones *
    Junior- Jacob Matuska *
    Sophomore: Jonathan Bonner, Daniel Cage, Jay Hayes, Pete Mokwuah
    Freshman: Micah Dew-Tredway (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: Brandon Tiassum (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Outside Linebacker (6)
    5th Year Senior: Ben Councell *
    Junior: James Onwualu, Doug Randolph #, Jaylon Smith, John Turner *
    Freshman: Asmar Bilal (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Inside Linebacker (7)
    5th Year Senior: Jarrett Grace *, Anthony Rabasa *, Joe Schmidt *
    Junior: Michael Deeb *
    Sophomore: Greer Martini, Nyles Morgan
    Freshman: Josh Barajas (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Cornerback (9)
    5th Year Senior: Jalen Brown *, Matthias Farley *
    Senior: KeiVarae Russell *
    Junior: Devin Butler, Cole Luke
    Sophomore: Nick Watkins
    Freshman: Nick Coleman (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: Shaun Crawford (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: Ashton White (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Safety (6)
    Senior: Nicky Baratti #, Elijah Shumate
    Junior: Max Redfield
    Sophomore: Drue Tranquill
    Freshman: Nicco Fertitta (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: Prentice McKinney (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Punter/Kicker (2)
    Sophomore: Tyler Newsome
    Freshman: Justin Yoon (2015 Recruiting Class)

    * = Player may be eligible for 5th year of eligibility
    # = May be granted medical redshirt

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    Breakdown by Eligibility of the 2015 Notre Dame Football Team

    2015 Total Scholarships (90)

    5th Year Senior 2015 (12)

    QB Everett Golson *
    WR Amir Carlisle #
    OC Matthew Hegarty *, Nick Martin *
    OG Conor Hanratty *
    DE Ishaq Williams *
    ILB Jarrett Grace *, Anthony Rabasa *, Joe Schmidt *
    OLB Ben Councell *,
    CB Jalen Brown *, Matthias Farley *

    Senior- 2015 (4)

    WR Chris Brown
    DT Sheldon Day
    DE Romeo Okwara
    S Elijah Shumate

    Senior - 2016 (9)

    WR C.J. Prosise *
    OC/LS Scott Daly *
    OG Mark Harrell *
    OT Ronnie Stanley *
    DT Chase Hounshell #, Jarron Jones *
    OLB John Turner *
    CB KeiVarae Russell
    S Nicky Baratti #

    Junior- 2016 (10)

    RB Tarean Folston
    WR Will Fuller, Corey Robinson
    OG Steve Elmer
    DE Isaac Rochell
    OLB James Onwualu, Jaylon Smith
    CB Devin Butler, Cole Luke
    S Max Redfield

    Junior- 2017 (12)

    QB Malik Zaire *
    RB Greg Bryant #
    WR Torii Hunter Jr. #
    TE Mike Heuerman #, Durham Smythe *
    OT Hunter Bivin *, Mike McGlinchy *
    OG Colin McGovern #, John Montelus #
    DT Jacob Matuska *
    ILB Michael Deeb *
    OLB Doug Randolph #

    Sophomore- 2017 (23)

    QB DeShone Kizer, Montgomery Van Gorder
    WR Justin Brent, Corey Holmes
    TE Tyler Luatua, Nic Weishar
    OT Alex Bars, Quentin Nelson
    OG Jimmy Byrne, Sam Mustipher
    DE Grant Blankenship, Kolin Hill, Andrew Trumbetti, Jhonathon Williams
    DT Jonathan Bonner, Daniel Cage, Jay Hayes, Pete Mokwuah
    ILB Greer Martini, Nyles Morgan
    CB Nick Watkins
    S Drue Tranquil
    K/P Tyler Newsome

    Freshman- 2018 (20)

    QB Brandon Wimbush
    RB Josh Adams
    WR Miles Boykin, Jalen Guyton, C.J. Sanders
    OC Tristen Hoge
    OT Jerry Tillery
    OG Trevor Ruhland
    DE Elijah Taylor, Bo Wallace
    DT Micah Dew-Treadway, Brandon Tiassum
    ILB Josh Barajas
    OLB Asmar Bilal
    CB Nick Coleman, Shaun Crawford, Ashton White
    S Nicco Fertitta, Prentice McKinney
    K Justin Yoon

    * = Player may be eligible for 5th year of eligibility
    # = May be granted medical redshirt

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    Updated for Bilal. Listed as an OLB but he probably projects to be able to eventually play any LB position.

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    Subtracting these 6 (Grace, Rabasa, Jalen Brown, Councell, Hounshell, Baratti) would leave only 1 spot still available and Coney seems to be a foregone conclusion by most to end up Irish.

    If you consider the latest BGI Tunnel Vision even though it is almost always over optimistic one slot is definitely not going to be enough. That list virtually has Coney in the fold already, with ND also as the Crystal Ball pick for Jamabo, Frank Buncom IV, and Alize Jones. They also list Ykili Ross and Lawrence Cager as definitely taking OV’s down the road and 4 others who they believe might also take OV’s, Iman Marshall, Marvell Tell, Cordell Broadus, and Christian Wilkins. Nicholas Brossette also seems to be in the mix still although that one seems very unlikely, especially if ND can land Jamabo.

    That leaves 11 names for what looks to be only one available slot at this point in time and that assumes that none of the guys like Grace, Councell, Hounshell, and Baratti, all of who are primarily problematic because of medical issues will be invited back. It will be interesting to see where it all shakes out especially if ND gets commits from all 4 of Coney, Jamabo, Buncom IV, and Alize Jones.

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    I think that Equanimeous St. Brown is also high on ND so he could be added to your list of possible commits IUB.
    All winning teams are goal-oriented. Teams like these win consistently because everyone connected with them concentrates on specific objectives. They go about their business with blinders on; nothing will distract themfrom achieving their aims.

    - Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame football coach

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    I thought Montgomery Van Gorder was a walk-on not scholarship, and is John Turner on scholarship?

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    Quote Originally Posted by St.Kittsnd View Post
    I thought Montgomery Van Gorder was a walk-on not scholarship, and is John Turner on scholarship?
    MVG was initially a preferred walk-on but was given a scholarship in early August. As far as I know Turner is still a scholarship player.

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    According to Turner has actually seen PT in every one of the last 19 games ND has played, recording a total of 5 tackles, 2 solo & 3 assists.

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    RB situation really needs addressed in the next two cycles.

    I hope they oversign. Won't happen but I still hope.

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    Does Kelly inviting Hardy back to finish the season complicate these numbers even more. Hardy still has eligibility in 2015.

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