NOTRE DAME, Ind. - There is bad news and then there is jaw-dropping bad news. Brian Kelly announced the latter after Saturday's Notre Dame football practice.
"Danny announced to the team today that he no longer will be playing football," Kelly dropped in bombshell fashion. "I am not going to get into any of the specifics. Danny and his family will release a statement relative to his reasons for not playing, which are medical."
"Expect to hear from him and his family directly early next week," Kelly continued. "The specifics for me to stand up here and get into them are extremely complicated relative to his medical condition."
Spond was at Saturday's practice, which was open to both media as well as employees of Notre Dame and their families. The senior was walking with a cane in his left hand as he moved around the field. He also suffered from severe migraine headaches during training camp last year. He missed Notre Dame's first two games of 2012 before going on to start the final 11 games at Dog linebacker.
"It was an emotional decision and it didn't come without a lot of thought," said Kelly. "He spent the day speaking to a lot of specialists and his family was here, so this was not a decision that came easy. I think what's most important is he did what's best for his future."