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Thread: Brian Kelly

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotreDameNate View Post
    I think if Kelly were to come to ND that recruiting damage would be minimalized due to his success. Anyone know how Cincy's recruiting class is shaping up for the year? I would think if he came on board that he would bring a few with him.
    I agree, if ND makes a change to somebody that has an established track record we shouldn't lose too many kids. Should be interesting.

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    I probably follow Cincy more than anybody else here, and I assure you...if CW is let go, his hire would be a home run. Aside from that, I would want Patterson, then CW to stay. Gruden would be fourth, and a longshot (at best) to Stoops.
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    Was just looking at Cincy's recruiting class on ESPN. Kind of surprised there are no 4 stars, all 3 or less. I would think that would change if he became the HC of ND.
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    My main fear in firing Weis would be to miss on Kelly because I don't like any of the other options. I love Kelly though. He's my favorite coach in college football.

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    randon thought/question:

    if you knew FOR CERTAIN that if CW is fired B Kelly would NOT take the job...would you do it?
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    OK, I'll take a shot.

    1) Brian Kelly - Here's a guy who has succeeded at every level, and not by taking over established winners. His offenses put up yards and points, and he has a defensive background which shows in his current teams success with 10 new starters.
    Furthermore, with over 20 years of being a head football coach at the college level he knows how to lead 18-22 year olds. He knows the importance of emotion, discipline, focus, intensity, and passion. There is no such thing as a sure hire, but he is as close as you can get. He wouldn't lose to Navy, Syracuse, or Michigan this year, and that is with less talent.

    2) Peterson- Anybody who can coach a team full of 2*'s and make them believe they can beat Oklahoma knows how to motivate. Combine that with good x's and o's, and you have a good college head coach. He has more head coaching experience then Weis had.

    3) Wittingham- Same as #2, just substitute Oklahoma for Alabama.

    The best part of these three is you won't have to pay Meyer, Saban type $.
    Hiring Gruden would be a mistake and a sign the ND administration does not get it.

    DO NOT FEAR recruiting defects or transfers. If you lose recruits, just remember you are bringing in a guy who has proven he can win with less talent then you have already on your roster. New coach could bring in players you wouldn't have got.
    Transfers wouldn't be too bad because the Jonas Grays, Deion Walkers, Steve Filers, etc. would hope that a new coach means a new opportunity to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NDisNCin2010 View Post
    randon thought/question:

    if you knew FOR CERTAIN that if CW is fired B Kelly would NOT take the job...would you do it?
    One of the hardest questions ever. If it meant Stoops would come I would be down for it. I do not want Patterson at all. It seems like recruiting may be a problem because he has it so easy being in Texas and all. I don't trust Petersen because of what Hawkins is doing down in Boulder. I do not think that Weis is a championship caliber coach, but I am anti-Gruden. If it isn't Stoops or Kelly, I'm hesitant.

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    Something that would never coach comes in, keeps Charlie as OC/recruiter. Would it work?

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    This guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishfan4life View Post
    Something that would never coach comes in, keeps Charlie as OC/recruiter. Would it work?
    haha. No.

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