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    Armstead is in two categories but awesome list IUB, great work as usual.
    They say the mirror doesnt lie. Luckily for Lane Kiffin, it doesnt laugh either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamrock1221 View Post
    Armstead is in two categories but awesome list IUB, great work as usual.
    He is just that good of a player to deserve two categories... :bigsmile:

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    Updated to add Kiel & Perkins to the uncommitted list along with other individual updates. Also removed Theus & Redmond as committed elsewhere but still considering the Irish. Made some changes in the probablilities chart as well, with more to come.

    Now in Day 10 of the Great Big Chill power outage of 2011 with no end in sight.

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    Some updates in the first post. The Davonte Neal update moves him from Out to Highly Unlikely, (he is after all from ND recruiting wasteland AZ) however if the visit is confirmed that could move him up to Still a Possibility or Definite Possibility if it is the only OV he sets.

    11/10 Amara Darboh Update- Darboh's Top 5 remains the same with upcoming visits to ND on 11/19, scUM on 11/26, and UF on 12/3. For some reason only the ND visit will be unofficial. He plans to make an announcement before XMAS.

    11/10 Ifeadi Odenigbo Update- Odenigbo now list Northwestern instead of Cal in his Top 4. ND, pOSU, and Stanford remain as the other 3. He will OV Stanford this weekend and Northwestern on 12/10. It appears that pOSU will not get an OV despite the fact that Ifeadi still lists them as one of his Top 4 schools.

    11/10 Davonte Neal Update- Despite not making Neal's initial cut list of 13, Davonte is apparently considering a post-season OV to ND in early December. Neal has over 30 offers but has not yet made an OV anywhere, so it would be pretty big news if a OV to ND is confirmed.

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    according to Greg Biggins tweet - Davonte is visiting 12/9

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    Quote Originally Posted by a1ND View Post
    according to Greg Biggins tweet - Davonte is visiting 12/9
    That is the date that is being talked about but the info that I have seen indicates that the visit will not be confirmed until this weekend. Given our AZ past, I would not considered it confirmed until he steps foot on campus.

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    Update- new offer.

    Demetrious Cox S- Cox is reporting an ND offer as of 11/10/11. He visited campus in August expecting an offer, and left a bit perturbed without one. He was also unhappy that Coach Kelly did not talk to him back then. Maybe things have changed, maybe not.
    Still waiting to hear details on Cox's reaction to the Irish offer. For now he gets slotted as "Still a Possibility."

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    First post Update- new offer.

    Joey O'Connor OT- O'Connor is listed by Rivals as an OT but appears to be more of an OG/OC prospect, which makes him very intriguing to the ND staff. He de-committed PSU on 11/10 because of the Happy Valley tragedy and the Irish offered him shortly thereafter. O'Connor has over 20 offers from all over the country so the Irish will have a lot of competition for his services.
    O’Connor enters the probability chart as “Still a Possibility” until we hear more from him about the Irish offer.

    First post Update- Elijah Shumate/Yuri Wright

    11/15 Update- No real surprise that only a few weeks after listing a Top 5 that excluded the Irish that Elijah, according to one source, has confirmed an OV to ND in December, probably for the banquet. It does appear pretty certain however that Shumate will not be accompanied by Yuri Wright on that visit.
    Upgraded Shumate from Highly Unlikely to Still a Possibility, and downgraded Wright from Still a Possibility to Highly Unlikely.

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    2 more updates.

    11/15 Update- Tracy Howard- What minimal chance ND had with Tracy goes out the door as he is down to FSU & UF.

    11/15 Update- Ronnie Stanley- The Irish appear to be still in the mix here as Stanley tells a Husker site after taking a OV there that he definitely still plans on visiting ND, he just does not know when.
    Tracy Howard can now officially move to the "Who's Out" column.

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    Byron Marshall- 11/16 Update- Byron is a Duck.

    Kyle Murphy- 11/16 Update- Murphy officially drops ND from consideration.

    Murphy moves to the "Who's Out" column.

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