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Thread: Brian Kelly

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    And yet not even a nominee for the Bear Bryant award...curious....

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    The 3 finalists for the Bear Bryant Award are Nick Saban, Nick Saban & Nick Saban. Regardless of who wins, and Alabama HC will win the bear Bryant Coach of the Year Award for the 15th straight year.

    Now we know how these guys calculate their national championships.

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    All winning teams are goal-oriented. Teams like these win consistently because everyone connected with them concentrates on specific objectives. They go about their business with blinders on; nothing will distract themfrom achieving their aims.

    - Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame football coach

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    Doyal over at CBS was downplaying Saban leaving and wondering if BK might exit instead.
    Not a thought that had ever occured in my mind until then. I see BK as an opportunist (who isn't), but also as someone who has realized it by being
    at ND. He is a college coach, IMO. Like Clint said "a man has to know his limitations".

    Anyone else see Kelly leaving the friendly confines of SB for the NFL?
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    I don't personally, but that doesn't mean shit. Maybe he does in another 4 or 5 years? Honestly I just see him being a college coach.
    KeiVarae Russell: "When the coaches told me over the next few days in the film room that I was gonna start I was like ‘Uh Oh’.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonebreakerwasgod View Post
    Doyal over at CBS was downplaying Saban leaving and wondering if BK might exit instead.
    Not a thought that had ever occured in my mind until then. I see BK as an opportunist (who isn't), but also as someone who has realized it by being
    at ND. He is a college coach, IMO. Like Clint said "a man has to know his limitations".

    Anyone else see Kelly leaving the friendly confines of SB for the NFL?
    I would like to say no, but anymore who knows. There isn't a great coach out there that doesn't have an ego. Even Coach K has been seriously tempted by the NBA before, so Kelly wanting a new challenge isn't crazy. I would hope though that it would take a championship to lure him away, as in I just won a NC at ND, I accomplished my goal, now on to the next challenge. Not that I would be happy about it, but it would be more understandable than I got the Irish back to the brink, then chased the money!

    That being said, I still think the chances of Saban being in the NFL in the next 2 years are greater than that of BK.
    For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled.
    Hunter S. Thompson

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    Doubt he heads to the league. Honestly, he wouldn't be a good NFL coach, and I think he knows that. He's a college coach and a program builder. There's not much room in the NFL for "programs".

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    He won't get a statue in the NFL. He's got a good shot at one if he wins on January 7.

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    If he wins 1/7/13, he'll get a statue. Maybe not for years, but he'll get one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishman43 View Post
    I am really tired of the media saying that Kelly is the guy! After watching that you tube speech I felt like falling asleep.

    I highly doubt that a guy who is in the middle of a potential undefeated season would quit on his team just to head to ND. That would have to be the ultimate dream job to want to do that and if he did I am not sure I would want him to coach anyway. IF Weis was to leave then the only logical chioce is Gruden. He dosen't have a coaching job. He is wide open to jump right in and keep recruting going. ND went after him first the last two openings. He makes the most sense.

    By no means do I want CW to leave. I feel he will be forced out and that is a shame.
    Quote Originally Posted by TDHeysus View Post
    .....Brian Kelly??

    as long as we want ND to become like Central Michigan, and Grand Valley State, or Cincinnati I say he is the guy. but if we want to compete in the upper D1 (yes, im old skool, i still say D1) then ND does not want anything to do with him.

    He would be Ty II - He would get the same players he got while at Central Michigan, and Grand Valley State or Cincy; just like Ty got the same type of players at Notre Dame that he got while at Stanford.

    Central Michigan, Grand Valley State, Cincinnati, or Stanford recruits, are not ND recruits.
    Quote Originally Posted by drewsko View Post
    Brian Kelly....... another offensive "guru". Why trade one for another? Illinois just put up 36 on Cincinnati. That's only 2 less than the Michigan defense gave up to the Illini. UCONN scored 45 points on the Cinci defense, ND only gave up 33 points to UCONN and that was including an overtime period. I think Brian Kelly is a great coach, he's just not what ND needs at this time.
    Quote Originally Posted by STRONG316 View Post
    Stoops can make us a powerhouse in no time. With his name and Notre Dame beside one another we will get the recruits that can make a difference on both sides of the ball. Kelly might be successful but it will take him too long to get the program where it needs to be in my opinion. Having a winning record just isn't enough at this point, I want to see ND compete for a NC in the next three years! Anything less is a failure in my opinion!
    Quote Originally Posted by irishman43 View Post
    I would be cryin'! I just don't get the Kelly as HC. His defense sucks. He hasn't recruited anybody at a high level. They haven't played anybody. I just feel like he is todays special on the menu so we have to take him. He dosen't give me the "IT" factor or "WOW" factor. I could ND going after TUBS B4 Kelly. I just don't see him as part of the list of requirements that Jack set out Monday night.

    My money is still on Stoops!
    Quote Originally Posted by Boston Boxer View Post
    i would prefer a real defensive minded coach. Kelly IMO is just like Charlie, and great offensive coach. Just think if ND had a defense...Charlie would still be coach. I think if we hire Kelly, then we are just hiring Charlie light (no pun intended).

    i would much rather hire the defensive coordinator of a top team. what about the D coach from Bama, TCU, Nebraska???
    Quote Originally Posted by irishman43 View Post
    If Kelly is hired the new ND head Coach in 4 Years will be?

    a) Skip Holtz
    b) Mike Stoops
    c) Charile Strong
    d) Randy Edsall

    Quote Originally Posted by irishman43 View Post
    I feel that Brian Kelly is no better than Bob Davie. Who at the time I was a big supporter of, I will not fall for the same trap twice. I feel that if BK is the Home Run hire that JS refered to in his press conference then he has miss his goal.

    There is a rather large amount of money laid out for tickets(season) and Kelly will receive the fruits of CW work. If BK is the Home Run that we are to get, I think we could have left things take it course with Weis another year. Frank Beamer wasn't succesfull unitl year seven at VA. Tech.

    1987- Head Coach, Virginia Tech
    1987 (2-9)
    1988 (3-8)
    1989 (6-4-1)
    1990 (6-5)
    1991 (5-6)
    1992 (2-8-1)
    1993 (9-3) Independence Bowl champion
    1994 (8-4) Gator Bowl
    1995 (10-2) BIG EAST, Sugar Bowl champion
    1996 (10-2) BIG EAST co-champion, Orange Bowl
    1997 (7-5) Gator Bowl
    1998 (9-3) Music City Bowl champion
    1999 (11-1) BIG EAST champion, Sugar Bowl
    2000 (11-1) Gator Bowl champion
    2001 (8-4) Gator Bowl
    2002 (10-4) San Francisco Bowl champion
    2004 (10-3) ACC champion, Sugar Bowl
    2005 (11-2) ACC Coastal champion, Gator Bowl champion
    2006 (10-3) Chick-fil-A Bowl
    2007 (11-3) ACC champion, Orange Bowl
    2008 (10-4) ACC champion, Orange Bowl champion

    Why would we have made a change w/o the "HR" hire JS refered to?

    I don't feel that his plan was in place before firing Weis. He was confident that he could land Stoops on $$$$ alone and that didn't happen. Now he has moved on to BK because there are no options left. Mike Stoops would be a better hire or Tubberville or Gary Patterson. They have had more big time college football experience. Most of all JS said the hire would be defensive minded. BK defense sucks and like everyone else has already siad "they had ten new defenseive players."

    All I am saying that JS promised a HR hire and BK is not it. His planning was poor and you would think ND would have learned from its mistakes (Bob Davie, George O'Leary, Ty)before firing Weis they should have had someone in place. I hope Kelly is playing ND for a pay raise at CU. Then JS will really have to earn his money!

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