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    Quote Originally Posted by irishunclebill View Post
    The latest PWO is a P/K from Katy, TX Seven Lakes HS, Jeff Riney. No recruiting profiles on him that I saw so he probably didn't have any FBS schollie offers.

    ND is looking at him as primarily a back-up Punter but he also kicked a 65 yard FG at one of those K/P camps.
    It's a known fact that you lose 20 yards once you step foot in South Bend city limits.
    Don't facebook recruits. You are adults, act like it.

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    ND is looking at him as primarily a back-up Punter but he also kicked a 65 yard FG at one of those K/P camps.
    They forgot to mention that he kicked it with a 65 MPH wind at his back...

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    Updated for departure of Hegarty & Councell and add back of Chase Hounshell

    Listed below is the current status of 2015 scholarships by position. The total scholarship players listed is 90.

    Note that the class standings on this list are that only, they do not indicate remaining eligibility. Anyone listed with a # or an * after their name have a redshirt year available beyond their class standing.

    Quarterback (4)
    5th Year Senior: Everett Golson
    Junior: Malik Zaire *
    Sophomore: DeShone Kizer *
    Freshman: Brandon Wimbush

    Halfback (4)
    Junior: Greg Bryant *, Tarean Folston
    Freshman: Josh Adams, Dexter Williams

    Fullback (0)

    Wide Receiver (12)
    5th Year Senior: Amir Carlisle
    Senior: Chris Brown, C.J. Prosise *
    Junior: Will Fuller, Torii Hunter Jr. #, Corey Robinson
    Sophomore: Justin Brent, Corey Holmes
    Freshman: Miles Boykin, Jalen Guyton, C.J. Sanders, Equanimeous St. Brown

    Tight End (6)
    5th Year Senior: Chase Hounshell
    Junior: Mike Heuerman #, Durham Smythe *
    Sophomore: Tyler Luatua, Nic Weishar *
    Freshman: Alize Jones

    Center (3)
    5th Year Senior: Nick Martin
    Junior- Scott Daly *
    Freshman: Tristen Hoge

    Offensive Guard (7)
    Senior- Steve Elmer, Mark Harrell *
    Junior: Colin McGovern #, John Montelus #
    Sophomore: Jimmy Byrne *, Sam Mustipher *
    Freshman: Trevor Ruhland

    Offensive Tackle (6)
    Senior: Ronnie Stanley *
    Junior: Hunter Bivin *, Mike McGlinchey *
    Sophomore: Alex Bars *, Quentin Nelson *
    Freshman: Jerry Tillery

    Defensive End (7)
    5th Year Senior: Ishaq Williams
    Junior: Isaac Rochelle
    Sophomore: Grant Blankenship, Kolin Hill, Andrew Trumbetti, Jhonathon Williams *
    Freshman: Bo Wallace

    Defensive Tackle (10)
    Senior: Sheldon Day, Jarron Jones *
    Junior- Jacob Matuska *
    Sophomore: Jonathan Bonner *, Daniel Cage, Jay Hayes, Pete Mokwuah *
    Freshman: Micah Dew-Treadway, Elijah Taylor, Brandon Tiassum

    Outside Linebacker (7)
    Senior: Romeo Okwara
    Junior: James Onwualu, Doug Randolph #, Jaylon Smith, John Turner *
    Freshman: Asmar Bilal, Tevon Coney

    Inside Linebacker (6)
    5th Year Senior: Jarrett Grace , Joe Schmidt
    Junior: Michael Deeb *
    Sophomore: Greer Martini, Nyles Morgan
    Freshman: Josh Barajas

    Cornerback (8)
    5th Year Senior: Matthias Farley
    Senior: KeiVarae Russell *
    Junior: Devin Butler, Cole Luke
    Sophomore: Nick Watkins
    Freshman: Nick Coleman, Shaun Crawford, Ashton White

    Safety (7)
    5th Year Senior: Avery Sebastian
    Senior: Nicky Baratti *, Elijah Shumate
    Junior: Max Redfield
    Sophomore: Drue Tranquill
    Freshman: Nicco Fertitta, Mykelti Williams

    Punter/Kicker (2)
    Sophomore: Tyler Newsome *
    Freshman: Justin Yoon

    * = Player may be eligible for 5th year of eligibility
    # = May be granted medical redshirt

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    Updated for departure of Hegarty & Councell and add back of Chase Hounshell

    Breakdown by Eligibility of the 2015 Notre Dame Football Team

    2015 Total Scholarships (89)

    5th Year Senior 2015 (9)

    QB Everett Golson
    WR Amir Carlisle
    TE Chase Hounshell
    OC Nick Martin
    DE Ishaq Williams
    ILB Jarrett Grace, Joe Schmidt
    CB Matthias Farley
    S Avery Sebastian

    Senior- 2015 (4)

    WR Chris Brown
    DT Sheldon Day
    OLB Romeo Okwara
    S Elijah Shumate

    Senior - 2016 (8)

    WR C.J. Prosise *
    OC/LS Scott Daly *
    OG Mark Harrell *
    OT Ronnie Stanley *
    DT Jarron Jones *
    OLB John Turner *
    CB KeiVarae Russell *
    S Nicky Baratti *

    Junior- 2016 (10)

    RB Tarean Folston
    WR Will Fuller, Corey Robinson
    OG Steve Elmer
    DE Isaac Rochell
    OLB James Onwualu, Jaylon Smith
    CB Devin Butler, Cole Luke
    S Max Redfield

    Junior- 2017 (12)

    QB Malik Zaire *
    RB Greg Bryant #
    WR Torii Hunter Jr. #
    TE Mike Heuerman #, Durham Smythe *
    OT Hunter Bivin *, Mike McGlinchy *
    OG Colin McGovern #, John Montelus #
    DT Jacob Matuska *
    ILB Michael Deeb *
    OLB Doug Randolph #

    Sophomore- 2017 (12)

    WR Justin Brent, Corey Holmes
    TE Tyler Luatua
    DE Grant Blankenship, Kolin Hill, Andrew Trumbetti
    DT Daniel Cage, Jay Hayes
    ILB Greer Martini, Nyles Morgan
    CB Nick Watkins
    S Drue Tranquil

    Sophomore- 2018 (10)

    QB DeShone Kizer *
    TE Nic Weishar *
    OT Alex Bars *, Quentin Nelson *
    OG Jimmy Byrne *, Sam Mustipher *
    DE Jhonathon Williams *
    DT Jonathan Bonner *, Pete Mokwuah *
    K/P Tyler Newsome *

    Freshman- 2018 (24)

    QB Brandon Wimbush
    RB Josh Adams, Dexter Williams
    WR Miles Boykin, Jalen Guyton, C.J. Sanders, Equanimeous St. Brown
    TE Alize Jones
    OC Tristen Hoge
    OT Jerry Tillery
    OG Trevor Ruhland
    DE Bo Wallace
    DT Elijah Taylor, Brandon Tiassum, Micah Dew-Treadway
    ILB Josh Barajas
    OLB Asmar Bilal, Tevon Coney
    CB Nick Coleman, Shaun Crawford, Ashton White
    S Nicco Fertitta, Mykelti Williams
    K Justin Yoon

    * = Player may be eligible for 5th year of eligibility
    # = May be granted medical redshirt

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    The departures of Matthew Hegarty & Ben Councell brought the number temporarily down to 88 until the surprising revelation that Chase Hounshell would be on the spring roster as a prospective blocking TE brought it back up to 89. There is some speculation that Kelly is allowing Chase to practice as a TE this spring as an audition for him to transfer somewhere else after the Spring and play as a 5th year Senior this Fall. Hounshell has been hurt so often that I’m not really sure what his actual eligibility status is but for this purpose he is listed as a 5th year Senior.

    The real number is actually 91 because Montgomery Van Gorder is not the only former walk-on with eligibility left who was on full scholarship last year. Connor Cavalaris is also in the same category as MVG.

    So as of right now there are six guys who were on scholarship in 2014 and will be practicing this Spring who will not have scholarships in 2015. That number goes down to 5 if Ishag Williams does not make it back.

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    I really don't expect to see either Hounshell or Williams make it to the fall roster.

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    Right now Connor Cavalaris is in the 2 deep at one CB position which means he would most certainly retain his scholarship for the 2015 season.

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    Thank God he won't be there for long with Russell and three freshmen coming in, scholarship or not.

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    Went to watch some 2015 Pump-up vids on YouTube like I do most offseasons. Tougher to watch this time b/c most of the plays involved Golson (damn....what could've been if he could protect the damn ball) and a lot of the highlights came against teams ND should've beaten. I still can't believe they lost to NW or the way they lost to Louisville. So ready for the season to get here.

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