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    '13 FL DE Stacy Thomas (Verbal Offer/Louisville Commit)

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    Defensive End
    Miami, Florida
    Gulliver Prep

    Links of Interest:
    Stacy Thomas - Yahoo! Sports

    Stacy Thomas

    Weight:225 lbs
    Class:2013 (High School)


    Stacey has recently received a verbal offer from ND. In addition to ND, he currently holds verbal offers from Duke, Florida, FSU, Georgia Tech, LSU, Vanderbilt and West Virginia. Receiving interest from Miami and Auburn. He has unofficially visited Miami and Florida for there junior days. He currently lists Florida and FSU with high interest.

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    Miami DE/LB Talks ND Offer (free)

    Stacy Thomas doesn’t know much about Notre Dame as a program at this point, but on Friday the Miami defensive end/linebacker found out he might need to do some more research as the Irish extended him a scholarship offer.

    “They talked to my dad,” said Thomas. “They said they watched my film and that they were offering me. They said they liked the way I get off the ball and the way that I play. They want me to come up and visit.

    “I was very excited because it’s a big-time school.”

    The 6-foot-2, 230-pounder from Gulliver Prep is hoping to make the trip north to South Bend within the next several months.

    “I’m thinking about going up in the summer,” he said.

    Thomas also has offers from programs like Florida, Florida State, LSU, Duke, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Louisville and West Virginia among others. At this point, three schools are sticking out a bit.

    “Florida, Florida State and West Virginia,” said Thomas.

    Thomas attended Florida State’s Junior Day this past weekend.

    “It was nice,” said Thomas. “That was my second time going up there, but this time I got to see things without the coaches and everything.”

    He was in Gainesville before Tallahassee and has plans to get to Morgantown eventually as well.

    “I went to Florida last week,” he said. “That place was nice too. The facilities were amazing, their locker room and weight room were big.

    “I’m going up to West Virginia in the summer.”

    He could also make a trip to Georgia Tech sometime soon.

    Thomas wants to study business in college and he’ll be evaluating each school’s business program as well as the opportunity for playing time before making a decision. He’s going to give himself plenty of time to do so.

    “I think I’m going to wait,” he said when asked when he could end up making a commitment.

    Thomas had 42 tackles, including 20 tackles behind the line of scrimmage, eight sacks and three forced fumbles as a junior.

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    ND In Top Five For Miami DE

    The recruiting process is a fluid one for both prospects and programs.

    Miami defensive end Stacy Thomas is going through that process right now.

    “It changes with him every day, but he likes Florida, he likes Florida State. He wants to go to LSU and take a look at their campus. Georgia Tech and Notre Dame,” Thomas’ father, Stacy Thomas Sr. said.

    “Not in that particular order, but those are the top five.”

    The 6-foot-3, 225-pounder from Gulliver Prep has offers from all five schools along with several others. Thomas has made stops at a couple of his top schools already.

    “I took him to Florida’s Junior Day and his mom took him to Florida State’s Junior Day because they were in-state and we were free at the time,” Thomas Sr. said.

    “I wanted to take him up to Notre Dame on (March) 24th, but I’m in the Air Force reserves down in Homestead and we were getting ready for an exercise, so I couldn’t take it off.”

    Thomas is planning on getting to South Bend at some point.

    “We haven’t had a chance to go up there, but we’re going to take a trip up there,” his father said. “We’re going to take a look at the campus and visit. That’s one of his top five schools.”

    Thomas Sr. is a Miami season-ticket holder and the Notre Dame-Miami game in Chicago in October could end up being a date to keep an eye on.

    “I might let him come up to the campus beforehand or at least bring him to the game so he can talk to the coaches and get to meet everyone,” Thomas Sr. said. “That might be a plan, I’m not sure yet.

    “Right now, we don’t have anything else planned. That’s one of the schools he wanted to see when he gets ready to go look around. I’m not sure exactly where else he wants to go, but he’s told me specifically that he wanted to go to Notre Dame just to look at the campus and talk with the coaches and everything.”

    Irish assistant Tony Alford is handling the recruitment of Thomas, who has an appreciation of Notre Dame’s history and reputation.

    “It’s a big-time school, he knows that,” his father said. “They’ve got a great program and he’s interested in going to take a look and see what they have to offer.”

    Thomas Sr. is encouraging his son to look at every aspect of his decision.

    “We look at the roster, we look at how many people they brought in at his position and trying to see what type of defense the school is running,” he said. “I have him write down all of the pros and cons of all the schools he likes, every pro and con, even such minute stuff as if they’ve got his favorite type of food on campus or off campus.”

    They may seem like minor details, but they’ll ensure Thomas is completely comfortable with his decision when he does make it, especially since he'll be the one with the final say on where he goes.

    “I told him, ‘I’m not going to be there at the end of the day, dealing with weather you have to deal with or whatever the environment is,’” his father said. “’You have to make a decision based on where you are going to fit in the best and it’s not just about the football program. It’s about the education and it’s about the community.’

    “’If you go to a place where they have a good community and a good education and you’re going to also excel on the football field, maybe no school has that, but you have to find a school that’s going to give you the most of the experience.’”

    Thomas could end up being a fit at Notre Dame on and off the field. Both his father and his coach, Earl Sims, say Thomas is a really good kid who doesn’t cause any problems.

    “He does what he’s supposed to do and doesn’t get in trouble. He hangs around with like-minded individuals,” his father said. “All of his friends are all athletes, either play football or basketball and that’s all they really focus on.

    “They don’t get caught up in the fast life that Miami has to offer. All of his friends are well-rounded. All of the parents of his friends, we’re all professionals and we’ve instilled that in our kids as youngsters. They’ve all been around each other for a long time.”

    On the field, Thomas has become a force as a defensive end.

    “He’s real aggressive, he’s always been aggressive,” Thomas Sr. said. “On that end, that’s what it takes. Plus he’s got decent speed. I give him a hard time and tell him he’s not as fast as his daddy was at that age.

    “I think that’s what makes him excel, he’s aggressive and he’s a big kid. Sometimes I look at it and he seems like a man playing with boys. I tell him, ‘Don’t get too big-headed because when you get to college everybody is just as big as you are.’”

    He also makes plays tight end and receiver.

    “He has good hands, good size and good movement for a big kid,” his father said. “I think he could definitely play tight end at the college level and be successful, but Florida is the only school looking at him to play both ways. They say they’ll see where he fits in. If he goes up there, they would see how he would look at the tight end spot or at Mike or the Buck, which is what they call their hybrid outside linebacker/defensive end.

    “Every other school is looking at him to play defense.”
    All winning teams are goal-oriented. Teams like these win consistently because everyone connected with them concentrates on specific objectives. They go about their business with blinders on; nothing will distract themfrom achieving their aims.

    - Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame football coach

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    Four Star Defensive End Stacy Thomas Has Signed With Louisville #CFB
    3:54 p.m. - Feb 17, 2013

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