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    Is there a game this weekend?

    IRISH GUARD-GH Division

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    Coach D's look at the 2012 Defensive players visiting on Saturday. Zimm posted the Offensive side of this on the previous page.

    Big Board: USC Visitors - Defense

    Tuesday, 18 October 2011 14:59 Bryan Driskell

    Saturday is a big day for Notre Dame on and off the field. On the field, the Irish take on their biggest rival, USC, in a must-win game. Notre Dame needs this win to keep its BCS hopes alive. The Irish are also looking for their second consecutive win over the Trojans after suffering eight straight losses prior to last yearís 20-16 victory.

    Off the field, this weekend will be Notre Dameís biggest recruiting weekend. As it stands now, the Irish will host 17 Class of 2012 players making their official visit to Notre Dame. Nine other players from the Class of 2012 will be making unofficial visits to Notre Dame, and 15 players from the Class of 2013 will be in attendance.

    Putting on a good show for the players in attendance will be significant for Notre Dame as it looks to put together an elite recruiting class. Some of the nationís best players will be in attendance, and those players want to see just how far Notre Dame has come under Brian Kelly.

    The uncommitted players will be joined by a host of Notre Dame commitments. Commits Tee Shepard, Deontay Greenberry, and Justin Ferguson will be making their official visits to Notre Dame this weekend. Committed players Sheldon Day, Mark Harrell, Jarron Jones, Will Mahone, Romeo Okwara, David Perkins, John Turner, and Scott Daly will also be in attendance as unofficial visitors. Class of 2013 commit Steve Elmer will also be in attendance.

    To read Part I, CLICK HERE.

    Here is Part II of a brief capsule of the 17 players making their official visit to Notre Dame:



    OFFERS: Alabama, Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Auburn, California, Colorado, Florida, Fresno State, Miami (FL), Michigan, Mississippi State, Nevada, Notre Dame, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, UCLA, USC, Utah, Washington, Washington State

    California lineman Arik Armstead grades out as a five-star player at both offensive tackle and defensive end. Armstead is a tremendous combination of size, power, and athleticism. He has a long, lean, and athletic build. He has a great frame that will let him add weight and strength without taking away from his nimble athleticism. Despite being so tall and long, Armstead does a nice job of staying low off the snap, although more consistency is needed in this regards. He anchors well and is strong at the point of attack, showing the ability to hold his ground when teams double team him or try to run at him. Armsteadís raw power and strength is impressive, and he simply toys with high school opponents, often driving blockers all the way back into the quarterback. Armstead has extremely fast hands and a strong initial punch, which he uses to shock linemen off the ball as he charges into the backfield. What makes him so special on the football field is the fact he combines his great size and raw power with excellent athleticism. He is an agile athlete that possesses great feet, good balance, fluid hips, and excellent agility. He has good lateral quickness and his ability to spin and cut on contact makes him very hard to get a clean shot on. His agility, hips, and balance will allow him to learn an excellent array of pass rush moves at the next level. Armstead changes direction with ease, something that helps him dominate on both sides of the ball. He also possesses a strong first step off the ball and good closing speed. He could easily develop into a power rusher off the edge at the next level thanks to his size and speed combination. Armstead needs a lot of work on this technique, which will come in time. He is so good at this point that he is able to just chuck opponents off the ball and make plays with ease. As he learns how to use his feet and hands with proper technique he will be extremely hard to stop at the next level. Armstead seems set on playing both football and basketball at the next level.

    ARMSTEAD AND ND: Armstead would be a tremendous fit for Notre Dameís multiple 3-4 defense. He is athletic and disruptive enough to pressure the passer in Notre Dameís odd fronts where he is lined up on the edge. He is also powerful enough to play the run in any situation, including sliding down inside as a three technique when Notre Dame goes to its even fronts. Armstead has the ability to be a dual-threat player that can shut down the run and get after the quarterback. He is not the pass-rusher Aaron Lynch is, but he can be quite disruptive. I never thought Notre Dame had much of a chance, but the more and more I hear the more I think Notre Dame is in this. This weekendís visit will tell us for sure, and if Armstead gets blown away the Irish could very well be in the upper tier for this talented defensive end.

    COACH DíS RATING: 5 star (No. 1 DE; No. 2 overall)



    OFFERS: Alabama, Boston College, California, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisville, Michigan, North Carolina, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Stanford, UCLA, Vanderbilt, West Virginia

    Ohio defender Ifeadi Odenigbo is still learning the game of football, having played varsity football for only one season, prior to his senior year. He has only played defensive end for two seasons, so what he does is essentially on natural talent and ability. What he does is impressive, as Odenigbo has emerged as one of the top pass rushers in the country. As a junior he racked up 39 tackles and 10.5 sacks playing alongside Ohio State freshman Michael Bennett. Odenigbo must continue to gain experience and learn the ins and outs of playing on the edge, but he has all the tools to excel. The only question about his game is whether or not he has the ability to gain the necessary size to hold up on the edge at the next level. Odenigbo is still a bit thin at this point, but appears to have the frame to add the necessary weight. He is a naturally strong player in the upper body, but his time running track has kept him thin in the lower body. As he adds girth and power in his lower body he should be able to gain the necessary weight and continue to add explosiveness to his game. Odenigbo is an impressive all-around athlete with rare quickness and agility for a bigger edge player. He explodes off the line and gets into the backfield quickly. It is difficult for tackles to play at the speed Odenigbo plays the game with. Once he gets to the edge, he uses his speed and second gear to run past tackles to the edge while maintaining a tight angle to the quarterback. His quickness off the ball also allows him to quickly shoot inside gaps, making him an effective stunter in the run game. Odenigbo is an agile athlete, with rare suddenness for a player at his position. His agility allows him to quickly close of the football and change direction with relatively ease. He also has good lateral quickness, making him hard to beat to the perimeter. Odenigbo has impressive balance and body control. Although he has never done it at the high school level, his speed and agility should allow him to easily transition to playing on the edge with his hand off the ground. He has the athletic ability to drop into coverage and play in space.

    ODENIGBO AND ND: Notre Dame still has a need for outside linebackers that can run. Odenigbo is certainly that player, as few players with his size run like he does on the edge. The 6-foot-2 linebacker could play either the Dog or Cat position for Notre Dame. Cat would come more naturally to him, as he has already shown a knack for getting after the quarterback. He would need time to get comfortable at the Dog position, but with his speed and range that might be the best position for him. With the presence of Prince Shembo, Danny Spond, and Ben Councell (who has a very bright future at Notre Dame), there would be less pressure on him to learn the position right away. His versatility and speed would be a tremendous addition to the Notre Dame roster. Odenigbo has narrowed his list down to Notre Dame, California, Northwestern, Ohio State, and Stanford. Notre Dame is certainly not in the lead, but a big visit this weekend could give them a great chance to gain his signature come February.

    COACH DíS RATING: 4 star (No. 2 LB, No. 19 overall)

    To read a full evaluation of Odenigbo CLICK HERE.



    OFFERS: Arizona, Arizona State, California, Colorado, East Carolina, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Oregon, Oregon State, SMU, UCLA, Utah, Vanderbilt, Washington, Washington State

    Most schools are recruiting Oaks Christian star Ishmael Adams as a cornerback, but he could easily play running back or slot receiver at the next level. Adams is a talented high school running back, having rushed for 1006 yards and 11 scores as a junior. His strength, speed, ball skills, and ability to make plays with the ball in his hands would make him dangerous in the slot. As a cornerback he shows impressive strength, agility, ball skills, and instincts. Notre Dame is recruiting Adams as a cornerback. Adams best trait at this point in time is his strength. This young man is a strong, powerful, and physical football player. He has a well-built lower body, which he uses to deliver punishing blows on running backs and wide receivers. Adams is a very good tackler, showing a willingness to mix it up, the power to make plays in the run game, and he uses his hands very well to take on and beat block attempts. His strength should allow him to be ready to play very early in his career. Adams uses his strength very well at the line of scrimmage, where he has the ability to jam receivers and re-route them off the ball. He needs work with his technique at the line, as he has a tendency to lunge and his feet tend to get a bit crossed up, but when his technique catches up to his athleticism and strength it will become a strength of his game. Overall, Adams needs to continue to improve his technique on the defensive side. He has all the physical tools to excel, but his footwork needs to improve. His footwork causes him to be slower at times out of his break on the vertical routes. It also causes him to be a bit off-balance at times, giving receivers the opportunity to beat him with double moves. Once this gets shored up his defensive game will take off. He plays much faster than he times, partly due to the fact he is able to reach full speed almost immediately. Adams is also an agile, explosive, and sudden athlete. His suddenness allows him to explode out of his breaks when he attacks towards the line of scrimmage. He has a little bit of hip stiffness, which limits his ability to smoothly open and run, but it isnít to the point where it will cause him any issues at the next level. His only real issue at this point is his lack of size. Adams is generously listed at 5-foot-10, and he does not possess overly long arms. He will struggle at times with taller receivers, but with his agility and strength he has the tools to overcome it.

    ADAMS AND ND: Adams is a valuable prospect due to his combination of talent and versatility. His toughness and ability to play a number of positions are two of his greatest assets. If you sign him as a cornerback and you have problems at running back or wide receiver he could easily move and excel. Adams is an aggressive football player, which is why cornerback or running back for Notre Dame would be his ideal positions. He is a player that could grow into a strong slot player or a boundary cornerback for the Irish. Notre Dame does not appear to be in the top tier of schools with him, but the fact he is visiting officially is a good sign. If Notre Dame can blow him away and get him in the fold it would give the Irish three outstanding cornerbacks in this class along with Tee Shepard and Ronald Darby.

    COACH DíS RATING: 4 star (No. 4 CB; No. 30 overall)


    OFFERS: Alabama, Auburn, Central Florida, Cincinnati, Florida, Florida State, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Miami (FL), Michigan State, Nebraska, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Rutgers, South Florida, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, West Virginia, Wisconsin

    Miami Edison cornerback Donaldven Manning is quite different from the rest of the cornerbacks on this list. Manning is the smallest cornerback on this list at 5-foot-10 and 170 pounds (which is generous), and he lacks the ideal size Notre Dame looks for at cornerback. Manning makes up for his lack of ideal size with toughness and good natural strength. His strength and toughness should allow him to excel over the slot at the next level, where he will be able to re-route and jam receivers in both zone and man situations. Manning also shows toughness and aggressiveness in the run game, where he comes up hard on ball carriers and is more than willing to stick his nose into traffic. He comes up hard on perimeter runs and in the quick game, although he needs to be more consistent wrapping up and staying low. Manning will need to add strength and some size at the next level, but the attitude and willingness are there. The Edison cover man is an agile and sudden athlete. He possesses good foot quickness, which he uses to pedal quickly in coverage and to quickly plant and drive hard on short routes without having to gather himself. His quick feet and fluid hips allow him to open up well and immediately get vertical on deep routes. This allows him to easily overcome his lack of elite speed and stick with fast receivers on deep routes. Manning also has a very good feel for the game, showing the ability to feel receivers without having to always look at them. This allows him to play the receiver while also tracking the football, which helps him get his hands on a higher number of passes. Manning also shows the ability to mirror receivers on deep routes, sticking in their hip pocket throughout their attempts to put moves on him to get free. His instincts, combined with his quickness, are why he is such a successful cover cornerback. This ability should translate nicely to the next level and is another reason he has a chance to be a standout cover man in the slot.

    MANNING AND ND: Manning would be an excellent complement to Shepard and Darby. He is a more pure cover player, and despite his lack of size is strong enough to play in the slot. Heís an aggressive player in the run game, although his lack of size will always somewhat limit what he can do. Manning is very instinctive as a cornerback, and his coverage ability would be a nice addition to the Notre Dame secondary. He would also be an excellent special teams player from the moment he steps foot on campus. Manning is also a confident young man, and his swagger is something I would like to see more of in the Irish secondary. His lack of size and girth makes him a three star, but the fact remains he is a very good cover player and would be a very nice pickup for Notre Dame. Expect to see his ranking go up after his senior season. He remains committed to Virginia Tech, but if he has a great visit to Notre Dame this weekend the Irish could have a great shot. He and Tony Alford have struck up a strong bond, and a great visit would be icing on the cake with that.

    COACH DíS RATING: 3 star (No. 8 CB)


    OFFERS: Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Louisville, Miami (FL), Nebraska, Notre Dame, South Carolina, South Florida, Texas Tech

    Evaluation to come.

    POOLE AND ND: Poole is the perfect player for the Notre Dame defense. He is physical, so much so that he could easily play safety for the Irish. Heís fast and athletic, which is why he is such a talented cornerback. He also plays the game with a lot of passion and swagger, something Notre Dame needs more of in the secondary. I love the physical style of play he would bring to the cornerback position. Heíd be a tremendous addition to the Notre Dame class thanks to his toughness, athleticism, and versatility. Poole would be able to play as a freshman for Notre Dame as a cornerback. He is committed to Florida, and when interviewed seems to be firm in that commitment. However, he will be visiting Notre Dame this weekend, so the Irish certainly have a chance. This will be his second trip to Notre Dame. Poole visited Notre Dame during the 2010 season when the Irish lost to Stanford. A big win this weekend would certainly be more impressive to Poole and could give the Irish an outside shot of landing him, although that still appears to be pretty slim.

    COACH DíS RATING: 4 star (When the rankings came out Poole was not considering Notre Dame, so he has not been ranked officially. Unofficially he would be the No. 3 CB behind Ronald Darby and ahead of Geno Smith)


    OFFERS: Alabama, Arizona, Arizona State, Auburn, California, Colorado, Miami (FL), Notre Dame, Oregon State, UCLA, USC, Washington

    Arguably the best cornerback in a deep class at the position is California cover man Tee Shepard. Shepard has the potential and talent to develop into a shutdown cornerback at the next level as both a man and zone defender. The 6-foot-1 cornerback has tremendous length, which might be his greatest asset as a football player. He is tall and possesses very long arms, and he knows how to use his length to his advantage. Shepard excels at widening his zone and significantly narrowing the windows a quarterback has to throw the ball through. He does a great job baiting quarterbacks to throw over his head when he is playing short zones, and the result is often a big play for the defense. He is a well-coached football player and has already been taught how to play the game with good fundamentals. He stays low in his pedal, has good footwork, and shows ever-improving man technique at the line. There is still work to be done, but Shepard will enter college as a player with the technical foundation that should allow him to be ready to play from day one. Shepard is also an athletic football player, possessing fluid hips and tremendous foot quickness. He has excellent quickness with his pedal, plants and drives on routes extremely quickly, and does a very nice job opening and running with deep routes. Shepard changes direction quickly and he has the ability to close extremely fast on the football. There are times when he gets a bit too high, which causes him to stiffen up and he loses some of his quickness and fluidity. Shepard needs to shore that up in order to maintain his ability to utilize his quickness. He has above average speed, but would not be classified as a speedy player. Shepard more than makes up for his lack of elite speed with quickness, sound technique, and tremendous intelligence. If his length is not his greatest asset than it would certainly be his football intelligence. Shepard shows a tremendous understanding of the game and how he can use his skills to make play after play. He does a great job reading the quarterbacks and anticipating routes. His ability to anticipate and then jump routes will allow him to get his hands on a number of footballs at the next level and is a reason he is able to bait quarterbacks as well as he does. He understands what receivers are trying to do to him and is hard to beat with double moves and head fakes. He is a willing tackler, although he needs to learn to wrap up better and stay low. Shepard needs to add a lot more strength and girth to his thin frame in order to hold up at the next level, which is the only question about his projection.

    SHEPARD AND ND: Cornerback was arguably Notre Dameís biggest need in this class, so kicking off the class with Shepard was huge. He is perfect for Notre Dameís defense. He should develop into an elite zone defender at the next level, one capable of coming up to the line of scrimmage and fighting with opponents. His man skills are also good, which makes him a diverse and talented cover man. Shepard has to get stronger, but he is a solid tackler. His cover ability, ball skills, instincts, and swagger should give him the opportunity to play right away. The year off due to his transfer might set him back a bit, but it also gave him time to heal his shoulder, which was still bothering him during summer events. Getting him into school early will be big for Notre Dame if it wants to have Shepard ready to play at the start of the 2012 season.

    COACH DíS RATING: 5 star (No. 1 CB; No. 7 overall)

    To read a full evaluation of Shepard CLICK HERE.


    OFFERS: Alabama, Auburn, California, Florida, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oregon, Tennessee, UCLA, USC, Washington

    Grant standout Shaq Thompson is one of two players nationally (the other being Nelson Agholor) that projects as a five-star player at multiple positions. Thompson was an all-state running back as a junior at Grant, rushing for 1882 yards and 25 touchdowns on only 164 carries. He also hauled in 18 passes for 345 yards and three more scores while lining up at times in the slot. As a safety, the 6-foot-1 standout racked up 54 tackles from his safety position. As a senior, he has already rushed for 681 yards, passed for 317 yards, and accounted for 12 touchdowns in only six games. He has also already amassed an impressive 46 tackles on the season. Thompson grades out as a five-star running back, a five-star safety, and if he chose to play the position he could be a five-star wide receiver. Notre Dame is recruiting Thompson as a safety but have been open to the possibility of him playing offense and even playing both ways. Few players have the talent to successfully play both ways at the next level, but Thompson is that type of player. He is a powerful football player on both sides of the ball. He is built very well with a well-developed upper body and power legs. He runs with tremendous leg drive as a running back, something that allows him to drive through ball carriers as a safety. Athletically he combines good speed with explosive agility. He is a smooth and fluid athlete that possesses impressive range from the safety position. The Grant standout opens and runs very well and his long strides allow him to cover a lot of ground quickly. Thompson also does a very nice job planting, re-directing, and driving on the football. His hips and agility allow him to change direction well as he adjusts to routes and the football. He gets his hands on a high number of passes and has the potential to develop into a playmaker on the football at the next level. Thompson truly can do it all from the safety position, possessing the size to match up with tight ends, the range and speed to expand zones, the quickness and agility to cover receivers in man situations, and the toughness and physicality to make plays in the run game. Notre Dame needs to replace the playmaking ability of Harrison Smith, who departs after the 2011 season. Thompson has the size, strength, and playmaking ability to do just that from the moment he steps on campus. The Grant star has as much raw talent as any football player in the country.

    THOMPSON AND ND: Thompson would be one of the biggest signings Notre Dame has had in a very long time. A year ago the Irish proved they could land elite defensive linemen when they signed Aaron Lynch and Stephon Tuitt. In this class, the Irish have landed two elite cornerbacks in Tee Shepard and Ronald Darby. With respect to players like Harrison Smith, I do not remember Notre Dame ever signing a safety with Thompsonís raw tools and ability to dominate. He is the type of player that could come in and have an impact from day one. He could just as easily start out on offense, where he could also have a big impact. Notre Dame does not usually get players like Thompson, so landing him would be a major coup, as big as landing Lynch on the defensive line a season ago. The Irish will get their chance this weekend. Thompson is a quiet young man, very determined and focused. He has not really played his hand all that much, so it is tough to tell just where Notre Dame stands. I believe the Irish are in very good position, and a big time visit this weekend could give them as good of a shot to get him as any school in the country. One thing is for sure, Notre Dame will have a much better idea of where they stand with Thompson after this weekend.

    COACH DíS RATING: 5 star (No. 1 S; No. 3 overall)

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    List of visitors for Saturday is updated in the first post. The 2012 visitors appears to be pretty solid, which is unusual for this early in the week. All of the non-ND verbals on that list with the exception of Jordan Diamond will be making Official Visits on Saturday.

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    Is there an overal rating list somewhere for ND? I would love to see how they view the recruits compared to my thoughts or Rivals and Scout.
    Cheers! Crasher
    go in there and fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!

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    believe Nadir Barnwell (ath from NJ for 2013) and 2013 Texas TE Christian Morgan will be coming as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishunclebill View Post
    List of visitors for Saturday is updated in the first post. The 2012 visitors appears to be pretty solid, which is unusual for this early in the week. All of the non-ND verbals on that list with the exception of Jordan Diamond will be making Official Visits on Saturday.
    I couldn't agree more!

    Someone tell PDogemp we got a nice thread over here about the visitors...

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishCrasher View Post
    Is there an overal rating list somewhere for ND? I would love to see how they view the recruits compared to my thoughts or Rivals and Scout.
    Ratings according to Rivals...

    2012 Prospects

    CA CB Ishmael Adams -- Verbal Offer 4 Star (#11 CB in Nation)
    CA DE Arik Armstead -- Verbal Offer 5 Star ( #4 can either play OT or DEnd)
    WA OT Zach Banner -- Verbal Offer 4 Star (#7 OT)
    IL LS/OC Scott Daly -- Verbal Commit 2 Star (Specialist)
    FL WR Justin Ferguson -- Verbal Commit 3 Star
    CA WR Deontay Greenberry -- Verbal Commit 4 Star (#10 WR)
    NC OT Mark Harrell -- Verbal Commit 3 Star
    OH RB Will Mahone -- Verbal Commit 4 Star (#11 RB in Nation)
    FL CB Donaldven Manning -- Verbal Offer/ Va. Tech Verbal 4 Star (#24 CB)
    CA RB Byron Marshall -- Verbal Offer 4 Star (#6 RB)
    NC RB Keith Marshall -- Verbal Offer 4 Star (Some consider the best running back in the nation) #1 All Purpose Back
    OH OLB Ifeadi Odenigbo -- Verbal Offer 4 Star (# 4 DE/OLB)
    NC OLB Romeo Okwara -- Verbal Commit 3 Star
    CA WR Jordan Payton -- Verbal Offer 4 Star (#18 WR)
    IN OLB David Perkins -- Verbal Commit 4 Star (#9 Ath in Nation)
    FL CB Brian Poole -- Verbal Offer/ Florida Verbal 4 Star (#8 CB in Nation)
    WA RB KeiVarae Russell -- Verbal Offer 4 Star (#4 All Purpose Back in Nation)
    CA CB Tee Shepard -- Verbal Commit 4 Star (#5 CB in Nation)
    FL OT John Theus -- Verbal Offer/ UGA Verbal 5 Star (#2 OT in Nation) Doubt He's to flipping to ND though
    CA S Shaq Thompson -- Verbal Offer 5 Star (#1 Safety in nation)
    CA WR Bryce Treggs -- Verbal Offer/ Cal Verbal 4 Star (Nd's number 1 target left on the WR Board)
    IN S John Turner -- Verbal Commit 3 Star

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    Taco Charlton is visiting now

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    is it prononced taco like the food or taco rhymes with waco (tx)?
    ďWe GUNNA Be Beast!!"

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    FL S Leon McQuay out

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