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    The 2012 Notre Dame Football Team

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    Listed below is the current status of 2012 scholarships by position. The total scholarship players listed is 79 which includes six returning 5th year Seniors. As of 10/4/12 there are also 6 scholarship players who are out for the year with injuries, Chase Hiunshell, Lo Wood, Amir Carlisle, Jamoris Slaughter, Austin Collinsworth & Alex Welch.

    Note that the class standings on this list are that only, they do not indicate remaining eligibility.

    Quarterback (4)
    Junior: Andrew Hendrix *, Tommy Rees
    Sophomore: Everett Golson *
    Freshman: Gunner Kiel- 2012 Recruiting Class

    Halfback (5)
    Senior: Theo Riddick, Cierre Wood *
    Sophomore: Amir Carlisle*, George Atkinson III
    Freshman: William Mahone- 2012 Recruiting Class

    Fullback (0)

    Wide Receiver (9)
    5th Year Senior: John Goodman *
    Senior: Roby Toma
    Junior: Tai-ler Jones, Luke Massa *, Daniel Smith *
    Sophomore: Davaris Daniels *
    Freshman: Chris Brown- 2012 Recruiting Class
    Freshman: Justin Ferguson- 2012 Recruiting Class
    Freshman: Davonte Neal- 2012 Recruiting Class

    Tight End (5)
    Senior: Tyler Eifert #, Jake Golic *
    Junior: Alex Welch *
    Sophomore: Ben Koyack, Troy Niklas

    Center (7)
    5th Year Senior: Braxton Cave*, Mike Golic*
    Senior: Jordan Cowart
    Junior: Bruce Heggie *
    Sophomore: Matthew Hegarty *
    Freshman: Scott Daly- 2012 Recruiting Class
    Freshman: Mark Harrell- 2012 Recruiting Class

    Offensive Guard (3)
    Senior: Chris Watt *
    Sophomore: Conor Hanratty *, Nick Martin *

    Offensive Tackle (4)
    Senior: Zach Martin *
    Junior: Christian Lombard *, Tate Nichols *
    Freshman: Ronnie Stanley- 2012 Recruiting Class

    Defensive End (6)
    5th Year Senior: Kapron Lewis-Moore *
    Junior: Justin Utupo *
    Sophomore: Chase Hounshell, Stephon Tuitt
    Freshman: Sheldon Day- 2012 Recruiting Class
    Freshman: Jarron Jones- 2012 Recruiting Class

    Defensive Tackle/ Nose Guard (4)
    Senior: Tyler Stockton *
    Junior: Louis Nix *, Kona Schwenke
    Sophomore: Tony Springmann *

    Outside Linebacker (6)
    Junior: Prince Shembo, Danny Spond
    Sophomore: Ben Councell *, Anthony Rabasa *, Ishaq Williams
    Freshman: Romeo Okwara- 2012 Recruiting Class

    Inside Linebacker (5)
    Senior: Carlo Calabrese *, Dan Fox *, Manti Te'o
    Junior: Kendall Moore *
    Sophomore: Jarrett Grace *

    Cornerback (7)
    Junior- Bennett Jackson, Lo Wood
    Sophomore: Josh Atkinson, Jalen Brown *, Cam McDaniel
    Freshman: KeiVarae Russell- 2012 Recruiting Class
    Freshman: Elijah Shumate- 2012 Recruiting Class

    Safety (11)
    5th Year Senior: Dan McCarthy, Jamoris Slaughter
    Senior: Zeke Motta, Chris Salvi
    Junior: Austin Collinsworth
    Sophomore: Chris Badger *, Matthias Farley *, Eilar Hardy *
    Freshman: Nicky Baratti- 2012 Recruiting Class
    Freshman: C.J. Prosise- 2012 Recruiting Class
    Freshman: John Turner- 2012 Recruiting Class

    Punter/Kicker (3)
    Senior: Nicholas Tausch *, Benjamin Turk
    Sophomore: Kyle Brindza

    * = Player may be eligible for 5th year of eligibility
    # = May be granted medical redshirt
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    Senior Member Synoptico's Avatar
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    Won't Badger be back by then?
    :clover:"May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past." ~Irish blessing:clover:

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    By eligibility:

    Seniors- 21 (14 of which are 5th Years)
    Juniors- 17
    Sophomores- 33
    Freshman- 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synoptico View Post
    Won't Badger be back by then?
    Probably, but I'm not going to include him until that happens.

    Badger basically will be part of the recruiting Class of 2012 if he decides to return to ND.

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    Senior Member SouthernIrish's Avatar
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    I'm surprised you have Martin listed as OT rather than OG and a little surprised Lombard too although I suppose he could anywhere.
    If you're Lucky enough to be Irish, then you're Lucky enough.

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    My mock recruiting class for 2012

    Darby, Shepard, Baratti, Decker and Daly - committed

    In no order:
    CB - Yuri Wright
    S - Nelson Agholor
    QB - Gunner Kiel - (won't get him, but will take Maty Mauk
    OT - Zach Banner
    OT - Andrus Peat
    OT - J.J. Denman
    OG - Joshua Garnett
    WR - Dorial Green-Beckham
    WR - Durron Neal
    WR - Bryce Treggs
    WR - Justin Ferguson
    RB - Keith Marshall
    TE - Kent Taylor
    OLB - Ifeadi Odenigbo
    OLB - Noor Davis
    DE - Noah Spence

    We probably won't get all of these kids, but I think we will get most of them.

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    Community Moderator mlcspinner's Avatar
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    St. Johnsbury Vt.
    Halfback (3)
    Senior: Cierre Wood *
    Junior: Cameron Roberson *
    Sophomore: Cam McDaniel
    2012 looks a little thin at RB wouldn't you say?
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    IRISH GUARD-GH Division

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    Community Moderator stonebreakerwasgod's Avatar
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    So does 2011.
    Though G3 might be considered for a move to RB. Also, Theo is available to take snaps if Cierre goes down.
    Member: Irish Guards-GH Division

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    Community Moderator stonebreakerwasgod's Avatar
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    @BFeldmanESPN Two other moves that caught my eye: NotreDame, which opened at 25-1, is now 12-1 and SoCarolina has gone from 45-1 to now 22-1. about 15 hours ago
    Member: Irish Guards-GH Division

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonebreakerwasgod View Post
    @BFeldmanESPN Two other moves that caught my eye: NotreDame, which opened at 25-1, is now 12-1 and SoCarolina has gone from 45-1 to now 22-1. about 15 hours ago
    I get the shift with USCe bu i really dont know why ND got such a bump up

    as a degenerate gambler i wouldnt take either though

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