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    Quote Originally Posted by Irish Joe View Post
    True, but not really a stretch for an Indiana kid
    The fact that it is unofficial may mean nothing and may be related to the distance only, or it may have some significance if in the back of his mind he is planning on using the OV for a return visit. On the other hand much like the SoCal recruits who usually only do unofficials to USC/UCLA, Kiel may also be making this one unofficial so that he can take all 5 of his OV's to schools further away from home.

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    A pictoral list of 2012 recruits at the game.

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    Just added 10 more Juniors who are expected to be there tomorrow. Current list has 25 Seniors and 26 Juniors.

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    seriously, the list is just off the charts...mind blowing how many top notch guys r coming

    IUB, thanks for keeping up w/ the list

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishFan123 View Post
    From a pretty well off family I'm told

    Also hearing he does want to stay close to home..
    That's why Kiel eliminated OU from his list when he selected IU. The trip to Norman was too long for his family to drive back and forth for the weekend.
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    Notre Dame has fifteen current commits with the latest being a 4 star and top ten ranked WR from California by the the name of Deontay Greenberry ( pictured above ). I would like to go down the list and evaluate a few of the top players from their 2012 class. I will not evaluate 5 star recruit Jarron Jones because I already have in a previous blog. Notre Dame has a nice class, anytime you recieve commitments from two 5 star CB's who are ranked #1 and #3 in the country, you are hard at work.

    Ronald Darby, 5'11" 175lbs, 5 star CB Ronald Darby #25 Highlight - YouTube

    this is some of the strangest film I have seen in a while. My only knock on Darby is his competition, that league looks awful, the field goal posts look like they are made of rubber. Here is the lowdown on Darby. He is ranked a 5star because of what he does at combines against elite talent not these scrubs. He is a track star with sub 4.4 speed and agility to match. His main attribute could be his return skills, he is dynamic to say the least. There is not enough film of his cover skills to make an accurate evaluation in that area. He's a scoring machine.

    Tee Sheppard, 6'0" 175lbs, 5 star CB

    The first thing that sticks out to me is his cover skills. Natural cover corners with his awareness and patience are rare at the high school level. Let me explain, Watch his zone coverage, he doesn't try to do too much. He will watch the play, read the QB and leave his reciever for a safety while he makes the play underneath. He is also physical and strong which makes him hard for WR's to deal with him in press coverage. He hits hard but needs to learn how to wrap up which will come with top coaching. Sheppard and Darby are similar when it comes to INT's, if they pick you off, they will try to take it to the house everytime. A couple more skills that he posesses, he does a great job of staying with his man and not giving up seperation. He also has the speed to close on recievers who have a step or two on him.

    Deontay Greenberry, 6'3" 180 lbs, 4 star WR

    Bad film again but enough evidence to realize his talents. Long and lean, nice hands, and yards after contact stick out immediately. His move off the line against press coverage is above average and his height and jumping ability make him a red zone weapon. I think he runs decent routes and can score from wideout, slot and from the backfield as well. His playmaking off the bubble screens is a plus, reminds me of AJ Green a bit.

    William Mahone, 6'0" 205lbs, 4 star RB

    I love Mahone, I have watched his film a dozen times. My evaluation is that he is the second best RB in Ohio behind Warren Ball and in front of 5 star Brionte Dunn. His vision is fantastic, he always takes the right running lane and his first step and quickness are worthy of a ND offer. He runs well but doesn't have great speed in the open field, he is tough with his yards after contact. He does a great job of staying low and quick through his holes. Mahone is an under the radar gem.

    Sheldon Day, 6'2" 280lbs, 4 star DT

    That's a highlight reel folks, short and sweet. Day is absolutely explosive off the line and the quickest DT I have seen on film. Those first four or five plays speak for themselves. He looks to be shot out of a cannon, working the center and guards over and over and over again, it becomes a pattern. When the OL does have a chance to defend him, he then uses his excellent technique to quickly spoil those plans. Seriously, his technique and skills are at a college level already. He penetrates the OL with great urgency , with a little weight gain, Day is a very productive college player.

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