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    Official GH 2011 National Signing Day Thread

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    We have discovered that in order to keep an orderly flow of information on NSD that it is best to post all news in one thread. I will update each individual recruits profile as they send their LOI's in, but it will be a lot easier for me and for everyone to accumulate this information if it is all posted in one place.

    There will be two other NSD threads tomorrow as well. One will be a running tally of ND LOI's as they are reported, and the other one will be a list of NSD commits that are a switch from the recruits' current verbal commit. We will also have a category in that thread for any major LOI surprises.

    Also because of the load on servers that is caused by the abundance of NSD visitors on sites such as GH, there may be intermittent halts in service.

    Thanks in advance for your help and co-operation in this endeavor and let's hope for a great day for the Irish tomorrow.

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    Book it! 25 National Signing Day guarantees
    Bold predictions in college football recruiting for National Signing Day 2011.
    Monday, January 31, 2011
    By: Stephen Spiewak |

    On the eve of National Signing Day, MaxPreps national football editor Stephen Spiewak takes a stand with 25 predictions for the big day.

    1. Aundrey Walker will keep the Glenville (Cleveland)-to-Ohio State pipeline strong. He'll also show up at Columbus in the fall and immediately become one of the team's strongest players.

    2. Everett Golson will break all kinds of passing records in Brian Kelly's pass-happy offense in South Bend. He'll also prove that, despite his athleticism, he can thrive as a throw-first quarterback.

    3. Auburn fans will create lofty expectations for Kiehl Frazier. He won't meet them initially, but he'll still have a fine career for the Tigers.

    4. Jaxon Shipley will be Texas' most productive recruit in the class.

    5. Sammy Watkins will be Clemson's best receiver in two years. He'll be clearly superior to fellow commit Charone Peake.

    6. As good as Florida State's 2011 class looks, its 2012 class will be even more impressive.

    7. At least three New Jersey recruits will go on to become first-round draft picks.

    8. Curt Maggitt will sign with Florida, and he'll find playing time sooner than most people expect.

    9. Nickolas Brassell will commit to Ole Miss, joining Tobias Singleton and giving the Rebels two of the country's best receivers, both of whom were home-grown.

    10. Rodney Coe and Anthony Pierson will combine to rush for more than 1,000 yards next season for Iowa and Kansas, respectively.

    11. Jadeveon Clowney will start at South Carolina the minute he steps on campus. He'll only play three years for the Gamecocks before becoming a Top-5 NFL Draft pick.

    12. No. 2 overall recruit James Wilder will stick to running back for the Seminoles, and he'll be an impact player.

    13. This class will be the one that brings Georgia back toward the top of the SEC, as long as the Bulldogs' offensive line holds up.

    14. Nate Fakahafua will emerge as the best player from Utah, surpassing the likes of Harvy Langi and Isaac Asiata.

    15. Bubba Starling, committed to Nebraska to play football and baseball, will never set foot on campus. He'll be a Top 20 pick in the MLB Draft.

    16. With Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix and Jabriel Washington joining the ranks, Alabama will have the best secondary in the SEC in 2012.

    17. Following his historic prep career, Justin Worley will prove his doubters wrong at Tennessee, and challenge Tyler Bray for early playing time.

    18. Jim Tressel will resist the temptation to rush quarterback Braxton Miller, and it will pay major dividends for the Buckeyes down the road.

    19. No true freshman cornerback will play in a BCS Bowl next season.

    20. Oregon's recruiting class will go down as one of its best ever, and Chip Kelly will turn players like Jerrard Randall and Tacoi Sumler into household names.

    21. Max Wittek will surpass Cody Kessler in the race to replace Matt Barkley at USC.

    22. Cyrus Kouandjio will join his brother Arie on the Alabama offensive line, which will be a strength of next year's Crimson Tide.

    23. When the dust settles, Florida State will finish with the No. 1 class.

    24. Tyler Johnstone will have a better collegiate career than current Hamilton teammate Christian Westerman.

    25. Washington will sign an outstanding in-state haul in 2011, and repeat the trick again in 2012.
    Some pretty bold predictions here by Spiewak. some not so bold at all.

    #1- At the top of his list is Walker sticking with pOSU which may not seem bold at all, but Walker is rumored to have told pOSU recruiting mods that he will sign with USC. Most of them don't believe Aundrey though.

    #2- Pretty bold prediction for Golson. I hope he is dead on for that one.

    #8- One of the Dwyer triplets going to UF. That is a pretty bold prediction after Meyer messed up the UF/Dwyer relationship, and if it happens it will be a positive sign for both Muschamp and Charlie for future state of Florida recruiting.

    #10- Rodney Coe for more than a 1,000 yards as a true Freshman RB at Iowa. Pretty bold considering Coe might not even play RB at Iowa.

    #11- Clowney as a superstar. Not a bold prediction at all.

    #12- Wilder staying at RB for FSU. Pretty bold as not a whole lot of people see Wilder as an impact CFB RB.

    #15- Bubba playing baseball instead of football. Another no brainer.

    #17- Justin Worley as an impact player for the Vols right away. Doesn't seem likely as Worley was supposedly the worst looking QB by far at the ND camp he attended last summer.

    #21- Wittek beating out Cody Kessler as the next great USC QB. That won't happen for Wittek unless Kiffy and his entire staff get the axe. Come to think of it that probably won't happen for either Kessler or Wittek as long as Kiffy is around.

    #22- Kouandjio to Bama. Please, that would only be a bold prediction if Spiewak had him going anywhere else.

    #24- Tyler Johnstone better at the next level than Christian Westerman. That may be Spiewak's boldest prediction of all.

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    guy must love FSU. 3 of his 25 picks are about them.

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    Expected time for some of the ND LOI's from the BGINews twitter linked by IrishFan123 in another post.

    7 a.m. (EST) - OLB Ben Councell, CB Matthias Farley, OG Conor Hanratty and DE Tony Springmann. Note that Rivals is reporting that Hanratty will not fax his LOI until Thursday at 10 AM. That is not surprising since we are buried here in The Big Chill already with the Ice Storm still to come. Hanratty also lives in the Litchfield Hills so they are buried even more than the rest of us Big Chillers.

    7:30 a.m. (EST) - ILB Jarrett Grace and OG Nick Martin.

    8 a.m. (EST) 5 Team USA Game selections (CB Josh Atkinson, WR George Atkinson III, OT Matt Hegarty, OLB Anthony Rabasa and DE Stephon Tuitt), CB Jalen Brown and RB Cam McDaniel.

    That is 13 of the 17 recruits that need to send in their LOI's. The 4 not listed are DD, Hounshell, Hardy, and Koyack. DD and Hounshell have already tweeted that they can't wait to send in their LOI's so Hardy and Koyack are the only 2 who have not yet supplied any pre-NSD info. All in all the 17 ND LOI's will probably all be in pretty early tomorrow. Hanratty's might be the only one that we will have to wait on.

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    It's like christmas eve!

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    Return to Glory starts in 3....2...1...

    LETS DO THIS !!!!
    “We GUNNA Be Beast!!"

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    is niklas making an announcement of some sort or just faxing to whatever school he choses?
    “We GUNNA Be Beast!!"

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    nice artcile by hansen

    of particular interest was the first comment by JJ on Niklas after the article....does he know something? well find out soon enough...who knows!

    its LOI DAY!
    “We GUNNA Be Beast!!"

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    Can we expect in a suprises, in a good way?

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    I'm waking up early to play catch up.

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