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    Status of the 2 still on the board

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    Actually there are a lot less than 66 because a substantial number (28) of the uncommitted have already crossed the Irish off their list. In addition to that there are doubtless quite a few more of the uncommitted that do not have or never did have actionable Irish offers. In any case on paper at least there are 66 still on the board when you add in the 7 committed elsewhere recruits who have indicated that they plan to take an Official Visit to Notre Dame.

    Assuming the season continues on its’ current upward trend, the Irish are legitimate contenders for enough of the 66 recruits on this list that they should have no problem filling up the 2012 recruiting class to 22 or more LOI’s. On the other hand it is difficult to find a single one of the 66 that you can confidently predict will sign an ND LOI next February. In fact I was unable to categorize anyone of the 66 as a potential next commit, or even a best hope, and I have only 5 of the 66 listed as definite possibilities. However that could improve dramatically with a positive result next weekend, which shows just how important the USC game is to the 2012 recruiting class.

    In total I have 26 of the 66 as still in some sort of play with the Irish. That number goes to 28 if you are of the opinion that ND has a legitimate chance with Arik Armstead & John Theus. Again, unless the rest of the season unexpectedly implodes, Kelly and Co. should have no problem finding 6 or more recruits to fill this recruiting class between the 26-28 still in play, and late season additions to the recruiting scene such as Nelson Agholor’s teammate, Schyler Miles.

    The following is a capsule of where all 66 of these recruits stand at the present time followed by my best guess as to the probability of each one ending up as an Irish verbal. There are quite a few GH members who have been paying a lot more attention to the 2012 recruiting class than I have so comments from those members on my probability list would be greatly appreciated.

    Except for from Wicket. J/K :bigsmile:

    The 3 Uncommitted

    Ishmael Adams CB- Lists Top 5 in order as Cal, Oregon, UCLA, ASU, and Colorado, but will be at ND for an OV at the USC game. 10/19 Update- Maybe it's just because he was talking to a ND recruiting site just prior to his OV to ND, but Adams is now saying he has a Top 6 which includes the Irish along with the schools listed above.
    12/13 Update- Adams still considering ND along with ASU, UCLA, Cal, and UW.
    12/27 Update- In a mild surprise Adams picks UCLA over Cal.
    Nelson Agholor ATH- Agholor has no official cut down list. His only OV thus far has been to ND and he has no other visits scheduled. Still there are persistent rumors from the Sunshine State that UF & USC are his leaders, with USC out in front. It is likely that Agholor will take all of his other OV's with USC, UF, and Auburn getting three of the remaining four.

    NSD to USC.
    Arik Armstead SDE- Armstead has been a USC commit for over a year, but will visit ND for the USC game and also plans to visit Alabama for the LSU game. Armstead seems to be sincere about his interests in other schools but picking ND/USC and Alabama/LSU as OV games looks like he is more interested in just attending big time games. Unless USC completely implodes Armstead will still be a Trojan in the end.
    10/17 Update- All bets are off now as Armstead de-commits USC over a medical issue concerning his brother. It now appears that Armstead will end up anything but a Trojan in the end.

    1/8/12 Update- Arik has apparently cancelled his Auburn visit and is reportedly down to Cal, Oregon, and ND. He is supposed to announce his choice within a few days to a week. Of note is the fact that ND is the only school of the remaining three that his brother Armond expressed interest in. That may mean nothing related to a package deal however unless Armond visits ND in the next few days. On the other hand the ND coaching staff met with both Armstead's in San Antonio after the AAA game, and the news of Arik cutting his list down to 3 was reported shortly thereafter. The consensus opinion is that Cal is still the leader here, but one of the USC boards expects him to land in Oregon.

    1/29/12 Update- The USC board was correct and I took their advice in the Fearless Prediction Thread. Arik is a Duck.
    Dami Ayoola RB- Ayoola has no specific top list. He was scheduled to visit ND for the USC game but that has apparently been rescheduled for the BC game. Other visits are set for Illinois and possibly UNC.
    11/24 Update- Ayoola commits to the Illini
    Zach Banner OT- Top 5 of Washington, Notre Dame, USC, and Oklahoma. All will get OV's. Zach has already visited and raved about scUM for the ND game, and will be at the ND/USC game. Banner has also OV'd Oklahoma already.

    1/1/12 Update- Final 3 of Oklahoma, USC, & UW, with Oklahoma considered the favorite.

    1/30/12 Update- USC makes January push & Banner is a Condom.
    Wes Brown RB- Lists LSU, Miami, Syracuse, Colorado, and New Mexico as his favorites. All but LSU have offered. Brown most likely does not have an actionable ND offer even if he was interested.

    1/5/12- Maryland Verbal
    Deon Bush S- Despite attending the same HS as Irish '11 recruit Anthony Rabasa, Bush has no interest in ND. His final 6 are Miami, Auburn, LSU, Florida State, Alabama, and Purdue. Yes, Purdue.

    Bush will choose between Bama, Auburn & Miami at the AAA game on 1/7.
    1/7/12- AAA commit to Miami.
    Joel Caleb ATH- Caleb listed a mid-summer Top 10 of Georgia, Florida, LSU, West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Clemson, North Carolina, Florida State and Penn State. However, PSU, Va. Tech, UGA, UF, and pOSU now seem to be the only schools of interest. ND is nowhere in sight.

    NSD to Va. Tech
    Demetrious Cox S- Cox is reporting an ND offer as of 11/10/11. He visited campus in August expecting an offer, and left a bit perturbed without one. He was also unhappy that Coach Kelly did not talk to him back then. Maybe things have changed, maybe not.

    12/28 Update- The Irish are in Cox's Final 6 of Michigan State, Wisconsin, Penn State, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Pitt.

    1/30/12 Update- Sparty for Cox.
    Kenneth Crawley CB- Crawley de-commits Tennessee on 1/6 but is interested only in Colorado, KU, Maryland, and Sparty.

    1/23/12- Crawley commits to Colorado.
    Reggie Daniels S- Daniels is added to a long list of Hamilton HS recruits offered by ND who is headed elsewhere. His Final 5 are ASU, Arkansas, Oregon, Washington, and Boise State.
    11/29 Update- Daniels is a Duck.
    Ronald Darby CB- After months of speculation that Darby was a shake Irish commit the speculation becomes reailty less than 4 weeks before NSD. The new likely destination for Darby appears to be either Maryland, Clemson, or FSU.

    NSD to FSU
    Amara Darboh WR- Top 5 of Iowa, Wisconsin, UF, ND, and scUM. Darboh has OV'd Wisconsin, heads to Iowa this weekend, and will visit scUM at the end of November. Darboh still plans to OV ND & UF and will apparently not make a choice until he has completed all of his visits, but there is still a question as to whether ND even has a reciprocal interest here.

    11/10 Update- Darboh's Top 5 remains the same with upcoming visits to ND on 11/19, scUM on 11/26, and UF on 12/3. For some reason only the ND visit will be unofficial. He plans to make an announcement before XMAS.

    12/4 Update- Darboh commits to scUM.

    Jordan Diamond OT- No official list for Jordan. scUM had been a big favorite, but pOSU, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and possibly ND might provide competition. Claims he will be visiting ND for the USC game.
    12/15 Update- Final 5 are pOSU, Auburn, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

    2/3/12 Update- Diamond disregards the Big Ten altogether and selects Auburn.
    Jordan Diggs S- Jordan has listed no favorites but he has taken an OV to Nebraska, is headed to Vandy for another one this weekend, and will trek to South Carolina in early November. Jordan does not appear to have any interest in ND & vice versa.
    11/29 Update- Diggs names a Final 5 of Vanderbilt, Nebraska, Michigan State, Tennessee, and South Carolina.
    1/7/12- Jordan is a AAA game commit to South Carolina.
    Stefon Diggs WR- Stefon Diggs is from another elite program (OLGC HS, MD) where ND frequently offers recruits and never gets anywhere. This time will be no different for the Irish with Diggs who is a national Top 10 recruit according to Rivals. His Top 10 are Auburn, Cal, UF, FSU, Maryland, Miami, scUM, South Carolina, UVA, and Va. Tech. Diggs will not be taking any game days OV this Fall, but he will be unofficially attending the UF/FSU game Thanksgiving weekend. Those 2 schools are probably his top choices and it will not be a shock at all if Stefon ends up at UF with his fellow OLGC alum, Jelani Jenkins.

    9 days after NSD Stefon Diggs pulls almost as big (almost but not quite) of a shocker as Greenberry to Houston by sending his LOI to Maryland.
    Ken Ekanem OLB- Final 3 of ND, Va. Tech, and Oregon. However Ekanem does not plan on taking any OV's until after his football season. That may become problematic as it pertains to the Irish.

    NSD to Va. Tech
    Michael Flint OT- Flint is a one time Auburn commit who seemed excited about picking up an ND offer, and even made a summertime visit. However since that visit he has been pretty quiet about his continued interest in ND or anyone else for that matter. He has not made any OV's this Fall, and has not scheduled any either despite talking about being an EE. Academic issues look like they will preclude Flint from being an ND EE anyway so it is highly doubtful there is still any interest from either party.

    1/23/12 Update- Commits to Arkansas State.
    D.J. Foster ATH- ASU and Oregon were D.J.'s Top 2 until a recent OV to Nebraska added the Huskers to the mix. Auburn & USC are also under consideration but Foster looks like he will stay close to home and end up on Mill Avenue.

    1/27/12 Update- Mill Avenue it is for DJ.
    Devin Fuller ATH- The Irish fell off with Fuller when they were not specific as to whether they were looking at him as a QB prospect, which is what he prefers to play in college. Consequently the Irish were not on a list of 11 schools that Fuller was focusing on. His only OV so far was to Nebraska last weekend and the Cornhuskers and Rutgers appear to be the only 2 schools guaranteed to be on Fuller's next cut down list of a Top 5.

    1/29/12- ND ended up in play here for awhile until Kiel committed to the Irish. Fuller ends up at UCLA as their new HC Mora continues to rake them in.
    Josh Garnett OT- The Irish are still officially on Garnett's last cut down list of 11, but he appears to not be headed to South Bend for an OV. Miami, Nebraska, and Michigan look like they will get Garnett's eastbound OV's. ND's best hope here is that Garnett's two best buds, Zach Banner and KeiVarae Russell, both rave about the Irish after their OV for the USC game.

    1/18 Update- After supposedly having ND in his Top 2 along with Stanford, Garnett replaces the Irish with scUM just prior to his scheduled announcement nex week. Stanford appears to be the foregone conclusion here.

    1/26/12 Update- Stanford it is.
    Eddie Goldman DT- The Irish did not even make Goldman's first cut which included 15 schools, Florida, FSU, Miami, South Carolina, UNC, North Carolina State, Clemson, Maryland, Virginia, Bama, Auburn, UGA, Cal, LSU and OU. His current cut list is a top seven of Bama, Auburn, Maryland, FSU, Cal, Clemson and Miami.

    NSD to FSU.
    Dorial Green-Beckham WR- DGB is Rivals #1 national player this year and has a unpublished Top 5 which is widely believed to be Oklahoma, Mizzou, Arkansas, Bama & either Texas or Auburn. The one thing we know for sure is that ND is not on the list.

    DGB stays home, NSD to Mizzou.
    Todd Gurley ATH- Gurley is the 3rd member of the Keith Marshall/Ronald Darby posse, and the only one of the three that has expressed no interest in the Irish. That could well be because he may not actually have an Irish offer. Gurley's Top 5 is UNC, Auburn, Georgia, NC State and Clemson, with UNC generally considered his leader as Todd has continually tried to promote UNC to Keith Marshall. Gurley's only OV so far has been to UGA, a visit he took with Keith Marshall.

    1/13/12- Gurley decides to join Marshall in Athens.
    Josh Harvey-Clemons OLB- Josh has no official cut down list, but will take official visits to UGA, Florida, LSU and Louisville. The Irish are nowhere in the picture for what is another doubtful actionable offer.

    NSD to UGA
    Alton Howard WR- "Pig" is another guy who most likely does not have an actionable ND offer, but even if he does he is not headed to South Bend. Most recent Top 5 is Cincy, Louisville, Tennessee, UCF and West Virginia, with Tennessee and UCF leading the way.
    12/7 Update- Pig is a Volunteer.
    Tracy Howard CB- Last month Howard's Mom listed Florida, Florida State, Miami, LSU, Alabama, Notre Dame and UCLA as his top schools, a week later Tracy listed the same schools, a week after that though no mention of ND or UCLA, and UNC was suddenly in the mix. Howard is on the record as saying he would rather stay in Florida, but his Mom just said that ND is still in the mix for an OV. What is surprising here is that the Irish are still being mentioned at all.

    11/15 Update- What minimal chance ND had with Tracy goes out the door as he is down to FSU & UF.

    NSD surprise to Miami
    Jordan Jenkins WDE- Jenkins Final 5 are Alabama, UF, UGA, Tennessee and Auburn. Bama and the Gators have been rotating favorites.
    1/12/11- Jenkins commits to UGA.
    Thomas Johnson WR- Johnson de-commits Texas on 1/6 but has no interest in ND. He will visit Oregon, TCU, and Cal over the next 3 weekends before NSD.

    Lupol leaves Cal and Johnson loses interest, signs with Texas A&M on NSD.
    Cyrus Jones ATH- Cyrus was supposedly high on ND until his parents were allegedly turned off by Kelly's sideline tantrum during the USF game, but ND may have lost interest in Jones long before the USF game. Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Maryland, Va. Tech, Ohio State, WVU and Virginia are now listed as his top schools.

    1/5/12- Bama Verbal
    Gunner Kiel PQB- Kiel de-commits IU on 10/21, and visits ND for the USC game the next day. At this point in time the Irish are generally conisdered to be the favorite.

    12/27 Update- The Irish not favorite enough for Kiel who opts for LSU instead.
    1/17 Update- Three weeks later the Irish are favorites again as Kiel early enrolls at ND.
    Korren Kirven DT - The most recent word from the Kirven camp is that he has no favorites, and in fact he has yet to make or schedule an OV. He has unofficially visited UVA, Va. Tech, and Wake Forest. Previously Kirven had indicated that Auburn, Alabama, Va. Tech & UVA would make a cut down list that has yet to be announced. The Irish are still theoretically in the running as far as Kirven is concerned but it is doubtful that ND still has any reciprocal interest here.
    12/15 Update- Kirven has a Final 5 that does not include ND. He has scheduled OV's to Tennessee, Bama, and Va. Tech. Those 3 schools plus UVA & Maryland comprise his Final 5.

    NSD to Alabama.
    Damien Lawry ATH- Lawry's buddy and HS teammate LaDarrell McNeil is a Tennessee commit, and although Damien also has a Tennessee offer and has talked about playing with McNeil in college he has yet to name any kind of "top" list. TCU, Texas A&M, and Tennessee are probably the favorites though.

    1/16 Update- In what has to be conisdered a surprise Lawry commits to Iowa State.
    Javonte Magee SDE- No cut down lists at all for Magee who has over 40 offers, including one from home state Texas. Very little info on this guy but it is highly unlikely that he has any interest in ND.

    Magee finally has a Final 3- Baylor, Texas A&M and Missouri.
    1/13/12- Baylor gets the nod.
    Jamal Marcus WDE- Jamal is down to seven schools with no leader among them. The seven are North Carolina, East Carolina, Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, USC, and Florida.

    pOSU and Urbie make a late run at Marcus and get his LOI on NSD.
    Byron Marshall RB - Byron has a Final 6 of Oregon, Notre Dame, Cal, ASU, USC and Washington. Marshall had a great unofficial visit to South Bend in August and is slated to return for an OV for the USC game. Byron's older brother is a RB for ASU, but ND seems to have a legitimate shot here.
    10/24 Update- Then again, maybe not. Byron does not show up for the USC game and has reportedly dropped ND from consideration, or is it the other way around.

    11/16 Update- Byron is a Duck.
    Keith Marshall APB- UGA seems to have always had the inside track for Keith, UF peeps think they are the leader here, and the Irish will get their chance to impress Keith at the USC game. Va. Tech and South Carolina are also still involved and UNC is still hanging around. The Irish need to hold on to Ronald Darby's verbal to stay in the mix with Marshall who may be the most sought after target remaining on the Irish recruiting board.
    11/29 Update- ND drops out of whatever contention they ever had with Marshall as he will pick from Clemson, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, on 12/6. As it always was UGA is still the apparent favorite.
    12/6 Update- UGA, same as it ever was.
    Alex McCalister WDE- Georgia Tech and UF are his leaders although he keeps talking about visiting ND.
    11/29 Update- Alex eliminates ND without ever visiting. UNC, UF, and Ga. Tech are his Final 3.

    1/24 Update- Alex is a Gator.
    Ellis McCarthy DT- USC, Cal, Oregon, Washington and Florida are his top five schools. The Irish were never even mentioned here, probably because Ellis was never really offered.

    1/7/12- AAA game commit to Cal.
    1/17 Update- Tosh Lupol leaves for UW, McCarthy leaves for UCLA although it was somewhat expected that McCarthy's verbal to Cal would not stick, Lupol or not.
    Tyriq McCord WDE- Not a whole lot out there on Tyriq who has not made any kind of a cut down list. UF was his springtime leader and probably still is, followed by South Carolina.

    1/7/12- AAA game commit to Miami.
    Taylor McNamara TE- Taylor is a Arizona commit, but he is not happy with the firing of Mike Stoops. Even before that McNamara planned to OV ND for the BC game. He also has plans to OV Cal and Colorado in addition to Arizona. McNamara may not end up at ND but it does not seem likely that he will stick with Arizona.
    12/15 Update- McNamara de-commis Zona and names a Top 3 that includes ND.

    12/28 Update- After ND decides not to pursue Taylor, he commits to Oklahoma.
    Dvario Montgomery WR- There has been not much heard from Dvario lately. He listed a Top 10 in order in the spring of Bama, UF, LSU, ECU, South Carolina, UGA, Miami, Iowa State, Tennessee, and UNC, so in any case ND is not involved.

    12/4 Update- Montgomery commits to USF.
    Kyle Murphy OT - Top 6 in no order of ND, Oregon, UF, USC, Stanford, and Cal. Murphy has talked about an OV to ND but nothing is set up yet. Murphy has already taken an OV to Oregon and has one scheduled for Florida in early November. ND might be in the mix here only because Murphy's HS coach is a ND football alum.

    11/16 Update- Murphy officially drops ND from consideration.

    Murphy one of three Rivals 5 stars who LOI on NSD to Stanford.
    Brian Nance OLB- Nance has a list of six favorites of Oklahoma, Baylor, USC, Tennessee, Nebraska, and Arkansas.

    1/7/12- AAA game commit to Baylor.
    Davonte Neal WR- The Irish could not even make Davonte's initial cut list of 13. That list has still not been narrowed and consists of Arizona, Washington, Brigham Young, Utah, Boston College, Southern California, Ohio State, Auburn, Miami, Georgia, North Carolina, Louisiana State and Oregon State. As sure as the sun will always rise on the Golden Dome, it seems just as sure that ND will always strike out in Arizona.
    11/10 Update- Despite not making Neal's initial cut list of 13, Davonte is apparently considering a post-season OV to ND in early December. Neal has over 30 offers but has not yet made an OV anywhere, so it would be pretty big news if a OV to ND is confirmed.
    Joey O'Connor OT[- O'Connor is listed by Rivals as an OT but appears to be more of an OG/OC prospect, which makes him very intriguing to the ND staff. He de-committed PSU on 11/10 because of the Happy Valley tragedy and the Irish offered him shortly thereafter. O'Connor has over 20 offers from all over the country so the Irish will have a lot of competition for his services.

    1/11/12 Update- Final 3 of pOSU, Cal and Iowa.
    1/17/12 Update- O'Connor visits pOSU on the weekend, gets his offer, and commits today. ND was never in this after O'Connor's original de-commit from PSU and that may have been because the Irish never really offered.
    Ifeadi Odenigbo WDE- Stanford, Cal, pOSU, and ND appear to be the leaders here, but right now ND is the only one that will receive a game day OV, for the USC game of course.

    11/10 Update- Odenigbo now list Northwestern instead of Cal in his Top 4. ND, pOSU, and Stanford remain as the other 3. He will OV Stanford this weekend and Northwestern on 12/10. It appears that pOSU will not get an OV despite the fact that Ifeadi still lists them as one of his Top 4 schools.

    1/7/12- Commits to Northwestern.
    Moana Ofahengaue SDE- Another offer that is questionable at best but makes no difference either way as Moana lists a Top 5 of FSU, scUM, Nebraska, Oregon, and Utah. Utah was his early leader and will probably be that way at the end.

    NSD to Utah.
    Jordan Payton WR- Payton list scUM as his leader after an OV to Ann Arbor for the ND game. It looks like he will finally show up at South Bend with teammate Ishmael Adams for an OV to the USC game. However, Adams and Payton both give off the vibe that they are coming to South Bend largely as tourists, but maybe the rest of the ND Cali crowd can change that attitude. Payton will also take an OV to PSU, and is considering visits to Cal, Texas A&M, and ASU. Cal seems to be #2 right now for Payton and is a likely destination if he stays in Cali.

    1/1/12 Update- Payton eliminates ND & scUM, adds UCLA after his teammate Ishmael Adams commits there. Will Payton follow Adams lead and pick UCLA over Cal?

    1/7/12- AAA game commit to Cal.
    1/31 Flips to UW, 2/1 flips again and signs LOI with UCLA.
    Andrus Peat OT- Peat has not officially cut his list down from a group of 13 that included the Irish, but all of his recent talk has focused on Nebraska, Stanford, FSU, and Texas. ND, Auburn & USC are in his next tier but all appear to be out of it for Peat's services. Nebraska probably still has the inside edge here with Peat's older brother already a Husker.
    12/13 Update- Final 4, Nebraska, Stanford, USC and Florida State.

    Peat one of three Rivals 5 stars who LOI on NSD to Stanford.
    David Perkins ATH- Perkins de-commits ND on Halloween, apparently by mutual consent.

    1/18 Update- Perkins joins fellow former ND commit Taylor Decker at pOSU.
    Darius Powe WR- Oregon State, UCLA, and Utah lead the way for Powe. scUM would be included but they have not offered.
    12/11 Update- Powe commits to Cal.
    KeiVarae Russell ATH- UW, Cal, and ND were Russell's final 3 until USC offered him in August and was added to that list. His only scheduled OV this Fall is to see the Irish play USC. The question that looms now is whether he is really coming to South Bend to watch the Irish or the Trojans.

    12/29 Update- Russell picks ND over UW after earlier eliminating USC. :goirish:
    Kendall Sanders ATH- Sanders de-commits Okie State on 11/28 but is considering only Baylor, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Texas and TCU, as well as Okie State still.
    12/2 Update- It does not take Sanders very long to commit to another school, this time Texas.
    Barry Sanders Jr. RB- Sanders final 4 are Stanford, Oklahoma State, Alabama, and Florida State.

    1/7/12- AAA game commit to Stanford.
    Elijah Shumate S- Shumate, like fellow ND offered Don Bosco DB prospect Yuri Wright, always seems to mention the Irish and still maintains that he will take an OV to South Bend after his football season. His official Top 6 includes ND along with Rutgers, South Carolina, scUM, UGA, and Georgia Tech.

    10/25 Update- Shumate reportedly announces a Top 5 of Rutgers, South Carolina, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Georgia Tech. ND, scUM, and UGA get dropped, Illinois and OU are added. Despite this the Irish still plan to make a run for both Shumate and teammate Yuri Wright.

    11/15 Update- No real surprise that only a few weeks after listing a Top 5 that excluded the Irish that Elijah, according to one source, has confirmed an OV to ND in December, probably for the banquet. It does appear pretty certain however that Shumate will not be accompanied by Yuri Wright on that visit.

    1/7/12- AAA game commit to Notre Dame. :gorish: :herecometheirish:
    Jordan Simmons OG- Oregon & USC are the favorites although Simmons will also supposedly visit pOSU & LSU. The Irish are not in the picture. 10/21 Update- Jordan is a Condom.
    Noah Spence WDE- Spence lists Penn State, Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, USC, North Carolina State and Notre Dame as his schools of interest, but has neither made or scheduled OV's anywhere. He has however unofficially visited PSU, Maryland, UNC, and NC State. LSU has also recently offered and may enter the mix here. Until and if Spence starts visiting anywhere else, PSU has to be considered the favorite here.

    12/1 Update- PSU upheaval not enough to have Spence eliminate them. Meanwhile the Meyer hiring at pOSU was enough to get the Buckeyes into the mix. LSU also seems to be in the mix now that they have offered. Maryland and Florida also still in it, but ND is seemingly no longer a contender, if they ever really were.

    12/18 Update- Spence is a Buckeye.
    Anthony Standifer CB- A long time scUM commit, Standifer parts way with them on 12/8. Standifer showed some early interest in ND, but if the rumor of academic issues caused him to de-commit scUM then the Irish are unlikely to show any renewed interest.

    1/23 Update- After a weekend visit to ND Standifer's academic issue with ND may be resolved if he completes an on-line Spanish class. If he is cleared by ND admissions he is now saying ND is his top choice.
    Dwayne Stanford WR- Dwayne pretty much excluded ND from consideration in June. His most recent Top 7 are Ohio State, LSU, Michigan, Tennessee, Bama, Oregon, and Cincinnati, but his "top" lists seem to be fluid. There is still a good possibility that Dwayne will follow Taft HS teammate Adolphus Washington to pOSU if Adolphus ever pulls the Buckeye lever.
    11/22 Update- In a surprise Stanford is a Duck.
    Ronnie Stanley OT- Stanley lists Arizona, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida State, Miami, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Oklahoma, UCLA, USC, Vanderbilt, and Washington as his Top 12. He just cancelled his scheduled OV (cited "personal reasons") to ND for the USC game but claims he still has serious interest in the Irish. His only OV to date has been to Arkansas and he has nothing else scheduled at this time.
    11/15 Update- The Irish appear to be still in the mix here as Stanley tells a Husker site after taking a OV there that he definitely still plans on visiting ND, he just does not know when.

    12/13 Update- After weekend visit to ND-Final 3, Nebraska, Arkansas, ND.

    12/15 Update- Ronnie is Irish! :goirish:
    Freddie Tagaloa OT- Another doubtful offer that does not matter as Tagaloa has a Final 5 of Oregon, California, Stanford, USC, and Michigan. A lot of uncommitted West Coast recruits still list scUM as one of their favorites despite the fact that scUM has virtually no room left in their 2012 recruiting class.Tagaloa in fact does not even appear to have a Michigan offer.
    12/2 Update- Freddie commits to Cal.
    Kent Taylor TE- Taylor liked PSU earlier and supposedly had a great visit to ND in April. PSU made his final cut, the Irish did not. Taylor is supposed to announce at the AAA game between PSU, UF, Bama, and UGA, but it appears that he has already given a silent verbal to UF. 10/27 Update- Taylor confirms UF as his choice.
    Ian Thomas WR- Are the Irish slow playing Thomas or not? No one knows for sure but Ian has already twice re-scheduled or has been asked to re-schedule his ND OV. Latest report is that he might take his Irish OV at the football banquet. If in fact he does ever take that visit it seems likely that he will be Irish. Ian is also still considering Iowa, Maryland, Rutgers, and Vanderbilt.

    11/17 Update- The oft postponed visit to ND will not happen as Ian says he has not heard from the Irish in more than a month and is no longer considering ND.

    NSD to Rutgers.
    Shaq Thompson S- Shaq is a possible official visitor for the USC game and he lists ND as one of his top schools along with UW, Cal, UF, USC, UCLA, and scUM. However he continues to list UW and Cal as his favorites. His only OV to date is UW and he is scheduled to visit Oregon this weekend. ND will need a knockout OV next weekend to stay in contention with Shaq, that is if he even visits

    11/19 Update- Shaq does visit ND, but after a few other visits now lists Cal, ASU, and UW as his Top 3 with some interest still in Oregon & Utah. Shaq's strong interest in ASU itself and the continuing disappointment of its' football program tells you everything you need to know about ND's chances with him. Time to end this particular pipe dream & move Shaq to the "Out" column.

    12/3 Update- Shaq's Top 5 on 12/1- California, Washington, USC, ASU, and Oregon
    Shaq's Top 5 on 12/2- California, Washington, USC, Notre Dame, and Oregon.

    1/7/12- AAA game commit to Cal. 1/31 flip to UW.
    Channing Ward SDE- Very little out there about Ward, but a kid from rural Mississippi is unlikely to end up in South Bend. Ole Miss, Mississippi State, or LSU will probably end up with Ward's LOI.

    1/5/12- Ole Miss Verbal
    Adolphus Washington WDE- Top 6 of Alabama, Kentucky, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State. pOSU is and always has been the leader here but the state of the Buckeye program seems to have stopped Washington from making that official a couple of times already.
    11/22 Update- No surprise as Adolphus officially becomes a Buckeye.
    Carlos Watkins DT- Final two of Clemson and Florida with decision coming today. UF is the current slight favorite according to Carlos himself, but the UF people believe they are being spoofed. 10/14 Update- So Carlos was spoofing the Gators. Clemson it is.
    Kenderius Whitehead WDE- Top 3 of UGA, Clemson, and UNC, with UGA as the leader. It's very doubtful that Whitehead even has an Irish offer.

    1/19 Update- Whitehead's one time Top 3 means nothing as he ends up at NC State.
    Yuri Wright CB- Wright has always spoken highly about ND throughout his recruitment, but the apparent lack of interest from the Irish standpoint seems to have finally convinced Yuri to put ND on his back burner. Wright has had a pretty fluid list of "top" schools over the last month and the latest list is apparently Colorado, Rutgers, Michigan, Michigan State, and California. UGA and Ga. Tech might still be in play as well. The Irish are also probably not completely out of it with Wright either as there is a good chance that he would accompany teammate Elijah Shumate on a post-season OV to Notre Dame.

    1/24 Update- After having his offer pulled by most of the schools recruiting him because of comments he made on his twitter account Yuri commits to Colorado even though he said he did not enjoy his OV there.

    Committed elsewhere

    Donaldven Manning CB- Va. Tech commit who will OV ND for the USC game.
    12/16 Update- Manning has told the Irish that he is no longer considering flipping and will stick with Va. Tech.
    Brian Poole CB- UF commit who will OV ND (with Mom & Dad) for the USC game.

    Signs LOI with UF on NSD.
    Will Redmond CB- Redmond is a Mississippi State commit but is thinking about visiting ND as well as UNC & Vandy. In the end Redmond & his buddy Brian Kimbrow, currently a Vandy commit, are likely to end up at the same school and that school is likely to be either Miss. St., or Vandy, not ND.
    John Theus OT- Jacksonville Bolles HS, similar to Hamilton Chandler HS, produces top tier talent every year and both have Irish connections. In both instances though the Irish have repeatedly struck out over the last few years. Bolles' John Theus was no exception to that when he committed to UGA earlier this year, but he has surprisingly scheduled (and seems excited about) an OV to ND for the USC game. The Irish probably have as good a shot as anyone if Theus decides to turn his back on UGA, but in the end there seems to be a very strong likelihood that he will end up a Bulldog like his older brother and most of the elite Bolles HS recruits.
    Bryce Treggs WR- Bryce is a Cal commit whose Dad also played football at Cal, but he has consistently spoken highly about ND and has already unofficially visited South Bend this year. The Irish will get one last chance to change his mind as Bryce will once again trek to South Bend on an OV for the USC game. Treggs also made an OV to ASU in September, and plans to take all 5 of his OV's. It doesn’t hurt the other programs that Treggs is interested in that Cal looks like it will be a PAC-12 bottom feeder this year despite accumulating very highly rated recruiting classes over the last few years.
    12/12 Update- After weekend visit to Cal, Treggs says he is completely sold on Cal and finished with recruiting.
    Jordan Westerkamp WR- 12/16 Update-Westerkamp is a Nebraska verbal who was offered by the Irish in early December, and shortly thereafter talked about taking an OV to South Bend. After an in-home visit last night from Nebraska coach Bo Pelini that ND OV is still on and Westerkamp is either already on campus or on his way. The fact that he is still visiting ND after an in-home from Pelini is widely expected to result in a flip from Nebraska to the Irish.

    1/9/12 Update- After multiple attempts to flip him failed, Jordan reaffrims his Nebraska verbal.
    Probabilities on the 2

    Note that the Who’s out category includes only those recruits who have specifically published a cut-down list that excludes ND. Consequently there are quite a few “highly unlikely” who really belong in the “out” category, they have just not specifically excluded ND as yet.

    Who’s out- (1) Standifer

    Who’s highly unlikely- (0)

    Still a possibility- (1) Neal

    Definite possibility- (0)

    Best hopes- (0)

    Next commit- (0)
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    nice IUB.
    If you're Lucky enough to be Irish, then you're Lucky enough.

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    Thanks IUB

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    Great job IUB. Things will definitely be more clear after next weekend

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    Thanks IUB! The "Tidbit" thread and IUB's "categorized recruit status" thread are my favorite threads every year.

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    Damn, thanks IUB! It is apparent alot of time went into this update and it is appreciated. The great thing is that as ND keeps winning, this list will trend more in the positive direction, recruiting is so fluid now days, that is why it is so interesting.
    For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled.
    Hunter S. Thompson

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    Carlos Watkins DT- Final two of Clemson and Florida with decision coming today. UF is the current slight favorite according to Carlos himself, but the UF people believe they are being spoofed. 10/14 Update- So Carlos was spoofing the Gators. Clemson it is.
    First one down.

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    Arik Armstead SDE- Armstead has been a USC commit for over a year, but will visit ND for the USC game and also plans to visit Alabama for the LSU game. Armstead seems to be sincere about his interests in other schools but picking ND/USC and Alabama/LSU as OV games looks like he is more interested in just attending big time games. Unless USC completely implodes Armstead will still be a Trojan in the end. 10/17 Update- All bets are off now as Armstead de-commits USC over a medical issue concerning his brother. It now appears that Armstead will end up anything but a Trojan in the end.
    First post updated to move Armstead from Committed to Uncommitted, and to change his status from Highly Unlikely to Still a Possibility. First blush is that ND might be #2 here behind Bama, but even that would be a victory as long as he ends up somewhere other than USC. Another plus is that the Irish will get first chance to impress Arik this weekend as his original plans to visit Bama a few weeks ago had to be rescheduled to mid-November.

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    Ishmael Adams CB- Lists Top 5 in order as Cal, Oregon, UCLA, ASU, and Colorado, but will be at ND for an OV at the USC game. 10/19 Update- Maybe it's just because he was talking to a ND recruiting site just prior to his OV to ND, but Adams is now saying he has a Top 6 which includes the Irish along with the schools listed above.

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    Jordan Simmons OG- Oregon & USC are the favorites although Simmons will also supposedly visit pOSU & LSU. The Irish are not in the picture. 10/21 Update- Jordan is a Condom.

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