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    Like Ricky Bobby speed?
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    Seals is the deal on and off the field
    By Rick Kimbrel, Recruiting Analyst
    Mar 21, 6:58 pm EDT

    On the high school level Brent Seals (6-1, 195, 4.6) from La Puente (Calif.) Bishop Amat plays linebacker, but when he gets to the D-I level the chances are he projects as a strong safety.


    In the classroom, Seals is about as good as it gets. He carries a 4.6 GPA and scored 1990 on the SAT.

    No wonder colleges that demand academic excellence such as Stanford, Cal, UCLA, Oregon, Notre Dame, Colorado, North Carolina, and Wake Forest.


    What is Seals looking for in a college?

    “First of all it has to be a great school because academics are very important to me,” Seals said. “Secondly the school has to have a solid football program and play big time football."
    another 09 with interest in the Irish:

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    Danser One Of Bay Area's Best OLs
    By Brandon Huffman
    West Recruiting Analyst
    Posted Mar 21, 2008

    The big tackle, who stands 6-5, 290-pounds, is still waiting for his first offer, but knows as soon as his highlight film reaches schools mailboxes, things will pick up.

    “My top schools are Stanford, Cal, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Oregon State, UCLA and USC,” said Danser. “I like the academic side of things, so that’s something I’m really looking at. I’m focusing on things like the academics, and if it’s a major D-I program that plays solid football.”

    “Offensive tackle is where I’m going to play in college,” said Danser. “That’s where I’m most comfortable at and most effective.”

    Danser said Notre Dame is a school he grew up watching and rooting for and he has some family ties there.

    “My uncle graduated from Notre Dame and he actually roomed with Joe Theismann,” said Danser.
    free article on scout: Danser One Of Bay Area's Best OLs

    despite the ND ties, seems like he would be a Pac-10 lean.

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    There are now 263 Profiles in the 2009 Gold Helmet Recruiting Profile Database.

    Some database stats for you Stat Geeks:

    56 ND Offers, 4 of which have committed to ND, 15 of which have committed elsewhere.

    A total of 55 of the 263 profiled recruits have committed, 4 to ND, and 51 elsewhere.

    208 of the 263 are presently uncommitted, including 37 who have ND offers.

    There are more OT profiles by far than any other position with 43. WR is second with 27. On Defense the most profiles are 19 DT's.

    91 of the currently ranked Rivals 250 recruits have a GH profile.

    103 of the currently ranked Scout 300 recruits have a GH profile.

    For those of you who believe that the Rivals and Scout rankings are meaningless, you should note that 49 of the 56 ND offered recruits appear in at least one of the current rankings, and 41 of the 56 appear on both.

    44 of the 56 ND offered recruits are in the current Rivals 250.

    46 of the 56 ND offered recruits are in the current Scout 300.

    43 of the 55 recruits that have GH profiles who have committed appear in at least one of the current rankings.

    Of the 55 GH recruits who have already committed, Ohio State has the most commitments with 7, followed by Texas with 6, and LSU with 5.

    Of the 15 GH recruits with ND offers who have committed elsewhere, Ohio State is also taking the most from ND with 5 commits. Only 2 other schools have taken more than one recruit with an ND offer, Clemson and Texas, both with 2.

    The early commitment trend of the most elite recruits is continuing unabated this year as 26 of the Top 50 recruits on Rivals and 21 of the Top 50 recruits on Scout have already committed.

    Listed below is an alphabetical listing of all of the 263 recruits currently profiled. Take a look at the list. If your guy is not on there, or if there is someone you recommend that we add to the database, give a holler in this thread.
    Gold Helmet 2009 Recruiting Profile Database as of 5/15/2008

    Corey Adams
    D.J. Adams
    Joshua Adams
    Nick Alajajian
    John Anevski
    Mark Arcidiacono
    Ray Armstrong
    Justin Aumen
    Philip Bailey
    D.J. Banks
    E.J. Banks
    Jake Baratz
    Matt Barkley
    Jordan Barnes
    Nate Barnes
    Ryan Barnes
    Jordan Barrett
    Steven Beauharnais
    Dorian Bell
    Kenny Bell
    Shamari Benton
    Everett Benyard
    Emory Blake
    Cody Bohler
    Chris Bonds
    Jamie Boyle
    Jake Brandt
    Richard Brehaut
    John Brewer
    Allan Bridgford
    Tanner Brock
    Bryce Brown
    Corey Brown
    Gary Brown
    Marlon Brown
    Michael Brown
    Michael Buchanan
    Lendell Buckner
    Jon Budmayr
    Alex Bullard
    Terrance Bullitt
    Malcolm Bush
    Kenny Cain
    Carlo Calabrese
    Michael Campanaro
    William Campbell
    Larry Caper
    Justin Chaisson
    Zach Chibane
    Adam Citko
    Telvion Clark
    Ricky Clemons
    Jess Coffey
    Montrell Conner
    Craig Crawford
    Matt Crisafi
    Kevin Danser
    Chris Davenport
    James Davis
    John-Michael Davis
    Shane Delery
    Tyler Dippel
    Craig Drummond
    Daniel Drummond
    Tyler Eifert
    Shaquelle Evans
    Antone Exum
    Tyrone Ezell
    Johnnie Farms
    Melvin Fellows
    Willie Ferrell
    Chris Fields
    LT Filiaga
    Rolandan Finch
    Jarrett Fleming
    De'von Flournoy
    D.J. Fluker
    Patrick Foley
    Michael Ford
    Bennie Fowler
    Dan Fox
    Trevor Foy
    Reid Fragel
    Travis Frederick
    Tom Freeman Jr.
    Kurt Freytag
    Greg Fuller
    Tyler Gaffney
    Chris Garrett
    Mike Gilliard
    Jake Golic
    Donzelle Good
    Eric Gordon
    Kevin Graf
    Raymond Graham
    Joel Gray
    Cody Green
    Steve Greene
    Ra'shede Hageman
    Jordan Hall
    Marcus Hall
    TyQuan Hammock
    Duron Harmon
    Andre Harris
    Travis Hawkins
    Aaron Hayward
    Ed Hazelett
    Bryan Head
    Logan Heastie
    Mike Henry
    Kurt Hess
    Ryan Hewitt
    Jordan Hill
    Daulton Hilliard
    Pat Hinkel
    Devonte Holloman
    Isaac Holmes
    Adam Homan
    Gabe Ikard
    Hersey Jackson
    Perry James
    Jelani Jenkins
    James Johnson
    Sam Johnson
    Alex Jones
    Darren Jones
    Jarvis Jones
    Mike Jones
    Kamran Joyer
    Jake Juriga
    Jacob Karam
    NIck Kasa
    Paden Kelley
    Devon Kennard
    Nick Kindler
    Devin King
    Leon Kinnard
    Kyle Koehne
    Kyle Kriegel
    Anthony LaLota
    Braxton Lane
    Alonzi Langstaff
    Kyle Lark
    Jon Lechner
    Patrick Lewis
    Corey Linsley
    Jack Lippert
    Sam Longo
    Craig Loston
    Jordan Love
    Josh Lovell
    Stavion Lowe
    Darren Markle
    Mike Marrow
    Ricky Marvray
    Dan Mason
    Jacobbi McDaniel
    Jamarkus McFarland
    Brandon McGee
    Bryce McNeal
    Kenric McNeal
    Pat McShane
    Jack Meiners
    Jamari Miller
    Matt Milner
    William Ming
    Barkevious Mingo
    C.J. Mizell
    Darius Moffett
    Neil Moloney
    Clayton Moore
    Austin Moss
    Ryan Mossakowski
    Pat Muldoon
    Aaron Murray
    Darren Myles
    Morgan Newton
    Xavier Nixon
    Josh Nunes
    Uzoma Nwachukwu
    Danny O'Brien
    Tim O'Brien
    Alex Okafor
    David Oku
    Terhon O'Neal
    Cody O'Neill
    Casey Pachall
    Joey Parris
    David Paulson
    Hunter Poole
    Garrett Porter
    Shaun Pratl
    Dexter Pratt
    Jason Pratt
    Sheldon Price
    Mike Privott
    Justin Rahn
    Rueben Randle
    Raynard Randolph
    Christian Reed
    Riyahd Richardson
    Theo Riddick
    Deon Roberson
    Jordan Roberts
    Fritz Rock
    Colin Rodkey
    Craig Roh
    Tom Savage
    Dan Schatz
    Michael Schofield
    Brandon Scott
    Desmond Scott
    David Scully
    Brent Seals
    Russell Shepard
    Justin Shirk
    Eric Shrive
    Will Simmons
    John Simon
    David Sims
    Dion Sims
    Branden Smith
    Chris Snook
    Victor Spikes
    Jawanza Starling
    Jordan Stepp
    Jonathan Stewart
    Tyler Stockton
    Je'Ron Stokes
    Will Studlien
    Xavier Su'a Filo
    J.J. Suber
    Donovan Tate
    Wesley Tate
    Stepfan Taylor
    Frankie Telfort
    Manti Te'o
    Drew Terrell
    Damonte Terry
    Damien Thigpen
    J.T. Thomas
    Levine Toilolo
    Vondrae Tostenson
    Bryan Townsend
    Steve Trujillo
    Mike Trumpy
    Justin Turner
    Brent Urban
    Anthony Urbania
    Terdema Ussery
    Mason Walters
    Patrick Ward
    Tyree Watkins
    Chris Watt
    Chris Whaley
    Pete White
    Brennan Williams
    Chris Williams
    Joseph Williams
    Duwyce Wilson
    Darius Winston
    Cierre Wood
    Jeremiah Young

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    When I first read the thread title here, I thought, "Is that how many kids Florida has offered?"

    Great work, as usual IUB.
    I treasure my remark to a grandson who asked, "Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?" "No", I answered, "But I served in a company of heroes".

    - Richard D. Winters, Easy Co. 501st

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    Now that I am finished with all of the housekeeping for the 2009 Class, here are some final meaningless numbers to contemplate for any stat geeks out there.

    Total 2009 GH Recruit Profiles: 297

    Total ND Commits: 19 (18 on Scholarship and 1 Preferred Walk-on)

    Total non-ND committed profiles: 278

    Total known non-ND commits: 253, 246 of whom signed LOI's, 4 of the 7 who are not listed as having signed LOI's are still listed as verbals, the other 3 are walk-ons.

    Total schools represented by the 253 non-ND commits: 101

    Most commits to one school (other than ND): Ohio State with 12, Stanford was next with 10.

    234 of the 253 committed to FBS (Division I-A Teams)

    204 of the 234 who committed to FBS Teams committed to BCS Conferences.

    The Big 10 with 48 commits has the most of any BCS Conference.

    The Mid-American Conference with 11 commits had the most of any non-BCS FBS conference.

    Of the 19 commits which were not to FBS/I-A schools, 16 were to FCS/I-AA schools. The remaining three committed 1 each to a Div. II, Div. III, and a Junior College.

    Of the 25 recruits that we show no committment for 23 of them show no offers to any FBS/FCS schools and there is no information to indicate they are playing football anywhere at the next level.

    The only 2 of the 25 who do not fall into that category are Bryce Brown and David Oku, both of whom are expected to sign an LOI somewhere, sometime next month, and both of whom not coincidentally happen to be "clients" of Brian Butler.
    With those meaningless stats aside, I now declare the 2009 recruiting class closed.
    Last edited by irishunclebill; 02-23-2009 at 01:10 PM.

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    Florida by way of Eibar, Guipuzcoa Spain
    Thats great stuff IUB. Almost 300 profiles on kids is a great number. I like hearing all about the ND interested commitments, but reading about the others guys is also great.

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    Nice work with the class of 2009. As I look down the list there are a lot of familiar names we started to get to know. Following each one through to completion is quite a task and you should get major reps, or better yet, paid.

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    great job dude

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    3 Whoo Hoos for IUB.

    Whoo Hoo

    Whoo Hoo

    Whoo Hoo

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