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    Quote Originally Posted by irishunclebill View Post
    Big pick-up for pOSU. The gurus thought Grant was trending toward UVA.
    thought Grant was down to UF & OSU for a while?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wicket View Post
    thought Grant was down to UF & OSU for a while?
    That was the theory all along until in the last week when there were murmurs that Grant was going to stay close to home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbrown_9999 View Post
    Is the reason why he is waiting until his 18th birthday so he can sign his LOI versus his parent(s)?
    I could be wrong but in the case of LOI, I believe you still need a guardian's signature even if you are over 18..."guardian" though could be the loophole. It could be like getting the homeless guy to go to the liquor store for you before you are 21.

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    All the picks are in from the first page except Brissett and Clowney.

    UVA & Clemson were surprise big signing day winners.

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    Clemson had a legandary day. Wow.

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    Clowney to USCe, and now we can close this thread.

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