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    Every month, week, day, hour, minute … the question is asked: How many football scholarships, or grants-in-aid, does Notre Dame have left to give?

    The answer always remains the same: There is no clear answer, but you keep recruiting your priority players because there will always be attrition, be it verbal “decommits,” transfers or players no longer able to play for medical reasons but are still put on grant-in-aid separate from football.
    Here is where Notre Dame stands for 2015 with its breakdown of scholarship players:
    • 20 current verbal commitments for the February 2015 signing day.
    • 23 freshmen (sophomores in 2015). This includes quarterback Montgomery VanGorder, who originally enrolled as a walk-on but was awarded a scholarship in the summer.
    • 22 sophomores (juniors in 2015).
    • 12 juniors (fourth-year seniors in 2015). This includes cornerback KeiVarae Russell, a 26-game starter in 2012-13 who is shelved this season because of the academic fraud investigation but vowed to re-enroll in the summer of 2015.
    That adds up to 77 players out of a possible 85 allowed by the NCAA. Thus, there are eight remaining scholarships remaining to give out either to 1) potential fifth-year senior candidates in the current senior class and 2) recruits still on Notre Dame’s board.
    Notre Dame has 15 fifth-year senior possibilities, the largest pool ever to our recollection. Alphabetically, they are: cornerback Jalen Brown, slot Amir Carlisle, outside linebacker Ben Councell, receiver DaVaris Daniels, nickel/safety Matthias Farley, quarterback Everett Golson, inside linebacker Jarrett Grace, guard Conor Hanratty, safety Eilar Hardy, center Matt Hegarty, defensive tackle Chase Hounshell, guard Nick Martin, defensive end Anthony Rabasa, Mike linebacker Joe Schmidt and defensive end Ishaq Williams.

    The ones we consider most likely to return are six current starters or co-starters: Golson, Carlisle, Martin and Hegarty on offense, and Schmidt and Farley on defense. That would take you to 83, with two left to give in recruiting (Florida linebacker Tevon Coney is supposed to announce tomorrow, Oct. 23, between Notre Dame and the University of Florida).
    But Williams, who like Russell is planning to return to Notre Dame in 2015, is a likely candidate too. That would take you to 84, with one left to give in recruiting.
    Not so fast, friends. Attrition is an inevitable aspect of a football program every season, generally at least two players. Last year it was cornerback Rashad Kinlaw and slot Will Mahone. We’re not advocating for it to happen, but just saying history from a sample size of several decades shows a pattern of this development.
    Another factor is fifth-year prospects, upon receiving their undergraduate degree from Notre Dame, can play at another school without sitting out, a la former Irish players Andrew Hendrix, Alex Welch or Lo Wood at Miami (Ohio) this season — or corner Cody Riggs playing at Notre Dame this year via the Florida Gators.
    There also is a history of current verbals pulling an 11th-hour switch, which goes both ways. Again, we’re not saying it’s a definite, but it does have a history.
    Next, there is the option of some players to turn pro early, as Stephon Tuitt, Troy Niklas and George Atkinson III all did last year following their junior years. This year it is far less likely, although Golson, defensive tackle Sheldon Day and left tackle Ronnie Stanley all could be NFL candidates.
    Finally, there is the medical aspect. Last year it was defensive lineman Tony Springmann. In 2015 it could be Grace or current junior safety Nicky Baratti. Grace shattered his leg in the Oct. 5, 2013 win versus Arizona State and is still considered a ways off from playing. Baratti has missed all or most of the past two seasons with shoulder problems.
    Those are the uncertainties that don’t provide complete clarity at this point to scholarship counts.
    There have been many years recently where there was hand-wringing about not having enough spots on the roster for potential recruits. Instead, what ended up happening is there was still room for prospective fifth-year seniors who weren’t expected to return but did, including receiver John Goodman in 2012, nose guard Tyler Stockton in 2013 and defensive tackle Justin Utupo this season. Utupo has seen regular action on the young 2014 defense. Holder Luke Massa also was invited back by head coach Brian Kelly, but he opted for a professional career in business.
    In summary, seldom have we ever seen Notre Dame have to turn away a top prospect who wants to come here. If it really wants him, space generally will be found. It has been a greater issue to get to 85 then getting past 85.

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    Listed below is the current status of 2015 scholarships by position. The total scholarship players listed is 91.

    Note that the class standings on this list are that only, they do not indicate remaining eligibility. Anyone listed with a # or an * after their name have a redshirt year available beyond their class standing.

    Quarterback (5)
    5th Year Senior: Everett Golson *
    Junior: Malik Zaire *
    Sophomore: DeShone Kizer
    Sophomore: Montgomery Van Gorder
    Freshman: Brandon Wimbush (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Halfback (3)
    Junior: Greg Bryant *, Tarean Folston
    Freshman: Josh Adams (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Fullback (0)

    Wide Receiver (11)
    5th Year Senior: Amir Carlisle #
    Senior: Chris Brown, C.J. Prosise *
    Junior: Will Fuller, Torii Hunter Jr. #, Corey Robinson
    Sophomore: Justin Brent, Corey Holmes
    Freshman: Miles Boykin (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: Jalen Guyton (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: C.J. Sanders (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Tight End (4)
    Junior: Mike Heuerman #, Durham Smythe *
    Sophomore: Tyler Luatua, Nic Weishar

    Center (4)
    5th Year Senior: Matthew Hegarty *, Nick Martin *
    Junior- Scott Daly *
    Freshman: Tristen Hoge (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Offensive Guard (8)
    5th Year Senior: Conor Hanratty *
    Senior- Steve Elmer, Mark Harrell *
    Junior: Colin McGovern #, John Montelus #
    Sophomore: Jimmy Byrne, Sam Mustipher
    Freshman: Trevor Ruhland (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Offensive Tackle (6)
    Senior: Ronnie Stanley *
    Junior: Hunter Bivin *, Mike McGlinchey *
    Sophomore: Alex Bars, Quentin Nelson
    Freshman: Jerry Tillery (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Defensive End (9)
    5th Year Senior: Ishaq Williams *
    Senior: Romeo Okwara
    Junior: Isaac Rochelle
    Sophomore: Grant Blankenship, Kolin Hill, Andrew Trumbetti, Jhonathon Williams
    Freshman: Elijah Taylor (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: Bo Wallace (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Defensive Tackle (10)
    Senior: Sheldon Day, Chase Hounshell #, Jarron Jones *
    Junior- Jacob Matuska *
    Sophomore: Jonathan Bonner, Daniel Cage, Jay Hayes, Pete Mokwuah
    Freshman: Micah Dew-Tredway (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: Brandon Tiassum (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Outside Linebacker (7)
    5th Year Senior: Ben Councell *
    Junior: James Onwualu, Doug Randolph #, Jaylon Smith, John Turner *
    Freshman: Asmar Bilal (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: Tevon Coney (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Inside Linebacker (7)
    5th Year Senior: Jarrett Grace *, Anthony Rabasa *, Joe Schmidt *
    Junior: Michael Deeb *
    Sophomore: Greer Martini, Nyles Morgan
    Freshman: Josh Barajas (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Cornerback (9)
    5th Year Senior: Jalen Brown *, Matthias Farley *
    Senior: KeiVarae Russell *
    Junior: Devin Butler, Cole Luke
    Sophomore: Nick Watkins
    Freshman: Nick Coleman (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: Shaun Crawford (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: Ashton White (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Safety (6)
    Senior: Nicky Baratti #, Elijah Shumate
    Junior: Max Redfield
    Sophomore: Drue Tranquill
    Freshman: Nicco Fertitta (2015 Recruiting Class)
    Freshman: Prentice McKinney (2015 Recruiting Class)

    Punter/Kicker (2)
    Sophomore: Tyler Newsome
    Freshman: Justin Yoon (2015 Recruiting Class)

    * = Player may be eligible for 5th year of eligibility
    # = May be granted medical redshirt

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    Breakdown by Eligibility of the 2015 Notre Dame Football Team

    2015 Total Scholarships (91)

    5th Year Senior 2015 (12)

    QB Everett Golson *
    WR Amir Carlisle #
    OC Matthew Hegarty *, Nick Martin *
    OG Conor Hanratty *
    DE Ishaq Williams *
    ILB Jarrett Grace *, Anthony Rabasa *, Joe Schmidt *
    OLB Ben Councell *,
    CB Jalen Brown *, Matthias Farley *

    Senior- 2015 (4)

    WR Chris Brown
    DT Sheldon Day
    DE Romeo Okwara
    S Elijah Shumate

    Senior - 2016 (9)

    WR C.J. Prosise *
    OC/LS Scott Daly *
    OG Mark Harrell *
    OT Ronnie Stanley *
    DT Chase Hounshell #, Jarron Jones *
    OLB John Turner *
    CB KeiVarae Russell *
    S Nicky Baratti #

    Junior- 2016 (10)

    RB Tarean Folston
    WR Will Fuller, Corey Robinson
    OG Steve Elmer
    DE Isaac Rochell
    OLB James Onwualu, Jaylon Smith
    CB Devin Butler, Cole Luke
    S Max Redfield

    Junior- 2017 (12)

    QB Malik Zaire *
    RB Greg Bryant #
    WR Torii Hunter Jr. #
    TE Mike Heuerman #, Durham Smythe *
    OT Hunter Bivin *, Mike McGlinchy *
    OG Colin McGovern #, John Montelus #
    DT Jacob Matuska *
    ILB Michael Deeb *
    OLB Doug Randolph #

    Sophomore- 2017 (23)

    QB DeShone Kizer, Montgomery Van Gorder
    WR Justin Brent, Corey Holmes
    TE Tyler Luatua, Nic Weishar
    OT Alex Bars, Quentin Nelson
    OG Jimmy Byrne, Sam Mustipher
    DE Grant Blankenship, Kolin Hill, Andrew Trumbetti, Jhonathon Williams
    DT Jonathan Bonner, Daniel Cage, Jay Hayes, Pete Mokwuah
    ILB Greer Martini, Nyles Morgan
    CB Nick Watkins
    S Drue Tranquil
    K/P Tyler Newsome

    Freshman- 2018 (21)

    QB Brandon Wimbush
    RB Josh Adams
    WR Miles Boykin, Jalen Guyton, C.J. Sanders
    OC Tristen Hoge
    OT Jerry Tillery
    OG Trevor Ruhland
    DE Elijah Taylor, Bo Wallace
    DT Micah Dew-Treadway, Brandon Tiassum
    ILB Josh Barajas
    OLB Asmar Bilal, Tevon Coney
    CB Nick Coleman, Shaun Crawford, Ashton White
    S Nicco Fertitta, Prentice McKinney
    K Justin Yoon

    * = Player may be eligible for 5th year of eligibility
    # = May be granted medical redshi

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    Subtracting these 6 (Grace, Rabasa, Jalen Brown, Councell, Hounshell, Baratti) leaves ND at capacity for 2015. I don't see any other candidates to leave right now unless Golson decides to leave for the NFL or Carlisle decides he is also too injury prone to take a stab at another year. With ND seemingly in solid contention to still add 4 more (RB, WR, TE, and S) 2015 recruits there will have to be fallout somewhere else either by way of 2015 de-commit's or departures of other underclassmen.

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    I know someone had mentioned that scholarships are renewable for 1 year...can MVG be put on as Preferred Walk-On? Also, I wonder if Nicco would give up his scholarship to attend and give it to his buddy? Can he decline a scholarship and still be admitted in?

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    I've heard from peps on campus that Day is leaning towards the NFL... plus, it's ND, when has there ever not been attrition??
    "Don't expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong."-- Calvin Coolidge

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    Sign what you need. if some of the non-essential 5th years don't get to stay, so be it. We gave you a degree.

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    Losing Day would suck, but he would have earned it. MVG must go off scholly, its that simple.

    As far as who are essential 5th year seniors, things are murky there.
    "Doggonnit............The Lord gave you two legs, protect them" - Coach Hart

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    I don't recall ND ever taking away someone's schollie if they were previously awarded one and were still on the team. Doesn't mean it won't happen with MVG but I'm pretty sure it would set a precedent at ND.

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