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    Uncommitted targets

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    I thought it would be valuable to compile a list of uncommitted Notre Dame targets that 247Sports analysts have weighed in on with a prediction.

    Important to note, these should not be considered a percentage of likelihood to commit. It's literally a percentage of analysts predicting ND out of total analysts predicting anything. Also, analysts can change their predictions at any time, meaning more recent predictions indicate a trend which might be much more valuable than a prediction made a long time ago.

    S/ATH Juju Smith 41% (trending USC)
    DT Thomas Holley 7% (trending PSU)
    TE Tyler Luatua 76% (trending to ND)
    DT Matt Elam nada
    WR/ATH Michiah Quick 50% (but Oklahoma is 'warmer')
    OLB Nyles Morgan 8% (a little bit of traction - 2 predicts in the last month)
    OG Braden Smith 6% (trending to TCU)
    RB/ATH Nathan Starks 36% (trending to OU)
    WR/ATH Isaiah McKenzie 92% (trending away from ND, I think it's clear he's ND if we'll have him)
    OLB/ILB Nile Sikes 73% (trending ND)
    S Payton Hendrix 70%
    DE Kolin Hill 50% (wants to go to Texas, maybe Jhonathan's commit makes ND moot?)

    I did not include targets without any predictions or where ND had zero percent (except Elam).
    This does not mean there is zero chance in some cases.

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    They have five spots left if I have that correct. The most likely "fillers" are Luatua, Sykes, Morgan, Hendrix and McKenzie. The McKenzie situation is just weird.

    Smith winds up at SC
    Holley to PSU
    Elam to Alabama
    Quick to OU

    Can't really say about the others. Frankly, knowing how things typically go between February and August, they could oversign by 2-3 and I would not have an issue with it whatesoever. I want them at 85 or as close to it as humanly possible when camp breaks in August headed into the Rice game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiggafini19 View Post
    They have five spots left if I have that correct. The most likely "fillers" are Luatua, Sykes, Morgan, Hendrix and McKenzie. The McKenzie situation is just weird.
    I think Jiggafini is right. I see that is how the class finishes out. I think ND will miss on Elam, maybe Quick and JuJu would be the next best chances.

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    Jigga, what do you think about Hill and Nelson. I know some of the predictions show those 2 as possible ND guys.

    Nelson is more of a 'if McKenzie doesn't qualify, then you're the guy"?
    Hill is 3rd choice for LB if Nile/Nyles don't both go Irish?

    Because I never see us get our full allotment and we always lose someone or 2 or 3 guys in spring training to catastrophic injury or stupidity, And I don't think we will get Schultze, Smith (OT) or those you already mentioned, I would be happy if BK took those 2 for more depth.

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    I've heard ND is aiming for 25-27 guys in the class.

    Nelson or McKenzie. Don't think they'd take both. If Nelson wants to commit this weekend do they let him? I'm not sure. Maybe they wait to see if McKenzie's SAT score is good enough.

    I think they'd take all 3 of Nile Sykes, Nyles Morgan, and Kolin Hill. If there is a least likely of the 3, it would be Hill, but ND might be leading for him.

    As much as he loved his visit to ND, Schultz probably picks Stanford. Don't feel great about Smith (probably TCU bound right now), but lets wait until after his OV to ND. Would really like to snag as many of Quick, Elam, and Juju Smith as they can. Add in Luatua and Hendrix and I think you have your class.

    There are a couple of other guys still on the radar; Allen Lazard (Iowa St), Solomon Thomas, Andrew Williams, and Arrion Springs (Oregon) that are pipe dreams at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpanishElite View Post
    I think Jiggafini is right. I see that is how the class finishes out. I think ND will miss on Elam, maybe Quick and JuJu would be the next best chances.
    With McKenzie, we're at 20. I'm going to think positive and assume that his SAT will be good enough and he's in. So, 20 it is right now.

    I think that Morgan, Sykes, and Luatua will all eventually be Irish, so that is 23.

    Here's where it gets interesting though. I think Kelly has learned from his prior experience at ND that he needs to over-sign. Geography, academic rigors, injuries and just plain old changes of heart, mean attrition is going to happen. ND needs to prepare for the inevitability just like everyone else, or the Irish will have more seasons like this one where games are played with the starting inside linebacker playing defensive end because we don't have enough healthy bodies to rotate into the game. With all that said, I believe the following will occur:

    1) While I don't think Payton Hendrix is as likely to sign as the 4 listed above, I think he ultimately will. (24)
    2) Kolin Hill is a lock right up til Texas offers. I don't think they will since they want an immediate impact guy at his position. He'll be Irish. (25)
    3) I think Kelly was very frustrated by the lack of threats in the slot this year, so, unlike most, I think he'll take Nelson even if McKenzie qualifies. (26)
    4) I think that Quick winds up at ND. I think that he may need to be reminded of why he loved ND when he was here, and this staff is good at that kind of thing. (27)

    So, will ND take 27 commitments in the class of 2014? I think so.

    Overall, I'm very happy with the class. It might lack some of the flash of the 2011 and 2013 classes, but it brings with it top-to-bottom quality depth.
    1) With Bryant being able to take a medical redshirt this year, I think that it's very understandable why ND is passing on a RB in this cycle.
    2) I think that the OL class is once again stellar.
    Four 4-stars with including two top 10 tackles. Argue with that. (Plus we already have the #1 Center and #9 Tackle for 2015).
    3) I think that the WR class is very, very good.
    Brent, Holmes, Quick, McKenzie and Nelson - this class will be better than last year's, which I thought was great.
    4) Solid, borderline elite system QB pickup. (And #6 QB Barnett already in the fold for 2015).
    5) Top 12 CB that we beat Alabama to get and is perfect for the defense.
    6) And last, but not least, the Front 7 is going to be very, very deep and very good.
    Morgan, Trumbetti, Hayes, Yeargin, Dickerson, Tranquill, Martini, Sykes, Blankenship, Bonner, Williams and Hill. 7 of these guys are 6'4" or taller. 8 are rated as 4-star players by 247Sports' proprietary rankings, the 247Composite or both.

    All in all, the future looks bright.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sounds like Hill loved it and almost committed. Nelson was much less enthusiastic. We may strike out at slot receiver if McKenzie doesn't qualify.

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    So if Luatua commits tomorrow ND's 2014 schollie chart hits 85 if you count Tuitt as returning. Verbals from Morgan and Hendrix would then cost Utupo and Kendall Moore a 5th year, at least for now. That seems like a no brainer swap. Next guy out would be Collinsworth but if Tuitt decides to stay that would leave no more slots beyond 25 unless something else happens between now and NSD. Despite all the lessons that should have been learned from this year's defections and injuries I still don't think ND will have more than 85 assigned schollies at the end of the day on NSD. If they do it will certainly break a precedent that probably mends to be broken in today's CFB world.

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    Isaiah McKenzie is supposed to find out this weekend whether his test score allows him to secure the 23rd slot. Hendrix is done with his OV's and should be announcing soon and now just about everyone is expecting Morgan to announce for ND at his all-star game. If all of that happens that brings the class to 25 which would mean that if Tuitt stays signing anyone else beyond those three would officially put ND in oversigning mode.

    BTW, in anticipation of at least 1 more commit Irish Illustrated had already taken Utupo off of the 2014 scholarship list.

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