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Thread: Pro Day 2011

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    Pro Day 2011

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    Pro Day A Positive One
    Thursday, 07 April 2011 14:02
    Christian McCollum

    NOTRE DAME, Ind. - Scouts from almost every team in the NFL were on hand as nine former Notre Dame football players worked out at the Loftus Center during Notre Dames Pro Day on Thursday afternoon.

    Former teammates and coaches were also on hand to watch Kyle Rudolph, Armando Allen, Robert Hughes, Duval Kamara, Chris Stewart, Ian Williams, Kerry Neal, Brian Smith and Darrin Walls show NFL teams what they can do.

    It was Rudolphs first chance to put his talents on display since having season-ending surgery on his hamstring in mid-October.

    The big thing for me was to get out there and show everybody that the hamstring is a thing of the past and I think I did that today, said the tight end, who declared early for the NFL Draft. I think everyone was happy with the way I came out here and worked today.

    Rudolph is six months removed from that surgery and said his rehab has been ahead of schedule the entire time.

    They wanted to see Im healthy, Rudolph said of the scouts. With as severe an injury as I had - to be back to normal six months later is tough. Not many people do it. They heard it and everybody told them I was healthy, but to finally come out here and see it is what they really wanted.

    Rudolph and the rest of the offensive skill players caught passes from Rob Florian, who played quarterback at Rudolphs Elder High School a couple years ahead of the talented tight end. Rudolph called his 40-time, OK.

    I put up a number that people now have on paper, he said. Its not the fastest, its not a record, but its fast enough and itll only improve as I keep training.

    NFL Network and NBC Notre Dame analyst Mike Mayock was in attendance and was impressed by Rudolphs performance.

    He ran in the low-4.8s, which is comparable to what a lot of the first-round tight ends run, said Mayock. What I love about him is he has a big throwing radius and he catches everything. I think everybody came away today with a buzz about how good his hands are. I think all of them know they have to go back to the 09 tape to really see him healthy.

    Mayock doesnt think speed is an issue for the 6-foot-6, 265-pound Rudolph.

    To me, hes a first-round tight end talent, Mayock said. That doesnt always mean youre going to get drafted in the first round, based on needs and other things.

    Williams was able to participate in Februarys NFL Draft Combine, but wasnt pleased with his performance in Indianapolis.

    Im the type of person that wants to do great in everything, the nose tackle said. I was very disappointed in myself and I knew I could do better. I think coming out here today, I improved what I needed to.

    Williams weighed in at 319 in Indianapolis, but checked in at 310 pounds on Thursday.

    I just wanted to show out in my position drills and drop my 40-time, I accomplished everything today, he said.

    Williams got a thumbs up from Mayock after the drills.

    I thought he looked quick, Mayock said of Williams. He ran a better 40, his 10-yard dash was good and I thought he looked good in drills.

    Stewart also shaved weight, checking in at 317 pounds, down from the 345 the offensive lineman weighed in at the Texas Vs. The Nation All-Star Game.

    Its totally different with the lean body, being able to bend, being able to move, said Stewart. On a lot of my field drills, I did a lot better than I expected. Its a good thing to be low and be able to move your hips.

    Stewart credited the weight loss with being able to focus on football full-time.

    Its my first time to focus totally on football and Im just going to take advantage of it, he said.

    The Texas native said he received positive feedback from the scouts.

    A lot of scouts told me I looked good and was moving well, bending well, which is important for offensive linemen, he said.

    Stewart juggled law school during his final year at Notre Dame, but the legal studies are on pause for now.

    Law school is on holdfor a long time I hope, he said.

    Hughes was listed at 245 pounds as a senior, but after training in Chicago since the Sun Bowl, weighed in at 226 pounds on Thursday.

    I felt like I was in pretty good shape, the running back said. I felt like I did great. I feel like I helped myself. Ive just got to stick it out and see.

    Hughes wanted to show scouts he was in shape and also his ability to block and catch the football.

    Allen was also coming off an injury after missing the final portion of his senior season with hip issues. The running back said those are behind him now.

    I feel finally back to 100 percent, he said. It took awhile, but I think Im finally back to that phase where I feel comfortable moving around.

    Im not sure about my times, but I feel pretty good. At the end of the day, I worked out hard and put it all out on the line. At this point, its not in my hands anymore.

    Kamara confirmed it was an academic issue that caused him to miss the Sun Bowl, but said hes back on track to graduate in May.

    It was tough (missing) your last game, he said. But things happen, youve got to go on and continue in life.

    Kamara has been training back in New Jersey.

    I just wanted to show my ability to do different things - block, catch, run down field, just be a complete receiver, he said. I thought the workout went well and I thought it was an acceptable day.

    Smith said he was more nervous for Thursday than for some of the games hes played, but added it was good to get out there and said he got positive feedback as well.

    Im excited to see what the weeks ahead will bring leading up to the Draft, he said. Im just excited to be a part of the process. Its been a dream of mine since I was a little boy.

    Walls, on the other hand, felt no pressure at all.

    I didnt get invited to the Combine, I didnt get invited to the Senior Bowl, so I came out here with a chip on my shoulder, he said. I had nothing to lose. I came out here and tried to prove people wrong, hopefully I did that.

    Walls was told he clocked a 4.39 in the 40.

    I thought I was going to run a little faster than that, but Ill take that, he said.

    Neal had to fight through a calf injury he suffered during training two weeks ago.

    Its nothing major, but its still an injury, he said. I just tried to fight through it and show the scouts that Im a tough guy, Im willing to work. I just want a shot.

    The 2011 NFL Draft will be held from April 28th-30th.

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    Pro Day Results
    Thursday, 07 April 2011 16:25
    Christian McCollum

    Armando Allen
    Vertical: 31.5
    Broad Jump: 10
    Bench Press: N/A
    40-Yard dash: 4.58/4.59
    Pro Agility: 4.12/4.15
    3-Cone Drill: 7.10
    60-Yard Shuttle:11.45/11.57

    Robert Hughes
    Vertical: 32
    Broad Jump: 94
    Bench Press: 26
    40-Yard Dash: 4.89/4.89
    Pro Agility: 4.66/4.69
    3-Cone Drill: 7.26
    60-Yard Shuttle: 12.14/12.13

    Duval Kamara
    Vertical: 32.5
    Broad Jump: 101
    Bench Press: 11
    40-Yard Dash: 4.84/4.75
    Pro Agility: 4.49/4.48
    3-Cone Drill: 7.41
    60-Yard Shuttle: 11.78/11.70

    Kerry Neal
    Vertical: 27.5
    Broad Jump: 93
    Bench Press: 24
    40-Yard Dash: 5.17/5.15
    Pro Agility: 4.60/4.54
    3-Cone Drill: 7.43
    60-Yard Shuttle: 12.41/-

    Kyle Rudolph
    Vertical: 34.5
    Broad Jump: 95
    Bench Press: 19
    40-Yard Dash: 4.78/4.80
    Pro Agility: 4.37/4.37
    3-Cone Drill: 7.24
    60-Yard Shuttle: 12.30/12.23

    Brian Smith
    Vertical: 30.5
    Broad Jump: 95
    Bench Press: 15
    40-Yard Dash: 4.72/4.82
    Pro Agility: 4.31/4.30
    3-Cone Drill: 7.18
    60-Yard Shuttle: 11.89/11.84

    Chris Stewart
    Vertical: 28
    Broad Jump: 78
    Bench Press: 24
    40-Yard Dash: 5.57/5.58
    Pro Agility: 4.92/4.90
    3-Cone Drill 7.69
    60-Yard Shuttle: -/-

    Darrin Walls
    Vertical: 28.5
    Broad Jump: 102
    Bench Press: 15
    40-Yard Dash: 4.39/4.42
    Pro Agility: 4.18/4.15
    3-Cone Drill: 6.88
    60-Yard Shuttle: 10.85/10.82

    Ian Williams
    Vertical: N/A
    Broad Jump: N/A
    Bench Press: N/A
    40-Yard Dash: 5.10/5.20
    Pro Agility: N/A
    3-Cone Drill: 7.75
    60-Yard Shuttle: N/A

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    Notre Dame Football: Rudolph, Walls share the thunder at Pro Day


    South Bend Tribune Staff Writer
    9:02 p.m. EDT, April 7, 2011

    SOUTH BEND — Seemingly three-quarters of the Notre Dame football team tried to turn their cell phones into stop watches Wednesday, hoping to put some numbers to the speed show Darrin Walls was putting on.
    Yep, there’s an app for that. No, it didn’t do the former Irish cornerback justice.

    Walls, snubbed by the NFL Scouting Combine and all three senior-showcase all-star games, clocked in at 4.39 and 4.42 in the 40-yard dash Wednesday at Notre Dame’s Pro Day. The 4.39 was faster than all but two of the 43 cornerbacks who ran at the invitation-only combine in Indianapolis in late February and would have made him the seventh-fastest player there overall.

    And his best 60-yard shuttle time, 10.82 seconds, would have ranked as the second-fastest of all the players at the combine.

    "I didn’t feel any pressure at all," said Walls, who weighed in at 191 pounds. "I didn’t get invited to anything, so I came into today with a chip on my shoulder. I came out today to prove a few people wrong. Hopefully, I did that."

    In all, nine former Irish players auditioned for NFL scouts and coaches Wednesday at ND’s Loftus Center, with the draft just three weeks away (April 28-30). Among their former teammates looking on were offensive guard Chris Watt on crutches and suspended wide receiver Michael Floyd.

    The day was supposed to belong to former Irish tight end Kyle Rudolph, with reps from 28 of the league’s 32 teams taking notes and notice. The 6-foot-6, 258-pound Rudolph, the eighth true junior to leave ND early for an NFL career since the league abandoned its seniors-only policy in 1990, didn’t disappoint — even if he didn’t light up the stopwatches.

    His official times in the 40 were 4.78 and 4.8 — markedly slower than the 4.6 range he had been anticipating, but almost miraculous given that he underwent hamstring surgery almost sixth months ago to the day.

    "It was great to run around and be healthy," said Rudolph, roughly three weeks after being cleared to work out at full-throttle for the first time since the operation and at 100 percent for the first time since initially tweaking the hamstring last July.

    Rudolph did 19 reps at 225 pounds on the bench press, 9-feet-5 in the standing broad jump and a day’s best 34.5 inches in the vertical leap. Then he wowed everyone in attendance in the position-specific drills.

    "I think Kyle did a great job," said Mike Mayock, a draft analyst for NFL Network and color commentator for NBC’s telecasts of Notre Dame games this past season.

    "He’s coming off an injury. They worked him hard. I had him in the low 48s in the 40, and that’s fine. For 258 pounds, that’s good.

    "He caught everything. I think that was the highlight of the day for him. There was a buzz about how good his hands are. He’s got a great throwing radius because of his length. So to me, he’s a first-round tight end."

    What may alter that trajectory is need. Only two NFL teams are aching for tight ends — Denver and St. Louis — according to Scott Wright of And the Bronocs pick second, the Rams 14th in the first round, way above where Rudolph would be projected.

    Carolina, Buffalo, Atlanta and Tampa Bay are four teams that have a secondary need for a tight end.

    Private workouts are the next step for Rudolph, whose numbers only figure to move toward the "wow" end of the spectrum as the draft creeps closer.

    "They wanted to see that I’m healthy," Rudolph said of Wednesday’s scrutiny. "I can tell them I’m healthy and other people can tell them I’m healthy, but until you see it, with as severe an injury as I had, to be back to normal six months later is tough. There’s not many people that can do it."

    Running back Armando Allen is also coming back from surgery. Allen’s senior season truncated after ND’s upset loss to Navy on Oct. 23 when a degenerative hip condition, that he had apparently been playing with his entire college career, was finally uncovered.

    Allen underwent surgery shortly thereafter and wasn’t cleared for full-speed work until about a month ago.

    "I felt pretty good at the end of the day, because I went hard and put it all on the line," said Allen, who ran 4.58 and 4.59 in the 40. "At this point it’s not in my hands anymore."

    Three former Irish players clearly had transformed their bodies since the end of the season, most notably 6-5 offensive guard Chris Stewart, who weighed in Wednesday at 317 pounds after finishing the season around 360.

    "He looks like a different guy," marveled Mayock.

    He doesn’t have the uncomfortable combination of law school and football anymore, either, which Stewart said made it difficult to improve his conditioning significantly during the season.

    "When law school went on hold, it was like God smiled down upon me and opened up the heavens," Stewart said. "I enjoyed law school, but the schedule was crazy. I want it to be my profession post-football, but right now my focus is 100 percent on football."

    Nose guard Ian Williams had an impressive day, knocking his 5.25 40 at the combine down to 5.1. Running back Robert Hughes, meanwhile. showed off a chiseled physique, down 11 pounds to 226. He did 26 reps on the bench press, best of the seven players who participated in that Wednesday.

    The other Pro Day participants were linebackers Brian Smith and Kerry Neal, and exiled wide receiver Duval Kamara, who fell off the Irish roster just before the team arrived in El Paso, Texas in late December for the Sun Bowl.

    "It was just little things in school," he explained of his dismissal from the team. "But I was able to talk to the faculty and they were willing to help me out. I’m back now, taking six more credits and I’m going to graduate from here with my guys in May."

    Pro Day Results

    Here’s how the nine former Notre Dame football players performed for NFL scouts and coaches Wednesday at ND Pro Day:

    Key: Vertical Jump (VJ), Broad Jump (BJ), Bench Press (BP), 40-yard dash (40), Pro Agility (PA), 3-Cone Drill (3C), 60-yard shuttle (60).

    Armando Allen: 31.5 (VJ), 10-0 (BJ), N/A (BP), 4.58/4.59 (40), 4.12/4.15 (PA), 7.10 (3C), 11.45/11.57 (60).

    Robert Hughes: 32 (VJ), 9-4 (BJ), 26 (BP), 4.89/4.89 (40), 4.66/4.69 (PA), 7.26 (3C), 12.14/12.13 (60).

    Duval Kamara: 32.5 (VJ), 10-1 (BJ), 11 (BP), 4.84/4.75 (40), 4.49/4.48 (PA), 7.41 (3C), 11.78/11.70 (60).

    Kerry Neal: 27.5 (VJ), 9-3 (BJ), 24 (BP), 5.17/5.15 (40), 4.60/4.54 (PA), 7.43 (3C), 12.41/ — (60).

    Kyle Rudolph: 34.5 (VJ), 9-5 (BJ), 19 (BP), 4.78/4.80 (40), 4.37/4.37 (PA), 7.24 (3C), 12.30/12.23 (60).

    Brian Smith: 30.5 (VJ), 9-5 (BJ), 15 (BP), 4.72/4.82 (40), 4.31/4.30 (PA), 7.18 (3C), 11.89/11.84 (60).

    Chris Stewart: 28 (VJ), 7-8 (BJ), 24 (BP), 5.57/5.58 (40), 4.92/4.90 (PA), 7.69 (3C), — / — (60).

    Darrin Walls: 28.5 (VJ), 10-2 (BJ), 15 (BP), 4.39/4.42 (40), 4.18/4.15 (PA), 6.88 (3C), 10.85/10.82 (60).

    Ian Williams: 28.5* (VJ), 8-6* (BJ), 31* (BP) 5.10, 5.20 (40), 4.76* (PA), 7.75 (3C), — / — (60).

    *Note: All but Williams’ 40 time and 3-cone time are from the NFL Scouting Combine.

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    Last updated: April 7, 2011 8:27 p.m.
    Pro Day recap
    Tony Krausz | The Journal Gazette

    Former Notre Dame tight end Kyle Rudolph had one goal during Thursday's Pro Day – show that his hamstring injury was far behind him.

    And the 6-foot-6, 265-pounder feels he did that.

    "They wanted to see I'm healthy," said Rudolph, who is six months removed from surgery on his right hamstring. "You can say I'm healthy, people can tell them I'm healthy, but until you see it -- with as severe an injury as I had, to be back to normal six months later -- it's tough. Not many people do it. They heard it, and everyone told them I was healthy. But to finally come out here and see it is what they really wanted."

    Rudolph worked out with eight other former Irish players during the Pro Day inside the university's indoor practice facility. There were 28 representatives from the 32 NFL teams on hand.

    Rudolph, who didn't work out at the NFL combine and is the top-rated tight end in the draft (April 28-30), ran a 4.78-second 40-yard dash and showcased the pass catching ability that led to 90 receptions for 1,032 yards and eight touchdowns during his Notre Dame career.

    "It's OK," Rudolph said of his 40 time. "I put up a number and now people have it on paper. It's not the fastest, it's not a record, but it's fast enough. And it'll only improve as I keep training."

    Rudolph worked out with running backs Armando Allen and Robert Hughes, receiver Duval Kamara, linebackers Kerry Neal and Brian Smith, offensive guard Chris Stewart, cornerback Darrin Walls and nose guard Ian Williams, and another name from his past – quarterback Rob Florian, who played quarterback at Rudolph's Elder High School in Cincinnati.

    Florian threw to Rudolph, Allen, Hughes and Kamara as New York Giants assistant coach Mike Pope directed the skill position workout

    "It was awesome," Rudolph said of having Florian as a quarterback. "I grew up with Rob, watched him play. He was four years ahead of me in grade school and high school. He was a very successful quarterback at our high school in Cincinnati. He throws a great ball. They kept getting on him for throwing too good of passes."

    Rudolph wasn't the only player showing he had recovered from an injury.

    Allen ran for 514 yards last season before a hip flexor injury ended his senior year. He had surgery in November.

    Allen said he felt 100 percent about a month and was able to fully start working out about three or four months ago.

    "The hardest part was just staying off it when I really wanted to workout," Allen said. "I'm finally able to explode off my hip again."

    Hughes slimmed won for the Pro Day going from 245 pounds to 226. He credited a change of diet, but he said he didn't lose any of the power that he showcased at the end of last season.

    "I'm still running tough. I'm still running hard," Hughes said.

    Stewart also trimmed down since the last time he played. The lineman said he went from 351 to 317.

    He gave partial credit to being leaner to no longer being enrolled in law school and being able to focus on football.

    "It's ridiculous," Stewart said of how much time he has now with law school on hold for the moment. "It's a little bit different outcome when you can do that. I enjoy focusing on what I've been passionate about my entire life."

    Stewart said his day was good overall. He was pleased with his 20-yard shuttle time of 4.9 seconds, and he was really happy with his 7.69 in the three-cone drill.

    "Which is moving for a lineman," Stewart said. "I hit some numbers that I wanted to hit. I did better in some areas and in others didn't do as well as I was hoping. But overall it was a good day."

    And while he is enjoying focusing on football, Stewart isn't giving up on getting a law degree.

    "Hopefully, I come back in a decade or two," Stewart said.

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    "It was just little things in school," he explained of his dismissal from the team. "But I was able to talk to the faculty and they were willing to help me out. Im back now, taking six more credits and Im going to graduate from here with my guys in May."
    Bravo. This is some of the best news to come out of pro day. Support like this is why you come to ND. Need an applause emoticon.
    "Doggonnit............The Lord gave you two legs, protect them" - Coach Hart

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowayne View Post
    Bravo. This is some of the best news to come out of pro day. Support like this is why you come to ND. Need an applause emoticon.
    Completely agree weezy.

    And while he is enjoying focusing on football, Stewart isn't giving up on getting a law degree.

    "Hopefully, I come back in a decade or two," Stewart said.
    Another great story. I'm not saying these quotes or stories would only come from ND, but I'm saying this only happens at ND....

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowayne View Post
    Bravo. This is some of the best news to come out of pro day. Support like this is why you come to ND. Need an applause emoticon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishunclebill View Post
    I'm not sure that that guy is clapping. Looks a bit more like rub-a-dub-chub.

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    nice to hear the positive words about some of our kids

    Sources at today's Notre Dame pro day, the final non-individual event on the calendar, said a trio of players stood out this morning, including two who were unable to work out at the combine.

    All eyes were on Kyle Rudolph and the junior tight end did not disappoint. Rudolph, whose season ended in October after he underwent surgery to repair an injured hamstring, ran 40 times which averaged in the low-4.8s. Some watches timed Rudolph as fast as 4.77. He later caught the ball exceptionally well. Rudolph now moves towards the draft as the top tight end and should be drafted in the first half of round two.

    Running back Armando Allen, who had been recovering from a hip injury and was another Irish prospect who sat on the sidelines in Indianapolis, posted times as fast as 4.46 after tipping the scales at 202 pounds, three more than his combine weight. Allen should be picked in the later rounds of the draft.

    Underrated cornerback Darrin Walls was one of the stars of the day running in the low-4.4s. Walls was not invited to the combine but impressed scouts with his play during the week of practices at the Shrine Game. He offers the physical skills to play in the NFL and is a legitimate late-round pick who could surprise a number of people.

    Read more:

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    I hope all these guys helped themselves aceive their dream. Walls 40 time is excellent and he had been calling his shot on twitter without saying a time. His vertical is surprising low to me though at 28.5". Compared to Rudolph's 34.5"??? Dang Kyle, you can get up. Reminds me of jump balls one and lost. Rudolph won a few, but I remember the one vs USC in 09 he couldn't bring down. And I also recall Baldwin's catches vs Walls. Not a fair matchup, hopefully the scouts don't put too much weight into that.

    Hughes - Identity crisis. Big back or what?

    Stewart - Wow, down to 317 lbs?!?!?!?! I would have guessued he'd be 17 lbs from 400 before 300. He came to ND, almost left, and did a lot of good for himself. He should have a shot with an NFL team, his body is transformed, he has a degree and is on his way to a law degree. Congrats big man.

    Allen - I REALLY hope he can elevate his game with his degenerative hip injury properly addressed. What a shame that was.

    Kamara - I'd be surprised, but hope he can make a team.

    Smith - Why the hair now? Shave that. Good luck man. You are Mr ND.

    Ian Williams - I'd love to see him anchor an NFL line.

    Neal - Our first commit from his class, out of nowhere for Weis. Bunn HS. The rest of his body caught up to his ears. If Weis was still with KC, I'd have bet he would be invited to their camp.

    Good luck to all the guys.

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