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    ISDUpdate BK on McDaniel: "He's a football player. He was meant to play this game."
    23 minutes ago via web

    NDatRivals More Kelly on McDaniel: "Understands the game very's probably one of the more confident young men in this class...plays that way"
    23 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    BGInews BK on running back Cam McDaniel: "He’s probably one of the more confident young men in this class."
    23 minutes ago via web

    ISDUpdate BK on McDaniel: "Here's one of the most confident young men in this class and he plays that way."
    24 minutes ago via web

    NDatRivals Kelly on RB Cam McDaniel: "Here's a young man that's got great durability...he's got an inside presence...very good speed."
    24 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    BGInews BK: RB Cam McDaniel - "Carried the ball a lot inside ... durability, toughness, ability to play through injury ... can catch the football."
    25 minutes ago via web

    ISDUpdate BK on McDaniel: "Played at highest level in Texas and carried the ball inside..Sell for us was durability, toughness and dynamic piece."
    25 minutes ago via web

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    BGInews BK on defensive end Anthony Rabasa: "His first step is extremely explosive off the ball."
    21 minutes ago via web

    NDatRivals More Kelly on Rabasa: "His first step is extremely explosive off the ball."
    21 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    NDatRivals Kelly on OLB Anthony Rabasa: "His motor, his ability to go every snap, is what we loved about him."
    22 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    BGInews BK: OLB Anthony Rabasa - "When you look at his film, his motor and ability to go every snap is what we love."
    23 minutes ago via web

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    NDatRivals Kelly on OL/DL Tony Springmann: "He's one big young us great versatility...can get off a block and he can run."
    20 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    BGInews BK: DE Tony Springmann - "He'll fit in very well ... can get off block and run. One big young man."
    20 minutes ago via web

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    ISDUpdate BK on Tuitt: "He's only going to get better and better and better...He's a unique player."
    17 minutes ago via web

    NDatRivals More Kelly on Tuitt: "Pretty unique player. As we've said, he's a young man that's gonna get coached and is gonna develop."
    18 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    NDatRivals Kelly on DE Stephon Tuitt: "Here's a young man that's just beginning to scratch the surface of what he can be."
    18 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    BGInews BK: DE Stephon Tuitt - "Just beginning to scratch the surface of what he can be as a defensive player ... will get better and better."
    19 minutes ago via web

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    NDatRivals Kelly on Ishaq Williams: "A young man that's got great versatility."
    14 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    BGInews BK: OLB Ishaq Williams - "Great versatility ... just a great young man. He's so quick ... he can obviously do a lot of things for us."
    16 minutes ago via web

    ISDUpdate BK on Ishaq: "Great versatility...Great young man...He's so quick, he can do a lot of things for us."
    16 minutes ago via web
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    NDatRivals Kelly on Troy Niklas: "Very good foot speed...can just do all the jobs at a number over positions for us."
    13 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    ISDUpdate BK on Niklas: "Big skill player for us...Physical specimen...Very good foot speed. Can do all of the jobs at a number of positions."
    14 minutes ago via web

    BGInews BK: DE Troy Niklas - "Physical specimen relative to what he can be and what he is right now."
    14 minutes ago via web

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    Kelly's responses to some questions and some general info on how the staff handled the recruiting process. Some interesting stuff in there.

    NDatRivals Brian Kelly on #NotreDame presence on the West Coast: "We hit that area pretty hard...I think we kicked up some dust on the West Coast."
    1 minute ago via TweetDeck

    ISDUpdate Kelly says he's in favor of an early signing period, but not a playoff.
    10 minutes ago via web

    NDatRivals Kelly on the recruiting focus for 2012: "I think we have to get some depth at the back end of our defense." Running back, quarterback, too.
    11 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    NDatRivals Kelly on recruiting defense: "Defensively, you've gotta win the one-on-one's about players making plays. You can't hide there.
    13 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    NDatRivals Kelly on the quarterback situation: Golson is a "full-out spread" quarterback. Crist and Rees fit in another category.
    6 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    ISDUpdate Rees and Crist and other QBs will be in one category & Golson will be in another (full spread).
    7 minutes ago via web

    NDatRivals Kelly on Bennett Jackson at CB: "Three scholarship corners would be one reason why...has the criteria necessary physically to excel."
    7 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    NDatRivals Kelly on position switches: "I'm certain there are gonna be more moves. I'm not ready to announce those."
    8 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    ISDUpdate Kelly says more position changes will come, but not ready to announce. Also announces 'Twitter ban.'
    8 minutes ago via web

    NDatRivals Kelly on sorting out the defensive ends: "I think it sorts itself out very quickly."
    9 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    NDatRivals #NotreDame head coach Brian Kelly says he flew over 15,000 miles over the last couple months of recruiting.
    10 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    ISDUpdate BK piled up 15,000 miles, 54 hours in the air in the last two months.
    11 minutes ago via web

    NDatRivals Kelly on recruiting: "We would not take no for an answer, especially when we had yes at the beginning."
    11 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    ISDUpdate BK: "We would not take no for an answer...especially when we had yes at the beginning."
    12 minutes ago via web
    Oh no, a Twitter ban. Good thing Remound Wright did not end up at ND.

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    Kelly Inks 23

    Wednesday, 02 February 2011 15:53
    Christian McCollum

    NOTRE DAME, Ind. - When Brian Kelly introduced his first recruiting class at Notre Dame on Feb. 3, 2010, he made it clear that the 2011 class would need to address certain positions and one in particular.

    “We have to continue to build our defensive line pool, especially at the end position,” Kelly said that day. “That is going to be absolutely crucial for us moving forward next year and looking at 2011.

    “We've got to get bigger and stronger on the edge of our defense, more athletic on the edge of our defense. I think those are two absolutely crucial needs for us moving forward after this class.

    On Wednesday, Kelly and his staff signed the top defensive end class in the entire country with Aaron Lynch, Stephon Tuitt, Chase Hounshell, Brad Carrico, Tony Springmann and Troy Niklas, who committed to Notre Dame this morning.

    “I think I made it pretty clear that the defensive end position, the edge of our defense was really our number one focus,” Kelly said during his signing day press conference on Wednesday afternoon. “I think we hit that as well as balance within the rest of the class.

    “Today is a great day for us. I know there are a lot of coaches that will be talking about what a great class it is for them. I don't know what their plan was, but I can tell you our plan for this class came together very nicely for us.”

    In all, Kelly and his staff inked 14 defensive prospects, including linebackers Ishaq Williams, Ben Councell, Anthony Rabasa and Jarrett Grace along with defensive backs Eilar Hardy, Matthias Farley, Jalen Brown and Josh Atkinson.

    Kelly joked about the offensive needs in the 2011 class back on Signing Day 2010.

    “On the offensive side of the ball, we'll only take about five or six more quarterbacks, and I think we'll be all set,” he laughed.

    In the end, one was plenty as the Irish signed Everett Golson from Myrtle Beach, S.C. Golson is expected to compete for playing time right away.

    “It's pretty clear that Tommy Rees and Everett Golson are two different quarterbacks relative to style,” Kelly said. “I think you'll see Tommy Rees and most likely Dayne Crist and the other quarterbacks fit into that category. Then on the other side of the ledger you'll have Everett Golson. And within our offensive structure, we can go full out spread with Everett Golson or we can modify it based upon the quarterback's strengths with the other quarterbacks that we have.

    “What we're going to try to do is really allow him to be Everett Golson. You know, allow him to get his skill set on the field. So I think that's what you'll see in the spring is we're going to allow him to be who he is.”

    Notre Dame inked eight players on offense - Golson, running back Cam McDaniel, tight end Ben Koyack, wide receivers George Atkinson III and DaVaris Daniels and offensive linemen Matt Hegarty, Conor Hanratty and Nick Martin.

    Notre Dame also signed kicker/punter Kyle Brindza, who will challenge for playing time at punter and kickoff specialist immediately.

    "Kyle, we believe, to be the most talented kicker in the country," Kelly said. "His versatility in a sense he can do all the jobs. He can kick off. Obviously extra points and field goals, and he's an outstanding punter."

    Notre Dame lost a few verbal commitments along the way in offensive lineman Jordan Prestwood, defensive end Clay Burton, running back Justice Hayes and cornerback Bennett Okotcha, who decommitted from the Irish and committed to Oklahoma two days before signing day.

    But the Irish battled for their share as well . They had to fight to keep Councell in the class and battled to get Lynch and Tuitt back after decommitments while securing signatures from Golson, Hounshell and Martin, who were committed to North Carolina, Florida and Kentucky respectively before flipping to Notre Dame.

    “We would not take no for an answer, especially when we had yes at the beginning,” Kelly laughed.

    “Especially at the University of Notre Dame, you're going into everybody else's backyard and they do not want you to take their kids, whether it be in the South or in the East or the West or the Midwest. BCS programs, that being their base, they don't give up easy. So it requires coaches that are working at it.”

    Kelly himself logged over 15,000 miles and 54 hours in the air over the last two months. Meanwhile, Irish defensive coordinator Bob Diaco showed up on Williams’ doorstep in Brooklyn, N.Y. at 4:30 in the morning less than an hour before Williams was scheduled to leave for an official visit to Penn State. An hour later, Williams was committed to Notre Dame and less than a week later he was in South Bend.

    Williams and Lynch were two of five recruits to enroll at the start of the spring semester along with Golson, Carrico and Brindza.

    “Certainly the football component is one, but the assimilation to being a Notre Dame student is really the biggest piece,” said Kelly. “These young men get this opportunity to really understand Notre Dame and the rigors of the classroom, the community, being in the dorms, finding the dining hall, understanding all those things before they have to play in the fall.”

    For Kelly and his staff, it was always about selling Notre Dame.

    “I think you really have to be able to continue to sell the message of Notre Dame,” Kelly said. “Number one, do you value the Notre Dame and what that does for you -- that's number one. So the player has to have a connection there. If they have no value of a degree from Notre Dame, move to the next guy.

    “Number two, he's coming to play for Notre Dame and win championships at Notre Dame. That's gotta be clear, that he's coming here and he's going to be part of a team at the University of Notre Dame.

    “And, three, he wants to be developed, physically, socially, spiritually, in his skill. And those are the three things that we stayed with as our bullet points. We did not waiver from those three things. So if we didn't get a connection from you on one of those three things, we're moving to the next guy.

    With signing day done, Kelly and his staff are focusing on 2012.

    “If you look at the running back position, that's one that stands out for us,” said Kelly. “We're always going to take a quarterback. That's always in the mix. And probably playmakers, you're looking at playmakers on the offensive side of the ball as the criteria. Who is the guy that can potentially change the game on offense, and then from a depth position, we have to gain more depth in the back end of our defense.”

    Kelly and his staff deserve a break, but it will only be a brief one.

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    The Smitty Awards

    Wednesday, 02 February 2011 11:14
    Brian Smith

    All Hustle - Anthony Rabasa. Blocked once, blocked twice, it does not matter. Rabasa keeps moving towards the football. He's athletic and talented, but Rabasa's motor is what excites me the most. He will be a player capable of changing a game with a hustle sack, a caused fumble by running down a tight end from behind and punching the football out, or just speed rushing an offensive tackle and knocking the snot out of the quarterback. Rabasa should at least contribute on special teams during the 2011 season.

    Speed to Burn - George Atkinson III. Watching Atkinson's film makes a person say, "Wow!" He just runs by people even when it appears he won't make it to the corner. Look for Atkinson III to make a mark on special teams and perhaps as a wide receiver this next fall.

    A Move is in Order - Tony Springman. After watching Springman's senior video, it became quite clear that he began to fill out much like an offensive tackle. That's a good thing, because the Irish definitely need offensive linemen within this class. More specifically to Springman, he has a choice. Does he want to be a good college defensive end, or does he aspire to be a multi-millionaire NFL offensive tackle? It's up to him. His quick feet and strength will be best suited to play offensive line. Make the right choice young man.

    Raw but Talented - Matthias Farley. He can run, that's for sure. He just needs to be refined in terms of technique and playing hard each and every play. Farley could end up at wide receiver, cornerback, or safety. Farley's speed and versatility make him an intriguing prospect.

    Ogre of the Year - Nick Martin. While a mother may not like the term, this is all football talk. For the better part of fifteen years the Notre Dame offensive line possessed too many "nice guys." My definition for Ogre of the year is as follows ~ wants to inflict punishment upon the opposing player in front of him, and will maul as many defensive players as he can during every single play. That's Martin, in a nut shell. Martin will be a very good offensive guard and/or offensive tackle for Notre Dame, and I will not be surprised if he finds his way to the NFL. He's quick feet and nasty demeanor on the field make him one of the better offensive line prospects in the country. To Mrs. Martin, I'm sure Nick will continue to be a loving son as well.

    Most underrated - Eilar Hardy. Few defensive backs possess the instincts like Hardy. He's quick to the football, makes sound decisions, and tackles quite well. Do not expect him to redshirt; further, do not expect him to only play special teams this next year. He will find some minutes as a defensive back at some point during the 2011 season. The question comes from whether it will be at cornerback or safety? Hardy could play either position.

    Offensive Match up Nightmare - Ben Koyack. When a spread offense truly utilizes a tight end, it needs to do so with a player that can still stretch the field vertically. Koyack will certainly catch "check down" passes when nobody else is open, but he's also going to catch numerous passes down the field by running by defenders. Koyack's speed will present defensive coordinators with an option. Will they stick a linebacker on him or a safety? Either one can be an issue depending upon the specific play. Despite Notre Dame's obvious returning talent at tight end, Koyack could earn playing time in 2011. He's very good.

    Defensive Match up Nightmare - Ishaq Williams. Few outside linebackers possess Williams' 6-6 frame and also possess the speed to burn that he does, or at least few that are not already in the NFL. Offensive coordinators will struggle to figure out how to block Williams, as well as figure out how to avoid him when he drops into coverage on occasion. Williams will be a big play defender for the Irish. The NFL awaits.

    The Professional - Stephon Tuitt. Listening to Tuitt speak, one might come out thinking he's a future Wall Street man. Tuitt just might be headed towards a future in New York City, but he's far from completing his gridiron resume. For such a big-bodied young man, I am extremely impressed at how well Tuitt moves laterally and finishes the play in the backfield. He's the A to B professional that gets the job done with some pizazz, via the quarterback sack from the strong side defensive end position. Tuitt could end up being a 310-pound NFL defender. Those guys never go out of style.

    Mr. Impact - Aaron Lynch. Was there ever a doubt? Not only does Lynch bring exceptional athleticism, he's enrolled early, allowing him to learn the nuances necessary to step onto the field early next season during passing downs. I expect Lynch to challenge for the team lead in sacks as a true freshman, albeit Darius Fleming still needs to be the odds on favorite to lead the 2011 defense in sacks. Lynch should be a three-and-out kid, meaning three years playing for the Irish and then declare for the NFL Draft. For Notre Dame to compete for national titles, players with similar skills to Lynch need to continue to don the gold helmet.

    Who's This Guy? - Ben Councell. After being home schooled part of his academic career, Councell did not automatically make the "name list" for recruiting sites nor college coaches. After Councell's performance this past year, he proved he's one of the nation's best players regardless of position. The Notre Dame coaching staff really should be pleased to land such a talented defender from the recruiting hot bed of the greater Charlotte, N.C. area.

    Thumper - Jarrett Grace. He just hammers people, period. He's the prototypical inside linebacker for the 3-4 defense. Hopefully Notre Dame can redshirt Grace because of the returning players at the position, but he's physically ready to play next year. He just needs to learn the system and be in shape. Sooner or later, Grace will be hammering opposing ball carriers for the Irish.

    I could go on and on about the attributes from each member of this class, but to sum up this class in one sentence, here's all you need to know: it's the best all-around class Notre Dame signed since I began following Notre Dame recruiting in 1991. Notre Dame filled recruiting needs (defense, speed, linemen, and another excellent quarterback), signed impact recruits such as Williams, Lynch, , Councell, Atkinson III, and Tuitt, and the class does not possess a specific position that Notre Dame totally whiffed. That's been the biggest issue with Notre Dame recruiting for as long as I followed it. This recruiting class, however, provided the necessary balance to help Notre Dame compete for BCS Bowl Game bids and a National Championship.
    Smitty's excited, that's for sure.

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