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    I don't want to provide specific names in this but you are correct that I feel he was unfairly treated in the discipline(I thought I've been pretty clearly stating that all along).Without providing names,I will provide a but more detail of why I think it's totally uncalled for the way things happened.
    Before he was even talked to about the situation,it was already decided he would be expelled. When she was interviewed, there were massive holes in her story but since there was a potential problem,it was decided BEFORE the public was aware,before it went to court,before it was reported,before he was talked to......he would be expelled. I will say again and honestly fellas,I can't understand why you aren't getting my basic point here. I will state in a different way.
    Abram knew he would be expelled both because of the group sex and also because it was going to have a bad affect on how the university looked. He was FINE with this. However,what he wasn't fine with and what many including me around the situation weren't as well,was the extremely callous,unfeeling,dehumanizing way in which he was forced off campus.For instance,Cooper Rego was kicked out of school as well but was never treated like Abram was. Cooper was simply was told why he was being let go ,that he would not be allowed on campus after and was offered help in finding another school....and generally treated very well. Abram however,was treated like he was ALREADY a criminal,not offered much in the way of assistance,was degraded,was made to feel like he was trash more or less and kicked out in a very nasty way.
    I understand there is a lack of some extra detail here however,I really can't get into in much further without throwing out names.I guess for you guys to really understand it,you would have had to been near it or seen it .
    Btw,for the last time,I've never debated the Merritt or letting him go,I've said all along it was THE WAY he was let go .

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    This whole Elam situation turned out to be pretty tragic to a certain extent for all the parties involved,and I know that people on both sides of the issue have valid reasons for the way that they feel. However, I did not want to resurrect this whole painful episode when I started this thread. I'm not really trying to stop the discussion of it, but maybe it would be better if those that are really interested in it continued to discuss it via PM. For that reason only I am going to close the thread, but everyone will still be able to see what was posted up to this point.

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    By Michael David Smith Feb 26, 2017, 7:10 AM CST
    Ravens’ Matt Elam arrested on drug charges

    Ravens safety Matt Elam has been arrested on drug charges in Miami.

    According to Miami-Dade police records, Elam was booked at 3:45 a.m. today on charges of possession of more than 20 grams of cannabis, possession of cannabis with the intent to sell or deliver, and possession of a controlled substance.

    Police say they initially pulled Elam over for reckless driving and found 126 grams of marijuana and three grams of oxycodone in his vehicle.

    The 25-year-old Elam was the Ravens’ first-round draft pick in 2013. The Ravens did not pick up Elam’s fifth-year option, so he becomes a free agent next month.

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