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Thread: Coming for BC

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    Coming for BC

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    I've decided to bring my son up for the BC game, but the only hotel I can find is the Motel
    6. Any other suggestions? Will we need a bullet proof vest if we stay there? I haven't been to South Bend in 24 years. Any assistance will be appreciated.

    Feel free to delete this message if someone can send me a private message.

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    when i go i always stay in chicago and drive up. hotels in sb are very expensive on game weekends. fly in to midway and drive up

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    ^^^^^^ agreed Chitown, easy drive.

    I'd be scared to stay in South Bend. Every time I go to the sbtribune site there us always shooting or murder stories on the front. WTF?

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    i wouldn't stay in south bend just because the hetels raise the prices for football weekends and you have to pay for two nights.

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    Griff Cannon
    Yeah I agree with Brown take a look at Elkhart (30min drive) and even Howe-Lagrange (50min drive) Lots of new hotels at Howe-Lagrange

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    For game weekend, you have a coupla options.

    1.) Get a hotel in Chicago (P.S.- I don't know what your budget is, but these hotels can also be rather expensive)

    2.) Get a hotel in the Bend. Motel 6 isn't the greatest, and the price will be jacked up for game day.

    3.) Look at a closer option. A couple that come to mind are Merrillville, Valparaiso, or even LaPorte. Several hotels to choose from and they are all roughly 45 minutes from South Bend, LaPorte is even closer. The nice thing about these locations are that you don't have to deal with Chicago traffic, and in Merrillville and Valparaiso there are several hotel options less than 1 mile from either I65 or I49, both of which connect to the toll road, which takes you to South Bend.

    One thing to keep in mind for game day is driving into South Bend. Traffic is insane and several roads will be closed to thru traffic or changed into one way roads to help with traffic. Leave the hotel early enough to avoid this hassle, my advice is to arrive at least 4 hours prior to game time, if not sooner, to give yourself a chance.

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    I stay in Michigan City, its not too bad of a drive

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    Last time we were in South Bend came in a week early and stayed at the Comfort Suites for $99 bucks Friday the price is suddenly 300 plus tax. I hate to say it but that was the only thing we could find. We rented a suite and split it between 5 people so it wasn't that bad

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    Stay in southern Michigan. It's an easier drive going south than coming up north.

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    There are several reasonably priced hotels in Plymouth as well. About a 30 minute drive south of SB.That's where my wife and I usually stay.

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