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    Final Analysis of the 2010 Offer List

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    Some thoughts and some numbers to crunch on the 2010 recruiting class.

    The 2010 Recruiting Class received 107 ND offers with 23 total commits, a 21.5 % success rate, which is comparable to the 22.2% success rate for the 2009 class, but well below the 33.3% success rate for the 2008 Class. Coming off of a 16-21 record over the last three years, the Irish will be hard pressed to match that stellar success rate of 2008 anytime over the next few years as hard times and a more practical approach to recruiting has resulted in the Irish being less exclusive with their offers.

    Due to a season that did not live up to expectations, Official Visits were also not as successful for the Irish as in the past. 23 out of 46 Official Visitors ended up Irish on NSD, compared to 17 out of 27 last year. It should be noted though that 4 of the 23 Official Visitors this year who did not end up Irish were verbal commits at one point in time. One positive is that Charlie and then Kelly did do a much better job this year of getting Irish offered recruits on campus for Official Visits with 46 visits out of 107 offers (43.0%), compared to 27 visits out of 81 offers last year. (33.3%)

    Considering where the Irish program stood on November 30, 2009, getting this class to sign has to be considered a success. However, given the expectations that existed at this point in time last year for the 2010 class, especially with the 2009 NSD commit of Chris Martin, the class would have to be considered a disappointment, at least for Notre Dame fans. The Irish lost out on a lot of elite recruits that either through legacy, alumni connections, local players, or current player connections, we thought would amount to a tremendous class for 2010. Some of those lost names were Barr, Hicks, Henderson, Prater, McCay, Montana, Riggs, Linder, Bernard, Hurst, and Lueder. As it turns out the Irish were never really seriously considered by a lot of these guys, but we will all have to be left wondering if that would have changed, at least for some of them, if Charlie had won the last 4 games instead of losing them.

    Anyway, enough on all of that, no use dwelling on the past.

    Hoff posted some of this already, but here is the complete breakdown by school and by conference of where the 84 ND offered recruits for the Class of 2010 who committed elsewhere ended up on NSD.

    Florida 7
    Texas 7
    UCLA 6
    USC 6
    Ohio State 5
    Florida State 4
    North Carolina 3
    Oklahoma 3
    Penn State 3
    Washington 3
    Alabama 2
    Auburn 2
    California 2
    Georgia 2
    LSU 2
    Miami 2
    Oklahoma St. 2
    Stanford 2
    Tennessee 2
    Arizona 1
    Boise State 1
    BYU 1
    Georgia Tech 1
    Iowa 1
    Kansas 1
    Kentucky 1
    Michigan 1
    Michigan State 1
    NC State 1
    Nebraska 1
    New Mexico 1
    Northwestern 1
    Pittsburgh 1
    Purdue 1
    Rutgers 1
    South Carolina 1
    Texas A&M 1
    Wisconsin 1

    PAC TEN 20
    SEC 19
    BIG TEN 14
    ACC 11
    MTN WEST 2
    BIG EAST 2
    WAC 1

    Some final thoughts on the oneís we missed out on.

    1) The total of 84 who went elsewhere is spread among 38 schools, all 6 BCS Conferences, and the WAC & Mountain West conferences. ND is still by far the #1 school in terms of the scope of their National Recruiting.

    2) It is a trend that is likely to continue, but for the first time in memory a Big Ten school did not represent the leader in players with Irish offers who committed elsewhere. This is a result of an increased focus by Notre Dame on recruiting California, Florida, and Texas, and a resultant decreased focus on the Midwest. Michigan used to be the consistent leader on that category until Ohio State took over last year. However, this year 4 schools nabbed more Irish offered players than Ohio State, and not coincidentally all 4 of those schools were from California, Florida, and Texas. Michigan is hardly even a recruiting competitor for the Irish anymore with only 1 ND offered recruit ending up in Ann Arbor, QB Devin Gardner.

    3) The change in recruiting focus is also clearly illustrated on the conference level as well, as the Pac 10, SEC, and Big 12 all nabbed more Irish offered recruits than the Big Ten. Despite Notre Dame having trouble beating Big East teams lately, the Big East continues to not be able to compete with the Irish from a recruiting standpoint as only 3 Irish offered players over the last 2 years have opted for Big East schools.

    5) Despite some concerns about the quality of recruits being offered by Notre Dame, the numbers once again donít lie and the numbers say that the two ND staffs that recruited for the Class of 2010 offered a tremendously high percentage of quality recruits. 81 of the 84 recruits with ND offers who committed elsewhere committed to BCS conference schools. There were only three who did not, Jake Heaps to BYU, Calvin Smith to New Mexico, and Jeremy Ioane to Boise State, and by any standard Top 100 recruits Heaps & Smith were also high quality offers.

    I guess thatís about it. There is not much more to say about the numbers as they relate to the 2010 recruiting class. Onward to 2011.

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    I dont know how you dont get paid

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    Quote Originally Posted by wicket View Post
    I dont know how you dont get paid
    Man, I second this thought - Thanks IUB for all you do. Tremendous breakdown!

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    Great analysis and compilation of the stats. Love you so much!

    Platonically, I think.

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    excellent information IUB... I"m curious as to what you think of the class we did get...did we fill any needs area's and if so is it with a high caliber individual... your thoughts would be greatlly appreciated...
    Goooooooo Irish!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rontdtarchala View Post
    excellent information IUB... I"m curious as to what you think of the class we did get...did we fill any needs area's and if so is it with a high caliber individual... your thoughts would be greatlly appreciated...
    These are some quick highlights ron.

    It was a decent class, not a great one, but still a good one considering the circumstances. As to quality, it is of a much higher quality than any class Brian Kelly has ever recruited before. If he gets the same results with these guys as he did with guys he recruited in the past that bodes well for ND. If he eventually ends up recruiting as well as Florida, Texas, USC, and Alabama, that bodes very well (eventual NC competing) for ND.

    Most of the needs were met. The only complete exception was Safety where Kelly is now going to have to do some scrambling. The other two areas that could have been better were the usual suspects for Notre Dame, the O-Line & the D-Line.

    Although we ended up with 3 OL, it doesn't help that one of the three did not really play on the OL in High School. We could have used 4 or 5, but at least with Matt James & Christian Lombard we do have some solid OL anchors in this recruiting class. James was a real last minute savior recruiting wise for the OL.

    The D-Line ended up with 4 recruits, but again one is a real wild card in Bruce Hegge. The other 3 are all solid with Nix, Utupo, and Schwenke. Overall DL recruiting could have gone better, but what else is new.

    That's it in a nutshell.

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    Boise St. and New Mexico: teams to watch out for next year. :)
    Member: Irish Guards-GH Division

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    Written Rep.... cant hit you again yet. but reps man great work

    Thanks for the great sig Griff!!!!

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    great job IUB

    IRISH GUARD-GH Division

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    thanks IUB your opinion is important to not just me but the vast majority of ghr's and we thank you for the time you put into this site...I've tried not to talk much about my situation but I do have good... no great news so I'll bring it up... I have had a pet scan and wednesday I had a ct scan and there was no sign of cancer...We are very happy at the tarchala house... thanks for the prayers enough of that lets get back to whats important....nd football.............
    Goooooooo Irish!!!

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