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    Recruiting Update- Where do we stand.

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    Since the subject of whether ND should take guys Golson and McDaniel has been a topic around here lately itís probably time to take a look at what effect potential verbals from them might have on the scholarship count.

    At the present time the 2011 Class has 75 committed schollies, not counting any 5th years. There is little doubt that Harrison Smith, Gray, and Dever will be invited back and I would assume they will come back. That takes us to 78 schollies taken, which is the number Iíll use for this exercise.

    There are currently 29 Uncommitted recruits listed below with ND offers, but that does not include Golson, which makes it 30. Based on the 78 schollie number, ND could then take as many as 7 of these guys if they wanted to commit. When you look at who ND is still in play with right now that is not going to happen.

    The bolded names below are the only ones that are still realistically in play for ND. There are only 10 of the 30 in bold so letís break them down individually.

    Jacoby Brissett- ND is now in play because of the OV but how serious in play is still questionable. In any case the Irish would only take Brissett or Golson, not both, so right away we are down to 9 possibilities.

    Everett Golson- ND in serious play with UNC for Golsonís commit.

    Savon Huggins- A lot of people have this as an ND vs. Rutgers battle, but Huggins has yet to complete his OVís, including one to Gainesville.

    Christian French- French is close to making the call and a lot of people think ND is now ahead of Iowa and Oregon.

    Miles Shuler- This one is fading fast. Shuler still has not even visited and has no plans to do so as of right now.

    Troy Niklas- Niklas has also not officially visited and even though he still lists ND and Stanford as his Top 2, we have not seen or heard a whole lot from Troy since USC offered him last month. I have a feeling that if Niklas was headed to ND it would have already happened.

    Jay Whitmire- The Irish gave Whitmire something to think about after his OV for the Utah game, but UVA or UNC are still going to be tough to beat here.

    Brennan Scarlett- The Utah OV also helped ND with Scarlett, but considering what he is looking for in a college the chances for the Irish with him probably faded when he left the campus without committing.

    Ishaq Williams- This one is now supposed to be between ND and PSU. If Shaq shows up at the ND football banquet as has been reported the Irish should win out on this one.

    Wayne Lyons- Just today Wayne said that he was still considering ND as one of his Final 6 even though it had been reported previously the Irish were out of it. Still ND is probably at best #4 out of the 6 schools on the Lyons list.

    In summary. 9 possibilities for 7 slots, because the Irish will only take one of Brissett or Golson.

    I just donít see anywhere close to 7 commits in this group. French and Ishaq seem to be the strongest possibilities right now. I would list Golson, Niklas & Huggins as the next best shots for the Irish. Whitmire and Scarlett are still in play because of the recent OVís, but with each passing day the odds of them committing to ND gets slimmer, and the Irish are just barely hanging on with Shuler and Lyons.

    Iím guessing we will only see 3 more commits out of the currently offered recruits, 4 if we are really fortunate. Also it should be noted that the Irish are not a clear favorite right now for any of the 10 remaining possibilities, so we could see as few as 1-2 commits out of this group.

    Anyway letís be optimistic and go with 4. That would still leaves 3 schollies open, even with a Golson or Brisset already in the fold, and also with Nate Montana retaining his schollie which I think is a sure thing.

    There are quite a few guys who would like to get their hands on those 3 schollies. Cam McDaniels seems to be one of them and we will apparently know very shortly whether he will have the opportunity to take one. Pat Flavin looks like he is willing to wait until NSD to see if he can get one of them as well. Then there is David Ruffer who also appears to be coming back next year, but remember that he will be a grad student next year so the schollie will not have as much value as it would have had this year.

    Then there are the three guys who may end up being the odd men out. They are the other fifth year seniors who have seen meaningful playing time in 2010, Ragone, Nuss, and Romine. Their fate seems to be riding on exactly how many of those 7 remaining slots get taken up by Class of 2011 recruits.

    I think the bottom line here is that a verbal commit from a Golson and/or McDaniel is not going to take away a schollie from someone more "valuable," and at the end of the day Notre Dame is still probably going to have to scramble just to hit the 85 schollie ceiling for the 2011 team.

    The 29 Uncommitted & Everett Golson

    Dual-Threat Quarterback
    Jacoby Brissett 6-5/225/4.50 West Palm Beach, FL
    Everett Golson 6-0/170/ Myrtle Beach, SC (Committed to UNC)

    Running Back
    Savon Huggins 6-0/190/ Jersey City, NJ

    Rodney Coe 6-3/230/4.54 Edwardsville, IL
    Christian French 6-6/218/ Cedar Rapids, IA
    Miles Shuler 5-11/173/4.38 Long Branch, NJ

    Wide Receiver
    Kelvin Benjamin 6-6/210/ Belle Glade, FL
    George Farmer 6-2/192/4.44 Gardena, CA
    Hakeem Flowers 6-2/173/ Greenville, SC

    Tight End
    Jay Rome 6-6/227/- Valdosta, GA

    Offensive Tackle
    Cyrus Hobbi 6-4/285/ Scottsdale, AZ
    Cyrus Kouandjio 6-6/322/5.0 Hyattsville, MD
    Troy Niklas 6-5/240/4.7 Anaheim, CA
    Antonio Richardson 6-6/310/ Nashville, TN
    Aundre Walker 6-6/355/ Cleveland, OH
    Xzavier Ward 6-7/255/ Moultrie, GA
    Jay Whitmire 6-6/287/5.10 Alexandria, VA

    Strongside Defensive End
    Brennan Scarlett 6-5/245/4.96 Portland, OR

    Weakside Defensive End
    Ray Drew 6-5/236/ Thomasville, GA
    Jason Gibson 6-3/212/4.60 Gardena, CA
    Ishaq Williams 6-6/220/4.65 Broooklyn, NY

    Inside Linebacker
    Denzel Perryman 5-11/217/ Coral Gables, FL
    Anthony Wallace 6-2/220/4.55 Dallas, TX

    Outside Linebacker
    Stephone Anthony 6-3/220/4.52 Wadesboro, NC
    Lateek Townsend 6-2/207/4.60 Bennettsville, SC

    Quincy Aldridge 6-2/195/4.55 Whitehouse, TX
    Wayne Lyons 6-0/190/4.55 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    Eric Dixon 5-11/175/4.50 Mobile, AL
    Doran Grant 5-10/171/4.59 Akron, OH
    Marcus Roberson 6-1/170/ Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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    Moderator marv81s's Avatar
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    strong work IUB!

    can't say i disagree with any of your opinions about what is left and who to take. I don't want them to "waste" a spot on a plan B this year. Save it for next class and use it on a 5th year player, like Gary Gray, Ruffer and a couple Offensive lineman. Not sure how many guys will get invited back and accepted for a 5th year, but I would love to see Gary, and a couple offensive lineman come back.

    but i don't believe in sending out too many other new offers out right now, with the exception of Cam. Dude is tearing it up in arguably the most competitive class in Texas, and he can play multiple positions. You can't pass that up, I don't care who he doesn't have offers from, the kid can play.

    I struggle to find 4 people that will pop for ND out of the current offers out there right now. Unless ND really blows up and shows something special in the next couple weeks that change a couple other kids minds. If two of those verbals are somebody like Ishaq and French, damn. How can any ND fan not be happy with that.

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    Senior Member MoeMontana's Avatar
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    Great analysis IUB, thanks for that.

    I just have one question: what makes people think that we're slipping with Wayne Lyons? I just have always had a good feeling about him.

    I think we take Christian and Ishaq.

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    I also think we take Savon.

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    Moderator marv81s's Avatar
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    Wayne may list ND in his list of favs, but he never talks about ND, he has also stated that ND isn't recruiting him that hard.

    i would be pretty surprised if he leaves the state

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    Does this factor in that Floyd and Rudolph could return? Amir Carlisle?

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    Senior Member MoeMontana's Avatar
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    BTW, Matt Romine is not eligible to come back for a fifth year. His red shirt was burned as a frosh.

    I think we bring back Andrew Nuss though, who is eligible. The OL is one place where you can't have too many fifth year guys starting.

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    New Jersey. Don't hold it against me
    IMO we get Ishaq French and Goulson. For some reason I feel like we have a shot at Scarlett because of the Ethan Johnson connection. I wouldn't rule out Huggins just for the fact he's going to the game(paying his own way) for the game at Yankee Stadium which is $300+ a ticket so he obviously has much interest.
    We Are The Fighting Irish

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoeMontana View Post
    BTW, Matt Romine is not eligible to come back for a fifth year. His red shirt was burned as a frosh.
    Romine played some as a Freshman, but I believe he had a season ending injury early enough in the year to qualify for a medical redshirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Legacy View Post
    Does this factor in that Floyd and Rudolph could return? Amir Carlisle?
    First let me say thank you IUB, for your hard work in keeping this the best damn ND football recruiting site on the world wide web :word:

    Second I was actually thinking the same as Legacy. Where does Amir fit into all of this?

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