Thompson power ratings incorporate game statistics as well
as winning, scores, margins and strength of schedule. This
breakout allows you to judge a team in a more objective and
measurable way. It also gives you the opportunity to see
the strategy that the coaching staffs are likely to use.

The breakout is avaible in the free download version on the
site...Tom GO IRISH !!

NDame  -------vs------  USC . - C O M M E N T S

35.46 -Power Ratings- 51.98 - ND a 13 pt underdog.
56.56 Strength of Sch 37.13 - USC is 5-1 against same level competition.
03.80 Tot Off vs Def 25.30 - Pray
21.47 Tot Def vs Off 21.49 - Irish defense does it's part again.
03.47 Pass Off vs Def 07.44 - ND passing is lesser of two evils.
09.74 Pass Def vs Off 07.57 - USC can be contained by ND pass def.
00.06 Rush Off vs Def 06.53 - ND rush players need not dress.
02.28 Rush Def vs Off 03.85 - Expect USC to emphasize rushing