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    11/19 Update- Shaq does visit ND, but after a few other visits now lists Cal, ASU, and UW as his Top 3 with some interest still in Oregon & Utah. Shaq's strong interest in ASU itself and the continuing disappointment of its' football program tells you everything you need to know about ND's chances with him. Time to end this particular pipe dream & move Shaq to the "Out" column.

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    No good news at all in the 10 days since the last update.

    Ayoola, Daniels, Stanford, and Washington all commit elsewhere. Only Ayoola was a bit of a surprise there.

    Kendall Sanders gets back on the list as he de-commits Okie State, but he immediately goes to the "Out" column as he is not considering the Irish.

    Meanwhile Keith Marshall, Jordan Diggs, and Alex McCallister all move to the "Out" category as they have all eliminated ND from consideration.

    Probably explains why ND is looking at new names like Marcus Rios, Schyler Miles, and Sunny Odogwu.

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    Time to put the Spence pipe dream to bed.

    12/1 Update Noah Spence- PSU upheaval not enough to have Spence eliminate them. Meanwhile the Meyer hiring at pOSU was enough to get the Buckeyes into the mix. LSU also seems to be in the mix now that they have offered. Maryland and Florida also still in it, but ND is seemingly no longer a contender, if they ever really were.

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    Another Shaq update.

    12/3 Update- Shaq's Top 5 on 12/1- California, Washington, USC, ASU, and Oregon
    Shaq's Top 5 on 12/2- California, Washington, USC, Notre Dame, and Oregon.
    Gotta love it, playa's gotta play. Shaq's still staying in my "Out" category.

    Meanwhile McNamara moves from Still a Possibility to Definite Possibility as it appears that if ND makes his offer actionable that he will flip. Taylor must have been really impressed by BQ's GF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishunclebill View Post
    Taylor must have been really impressed by BQ's GF.
    hot, yet very bendy as a gymnast, what is not to like ?>

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    I'd keep Shaq in the "out" category until he faxes in his LOI

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    First post updated for Montgomery to USF & Darboh to scUM.

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    First post updated for K. Marshall to UGA & Pig Howard to Tennessee.

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    IUB, what makes you think we are the outside looking in for Armstead? I have been hearing very promising things lately, then again they could just be smokescreens
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    We Are The Fighting Irish

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    IUB if you had to guess, as of today, based on what you know/feel/see who are the next 5 guys we get in this cycle's class?
    “We GUNNA Be Beast!!"

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