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    Status of the remaining 0 GH Uncommitted Offers.

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    It’s time for that annual GH rite of spring of starting the Status of the Uncommitted thread. This year’s initial list is much larger than usual because of both the volume of offers and the lack of verbal commitments for the 2010 class. Since it is somewhat painfully obvious that the Irish will not see a lot of early commitments this year, it is probably in the program’s best interest that this list remain large for an extended period of time.

    ND currently has at least 22 schollies still available for this class. The bad news is that there is not a single recruit of the 57 currently uncommitted players who could be considered a sure fire ND commit. The good news is that there is easily 22 among this group who have serious interest in Notre Dame, and who could presumably end up Irish if the 2009 season plays out as we all hope.

    In fact as you peruse the list you will see that despite having only 3 commits to date, only 10 among the 57 uncommitted appear to have completely ruled out the Irish. The challenge then for the Irish staff is to keep these guys in the uncommitted column as long as possible, or failing that, to make sure that those who do commit elsewhere pay close attention to the hopeful extreme success of the Notre Dame football program this Fall.

    A couple of other (normally) positive recruiting signs.

    1) There are probably more connections that we are not aware of, but by my count, there are 10 recruits out of the 57 who are either related to, or coached by, a former or current Notre Dame football player.

    2) Out of the approximately 41 recruits who have formulated some kind of favorite lists, 29 of them have ND on that list.

    3) 36 of the 57 recruits have already visited, or have expressed a desire to visit Notre Dame either unofficially this summer, or officially during the Fall. The Official Visit count will especially be critical as the Irish usually get commits from a high percentage of recruits who make Official Visits.

    All of these positive signs notwithstanding, they will not mean a whole lot if the Irish are not successful in regard to the recurring theme for the 2010 recruiting class, which is “just win baby.”

    Any new offers, of which I expect to see quite a few, will be added to this list as they are offered. When a recruit commits I am not going to delete them from the list, but rather just unbold their name to indicate they are no longer uncommitted.

    So without further ado, in alphabetical order, I give you the current 57 uncommitted recruits with ND offers.

    MN DT Beau Allen- Offered 7/1/09 It took a Junior Day visit in January and a camp visit in June, but Beau Allen finally picked up the Irish offer he was looking for. Beau is saying he will take his OV’s and decide later in the Fall, but he is also saying that with the ND offer he is happy with all of the offers he has. Based on that comment, I have a feeling that he will make his decision before the Fall, but maybe not until late August. Beau has no official cut list but ND seems certain to be one of his Top 5 when that list is created, along with most likely Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska. 12/21 Update- Whisky a go go, ND a no no.

    GA WR Markeith Ambles- Offered 6/10/09 Is he offered or not? According to Rivals, Scout, and BGI, he is. Does it matter in the long run for ND? Probably not, even though Markeith's Dad says ND will be in the Top 15 that he is expected announce shortly. 7/28 Update- Florida wouldn't take Ambles, but Tennessee would. Kiffin outslimes the Slimeball.
    1/18/10 Update- Kiffy leaves Rocky Top so does Markeith. Will Markeith follow Kiffy to LA? Will Kiffy let him? Does anyone even care?
    2/3/10 Update- commits to USC.

    NC S David Amerson- Once considered a possible early Irish commit, that hope now seems to be dwindling. ND is still in his current Top 3 along with Va Tech, and NC State, but the Irish are not really considered his leader anymore. That could change quickly with a summertime visit to South Bend, but if that does not happen the odds of ND ultimately landing Amerson will diminish. 11/9 Update- Amerson did finally come to South Bend for an OV, but it was not enough to overcome a large lead that NC State had picked up during the summer. Today Amerson made the Wolfpack his official choice.

    CA S Dion Bailey- Bailey does not have a favorites list yet but has indicated when he does formulate a Top 5 that ND would be included. There seems to be a genuine interest in the Irish here as Dion has also indicated that he plans to both camp at ND this summer and take an Official Visit in the Fall. USC’s astounding depth at the Safety position looks like it may help the Irish land at least one CA Safety in this class. It is no coincidence that ND has already offered 4 Cali Safety’s this year. 7/16/09 Update- Well it won't be Bailey as he is the first of the 4 ND offered Safety's to verbal, to USC, according to his Dad primarily because of their great academics.

    OH SDE Darryl Baldwin- Baldwin was initially a very highly rated recruit, but dropped pretty far in the first few updates this year. He now has seemingly stabilized as a Top 300 recruit, and after a visit to ND in April had the Irish as one of his four favorites, along with pOSU, scUM, and Sparty. There was a rumor early on that he wanted to commit to pOSU, but that they had cooled on him and would not accept his verbal. If there is any truth to that ND might have a slight chance here. 7/19 Update- A lot opens up at pOSU because of Jamel Turner's off field problems and Baldwin hops right on the Columbus bus.

    CA ATH Anthony Barr- Tony Brook’s son has been very quiet all along about his recruitment and as far as ND is concerned the quieter the better. Despite his lofty status and very impressive offer list it seems that a lot of schools, including USC, may have conceded him to Notre Dame. [B]1/21/10 Update- Barr foresakes the ND legacy and decides to stay close to home with a verbal to UCLA.[/B
    FL OT Brent Benedict- Benedict has long been rumored to be favoring Florida, UGA, and Alabama, with USC as a possibility. Until recently he had never even mentioned his ND offer. However he does seem to have solid plans to make a stop in South Bend this summer. That potential visit, along with the fact that two former ND football players are associated in some capacity with Brent’s High School is enough to put him on the possibility list. 6/15 Update- The potential visit never happens as the ND connection is not enough to convince Benedict to even take a look at ND before committing to UGA.

    FL RB Giovanni Bernard- Gio has had a lot of Top lists from different sources that did not include ND, but the latest info indicates that ND will definitely be one of the 10 schools to make his final cut list. The STA factor will probably keep ND in the mix here for awhile, but of the three STA kids currently holding ND offers, Gio seems to be the longest shot to end up Irish. 10/26/09 Update- After a great OV to ND for the USC game, Gio is sold on the Irish and makes his verbal official.
    1/24/10 Update- Bernard de-commits ND but still seems confused. UNC or Oregon State seem to be his most likely destinations right now.
    1/28/10 Update- Bernard to UNC.

    FL WR Kadron Boone- Kadron is the most recent ND offer. Before the offer there was some indication that ND would be in Boone’s Top 5 with an offer, and the offer seems to have Kadron seriously considering whether ND will be an Official Visit for him this Fall. If he delays his commitment and ND has a very successful 2009 season the Irish could have a shot here. 7/7/09 Update- On 7/7, Boone has a Final 7, and ND does not make the cut. 8/11/09 Update- Boone commits to Texas Tech.
    2/3/10 Update- flips to LSU.

    FL CB Spencer Boyd- Spencer, along with fellow FL CB Cody Riggs, currently lists ND as his sole leader. ND could easily end up with both, but of the two Spencer appears more likely to end up Irish, and sooner as well, as he plans on making a summertime decision. 7/17/07 Update- Boyd becomes lucky Irish commit #13, and is the second Florida CB to verbal to ND for the recruiting Class of 2011.

    MO RB Brandon Bourbon- Offered 1/27/10- Bourbon is a Stanford commit who will be visiting ND the last weekend of the recruiting cycle. If the Irish can convince Bourbon that there is a place for him as a RB at ND there is a possibility that ND could pick up its' 4th Stanford de-committment of the 2010 class.
    1/31/10 Update- commits to Kansas.

    PA RB Corey Brown- Corey’s lack of interest in ND has been palpable since before he was offered, and he was one of the earliest offers in this class. He seems genuinely interested in pursuing his college career at a football factory as opposed to a University. 9/14 Update- True to form, Corey's football factory choice is pOSU.

    OH CB Christian Bryant- Glenville Academic player, now has a pOSU offer. I don’t think so, but Christian did not commit to pOSU on the spot and told Coach Polian last week that he would like to visit ND. He is also planning on going on the Ted Ginn Sr. summer bus tour before making any commitment.
    1/26/10 Update- pOSU commit, as usual.

    AZ S Devon Carrington- ND along with Stanford are his current Top 2. He is also still considering Cal, ASU, Arizona and Northwestern. With a former Domer as his Head Coach, the Irish should be in this one until the end. 6/28/09 Update- Carrington reportedly commits to Stanford out of fear that he could lose a spot in their class. Don't be too surprised if ND still gets an Official Visit from Carrington.

    IL WDE Chance Carter- At one point in time Carter was given the infamous ND lock tag by some. However, it’s now pretty obvious that Chance is not completely sold on the Irish. He keeps on pushing back his decision timetable, which is usually an indication that a recruit is looking for any reason not to pick a certain school. As far as ND’s chances with him go, the good news is that he also does not seem particularly sold on the other two schools he is considering, Stanford and Nebraska. Chance may now be waiting to see if there are any other big time offers coming his way, but since his recruiting stock has dropped pretty precipitously that is unlikely to happen unless he has a monster Senior season. I don’t see Chance waiting that long and unless something new comes along in the next few months, ND may still end up being his choice. 10/19/09 Update- After missing out on his CHANCE to be an ND commit and for various reasons also passing up Stanford & Nebraska, Chance gets bailed out by a Northwestern offer and commits almost immediately upon receipt of it.

    NJ SDE T.J. Clemmings- ND was the first major program to offer T.J., but have since been joined by quite an impressive crowd. He has a preliminary Top 5 of Pittsburgh, Maryland, Notre Dame, Florida and North Carolina. The early Irish offer and the NJ connections should keep the Irish in this one for the long haul as well. Clemmings is still a raw talent and could quite possibly be the 2010 recruit with the most potential. Look for him to be a first round NFL Draft pick in the future, hopefully out of the University of Notre Dame. 6/22/09 Update- ND offering first and Clemmings being a Jersey guy all go for naught as T.J. unexpectedly commits to Pitt, a school that was not even one of the first 10 to offer him.

    MD WR Brandon Coleman- Brandon just recently named Maryland as his slight leader and at the same time listed 4 other schools that he is most interested in, none of which were named Notre Dame. At the same time he indicated that he was really not all that interested in going to a school too far from home. All of that sounds very ominous for ND’s chances with Brandon, but despite that the Irish seem to feel very good about him, and there is a strong possibility that he too may be a June visitor. 7/8 Update- Coleman tells ISD he is no longer considering the Irish.
    2/2/10 Update- Coleman commits to Rutgers.

    KY ATH Austin Collinsworth- Offered and committed on 12/17- Brian Kelly's first commit and Cris Collinsworth's son decides on ND as soon as Kelly offers him. Now that was easy?

    IL S Corey Cooper- Cooper was offered very early by ND and also committed very early to Illinois. However his verbal to Illinois has always been shaky and now according to Rivals at least he is no longer an Illini commit. Cooper will probably wait until NSD to make a final choice among ND, Nebraska, Arizona, FSU, and Illinois.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to Nebraska.

    MD WR Adrian Coxson- ND offered Coxson early and Coxson committed to PSU early. Now amidst rumors that he was recruiting other PSU commits to UF he has apparently lost his JoePa offer and may be headed to Gator Land.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to Florida.

    AR RB Michael Dyer- Dyer is a Top 5 RB prospect in this class. On the surface ND’s chances with an Arkansas RB of his recruiting stature would seem pretty slim. However, Dyer seems sincere about his interest in ND and plans on visiting South Bend in June. That visit will go a long way toward determining how much of a chance the Irish really have here. 11/6 Update- Dyer's planned ND visit never materialized and he commits to Auburn today, for now at least.

    MD SDE Ego Ferguson- Ego is the perfect name here as Ego seemed to spend the early spring in relentless pursuit of top offers, at which he was very successful. The Irish do not appear to be in Ego’s mix at all, although he recently said that he still wanted to visit ND. I won’t be surprised if that does not happen, but for now that is enough interest to just barely keep him in the Highly Questionable as opposed to Out category.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to LSU.

    IL TE C.J. Fiedorowicz- Fido is the only TE with an ND offer. After earlier saying that his Top 2 was pOSU & Iowa, he amended that after the B&G game to include ND and Wisconsin. It has since been amended again to drop Wisconsin. There were obviously some communication problems between C.J. and the Irish staff that have hopefully been ironed out. Hopefully, C.J. will realize that pOSU would be a waste of his talent and Iowa will become the only real serious competition for the Irish. If that happens, then once again this one will probably all boil down to the success or failure of the 2009 ND football season. 5/26 Update- With Alex Welch's commit CJ moves to the out column. 7/9/09 Updated- ZOOKED!
    C.J. Flips to Iowa.

    AZ ATH Marquis Flowers- Offered 5/29/09- Solid offer list, including USC, for an AZ recruit usually spells trouble for ND, but the Irish may be trying to find a niche spot for Flowers by recruiting him as a RB while almost everyone else is looking at him as a Safety, including USC. USC is already stacked at the Safety position to begin with and they list Jefferson and Parker ahead of Flowers on their want list, and are verly likely to successfully recruit both of those guys. That may create an opening for ND with Flowers just as it does with Dietrich Riley that might otherwise not exist in a normal recruiting year. 1/11/10 Update- HSU for Flowers as he picks the Arizona Wildcats.

    CT OLB Khairi Fortt- A spring game visitor, Khairi seemed to leave with a generally solid impression of Notre Dame. Khairi has not listed any favorites as of yet, but has talked about reducing his list to 12 schools by the end of May. ND will probably make any cut down list for Khairi, but PSU is generally considered to be the team to beat here. 10/5 Update- It took Fortt 5 months to make it official but as of today he is officially a PSU commit, adding to an already very impressive haul this year by JoePa.

    IL DT Bruce Gaston Jr.- Offered 7/1/09 Unlike his fellow ND offered DT from today, Beau Allen, Gaston has been popping up only recently on the radar of a lot of major programs. Impressive camp performances in the last 2 months have now earned him offers from nine FBS schools. Illinois and Iowa had a bit of a head start on ND with Bruce and are likely to be the stiffest competition for the Irish, but as a Chicago Catholic Leaguer with a former teammate on ND’s team the Irish should have a great shot at getting a verbal from Bruce. The question is will it be as early as next week when Bruce returns to the ND campus, or will Bruce take all of his 5 OV’s as he stated shortly after reporting his Irish offer. Bruce also does not have any kind of favorites list, but if he does take the OV route, the Irish are certain to be one of his stops.
    1/26/10 Update- Some question as to whether at the end Bruce had an actionable Irish offer, but in any case he picks Purdue.

    FL OT Chaz Green- Looking primarily at USC and Florida. Not much else to add.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to Florida.

    WA PQB Jake Heaps- ND is not in Heaps Final 5 of BYU, California, LSU, Tennessee and Washington Heaps will probably change that Top 5 again before his final decision, but it is highly doubtful that ND will get back into his mix.
    6/4 Update- After a highly publicized recruitement where Heaps was said to be considering more than 20 schools at one point in time he ends up sticking to his Mormon roots and heads to BYU.

    FL DE Bruce Heggie- Offered 1/30/10- Heggie takes an OV to ND the last weekend of the recruiting cycle, is offered, and commits on the spot.

    MN OT Seantrel Henderson- Other than the CDH/ND connection there has been no real reason for ND fans to be optimistic about Henderson. If the latest info from Seantrel is completely accurate, that should make whatever little optimism that still exists fade even more. Unless Mike Floyd can pull this one off somehow it is very doubtful that ND will even get a visit from Henderson, much less a commit. 10/28 Update- ND does get a visit from Henderson and in some quarters it is being reported that the Irish are in his Top 3 along with USC & pOSU.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to USC.

    OH QB Andrew Hendrix- Offered 5/29/09 Unlike with Alex Welch, pOSU was the first to blink in offering Hendrix, with the Irish soon to follow. In both cases the blinking was caused by the recalcitrance of two other recruits offered by both schools, C.J. Fiedorowicz and Nick Montana. Hendrix has more of a connection with pOSU than he does with ND, but it is not the type of connection Alex Welch had with ND. ND has the advantage of having a long standing relationship with Hendrix’s High School even though that relationship has not resulted in any commits in quite some time. This would now seem to be a pOSU/ND battle but not a single Moeller recruit has signed an LOI with either ND or pOSU this decade. 6/25/09 Update- So Hendrix is the first this decade and ND goes 2 for 2 in their head to head battle with pOSU for Cincy recruits this recruiting cycle. Hopefully Matt James will make it 3 for 3.

    OH OLB Jordan Hicks- ND has made Jordan’s final cut list of 16. I’m not really sure why though as Jordan has shown absolutely no interest in ND. Most observers think this is a Texas/pOSU battle with Texas having the edge, unless Mack Brown decides he does not want to wait for Jordan to decide.
    1/29/10 Update- Mack waits, Hicks is a Longhorn. Poor pOSU, but then again poor ND as well as the Irish lose another ND legacy.

    CO PQB Austin Hinder- Hinder and Montana are currently ND’s only two possibilities at a position where they are looking to fill 2 slots. Hinder will not commit to ND if Montana does, and vice versa, so I would expect to be seeing some more QB offers going out shortly. Hinder does not yet have a cut down list, but has indicated that ND, along with Cal, USC, and UCLA will make that list. Still, ND probably has a slightly better chance with Montana than Hinder, and there is a very good possibility that neither one ends up Irish. 5/25 Update- Hinder commits to Cal without even bothering to visit ND.

    TX CB Toney Hurd, Jr.- Offered 5/26/09 Similar to another TX CB with an ND offer, Kacy Rodgers, Hurd also does not have a Texas offer. Hurd does have 15 other choices, and also seems to be looking for offers from USC, UF, and LSU. Hurd is saying that he is interested in ND, and will try to visit this summer, but for some reason the vibe I get on Hurd is that he is even more of a longshot than Rodgers. I'm going to start him off as Highly Unlikely. 10/30/09 Update- From Highly Unlikely to a ND verbal commit the Irish reel in a Texas CB.
    12/18/09 Update- and just like that Hurd is not even Highly Unlikely for the Irish as the first de-commit of the Kelly era. Toney is expected to verbal to Texas A&M at the UA all-star game on 1/2/10.
    1/2/10 Update- and so he does.

    HI S Jeremy Ioane- Offered 1/20/10- ND late to offer Ioane but still could be in good shape because of the Punahao connection.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to Boise State.

    NJ WR Bennett Jackson- Bennett is the next recruit scheduled to visit the ND campus. That visit will take place next Wednesday, and ND will be the final stop of a 3 college tour (after Northwestern and Purdue) for Bennett and his Mom. There does seem to be some buzz that Bennett could be ND’s next verbal, but it surely can’t be based on anything particular out of Jackson’s mouth. On the other hand he has reportedly said that ND along with Pitt and Rutgers are his current favorites, he also has indicated that ND was one of his favorite programs growing up, he seems to have a very good relationship with fellow Joisey boys, Weis and Verducci, and his HS HC is a buddy of Verducci’s. All of that along with a knockout campus visit may just be enough for ND to finally land that elusive 4th commit. 6/7/09 Update- As it turns out the campus visit was a knockout and even though he waited 3 weeks to announce it, Jackson decided after that visit that ND was for him. Which makes him the fifth commit instead of the elusive 4th commit.

    CA RB Jordon James- Jordon has a current Top 8 of Florida, UCLA, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Stanford, Arizona, Washington and Tennessee. Of the current 5 RB’s with ND offers, James is probably the most likely to commit, but I would not consider that likelihood to be of high probability at this point in time. 11/12 Update- After getting beat to the punch by Gio Bernard for the last ND RB slot in this class, Jordon joins a crowded field of RB's at UCLA.

    OH OT Matt James- According to his Coach, Matt is considering Cincy, ND, pOSU, Florida, and BC. Other info indicates that it is really only the first three. Matt would have to be considered ND’s best hope for an OT commit out of the current uncommitted offers, but St. X has not been fertile recruiting ground for the Irish lately. On the plus side Matt’s decision to commit to ND or not will most likely have nothing to do with the upcoming football season.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to Notre Dame.

    TX SDE Jackson Jeffcoat- Jackson has too many connections to programs not named Notre Dame and has shown absolutely zero interest in the Irish. Next.
    1/29/10 Update- Mack pulls in a 5* Texas kid late in the recruiting cycle, something he had a difficult time doing in the past.

    CA OLB Tony Jefferson- This one time Stanford commit has had more Top 5’s than Liz Taylor has had husbands. The one constant in those lists, which even included ND at two separate points, has been USC, which is where he will end up. The only problem for Tony is that he projects as a CFB Safety and may not see the field at that position for a long time at the War Zone Coliseum. 7/22 Update- After setting 5 OV's outside of Cali last week, TJ commits to UCLA this week. How long will it last? Ask me tomorrow, it might change by then.
    11/30 Update- Well it took longer than expected but TJ officially de-commits UCLA after watching them get beaten by his one time silent committed to team, USC. USC, Oklahoma, and scUM are his latest three finalists, subject to change of course. Whoever he picks next will be #4, but probably not his last pick.
    12/18/09 Update- Oklahoma is TJ's latest victim, er verbal.

    FL LB Christian Jones- Offered 5/18/09 Jones has an extremely impressive offer list of 20+ schools and he is considered to be a strong lean to FSU, where he is a legacy. The only reason he starts as "highly questionable" as opposed to "out" is because he has said he will visit ND in the summer. Even with that Christian has to be considered one of the longest of the long shots.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to FSU.

    CA ATH Malcolm Jones- Offered 5/29/09 Jones becomes the 3rd Oaks Christian recruit to be offered by the Irish for this recruiting class. Jones had not received attention from a lot of schools because he was widely considered to be headed to USC. However, he has been adamant that he has no interest at all in going to USC, and currently lists Stanford and UCLA as his two favorites. The Irish should be able to get an Official Visit from Jones, and if they have any success recruiting his Oaks Christian teammates could conceivably have a shot here. It is not yet clear what position the Irish are recruiting Malcolm for, but of interest is the fact that lists him as a FB prospect. 10/8/09 Update- Malcoln has long since dissed USC, but he ends up not far from the Coliseum anyway with a verbal to UCLA. ND ends up shooting blanks with the 3 Oaks Christian recruits.

    FL CB Lamarcus Joyner- Offered 10/20/09- After an OV for the USC game, Lamarcus becomes the fourth STA recruit offered by the Irish and the first ND offer in almost 4 months. Like most his STA teammates, Joyner left South Bend highly impressed by what Notre Dame had to offer and is now listed in some quarters as considering ND on an equal basis with pOSU and possibly even ahead of his longtime favorite FSU.
    12/2 Update- Joyner eliminates ND and replaces the Irish with UF, leaving a final Top 3 of pOSU, FSU, and UF. 12/8 Update- Joyner joins Luc at the FSU party within a week of Bowden resigning. pOSU fans now have something to blame on Boweden too.

    CA OG Erik Kohler- Erik is another on a long list of ND offered players who are looking to visit in June. He will probably have a Top 5 list by then and ND is almost certainly going to be one of those 5 schools. Ultimately ND’s chances of landing Kohler may depend on what his HS teammate Nick Montana does. 8/24 Update- no real surprise as Kohler follows Montana to UW.

    MD OT Arie Kouandjio- Offered 5/29/09- The massive DeMatha tackle has over 30 offers but is just now starting to pick up offers from elite national schools. He claims to have an interest in ND, but the Irish have a lot of competition and a lot of room to make up for here. Arie also comes from a Catholic HS program, but it is not a program that ND has had any particular success with in the past.
    2/2/10 Update- Commits to Alabama

    SC RB Marcus Lattimore- The Irish decided to invade the Deep South to offer possibly the best RB in the Class of 2010 and two of his HS teammates. So far those offers have been met for the most part with a resounding lack of interest. Marcus has Auburn as his leader.
    2/2/10 Update- Marcus decides to stay home and commits to South Carolina.

    FL WDE Corey Lemonier- Corey has made two statements that do not bode well for ND. One was that he would probably not leave Florida, and the second was a Top 5 of Tennessee, FSU, Florida, Miami, and Ole Miss. I guess Ole Miss and Tennessee have moved to Florida. Anyway, more recently he has said that he is still open to everyone and ND now does seem to be a possible stop for an Official Visit in the Fall. Nonetheless, ND’s recruiting history with Florida DL makes this a tough one.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to Auburn.

    TX OLB Shaun Lewis- Early on there were some rumblings that Shaun might have a high interest in ND. However, all of his recent info indicates that ND is not in the least bit on his radar, although he has not explicitly formulated a list of schools that he is considering that excludes ND. 8/13 Update- Commits to Oklahoma State.

    FL OC Brandon Linder- ND is in Brandon’s Top 3 along with Miami and UF. Miami is supposed to be more of a threat than Florida, but either way that is tough competition for the Irish even with a solid STA connection. On the plus side the OL connection between ND and STA is the strongest and the Irish should have a very good shot at landing Brandon, especially if he visits ND both in the summer and in the Fall for an Official Visit.
    12/20/09 Update- The U wins out for Brandon.

    FL ILB Jeff Luc- Luc received an evaluation period visit from 2 ND coaches, one of whom was Corwin Brown, and he could not recall the name of either coach. Need I say more? Well, I will anyway. If Jeff leaves the state of Florida, it is highly unlikely that it will be anywhere north of SEC country. 12/6/09 Update- Bowden leaves, Luc signs on to FSU.

    IN SDE Blake Lueders- Blake’s Final 5 is Notre Dame, Northwestern, Wake Forest, Stanford and Boston College. He is expected to cut that list again to 2 or 3 before making a final decision. ND should make that final cut and are a good bet to get a verbal from Blake with a successful start to the 2009 season. Otherwise Northwestern or BC might be able to snag him. I would be a bit surprised if he pulled the trigger before September, but if he does ND would still seem to be his most likely choice in that time frame. 6/25/09 Update- Blake visits with his Dad on a Tuesday to convince him that ND is the place for him. By Thursday, Dad is convinced and Blake is Irish.
    1/24/10 Update- Lueders is a casualty of the coaching change with a flip to Stanford.

    CO SDE Chris Martin- Ten months after giving ND a verbal commit, Chris Martin de-commits on 12/1/09. One source says that he will still consider ND, another says he has a final Top 4 of California, Florida, Oklahoma, and USC. 12/14 Update- Martin commits to Cal after Florida loses 2 Defensive Assistants to other schools.

    OH QB Luke Massa- Offered 1/21/10- Massa had some early interest in ND but quickly committed to Cincy when Kelly offered him while there. Now with Kelly at ND, Massa picks up an Irish offer and plans to visit the last weekend of the recruiting cycle. On paper Massa is still a Cincy commit as of now.
    1/31/10 Update- commits to Notre Dame.

    KS ATH Justin McCay- Justin is another 2010 recruit with an ND connection, his Head Coach. Justin had a great visit for the B&G game and the Irish are very much in contention to eventually get a commit from Justin. A lot of the recruiting gurus seem to think that Florida is the leader for Justin, but a personal situation may keep Justin much closer to Kansas than the Swamp. Hopefully ND will be close enough to be Justin’s home sweet home from home starting in September, 2010, but as much as any recruit on this list that may be dependent completely upon how well the Irish do starting in September, 2009. 8/11/09 Update- After a lackluster FNL performance, McCay decides that he better commit earlier than originally planned and picks Oklahoma.

    SC WDE Corey Miller- See Marcus Lattimore except for Auburn being his leader. 7/19 Update- Committed to FSU.

    CA PQB Nicholas Montana- Nick has a published Top 7 of Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Stanford and Washington. There is a lot of buzz that he really has only a Top 3. Is ND on that list? Most likely they are, along with probably 2 out of 3 of UGA, pOSU, and Stanford. One other long shot is UW because of speculation that QB guru Steve Clarkson is pushing Nick, absent a USC offer, to Sark, because he feels that Sark will best prepare him for an NFL career. If Montana picks UGA or UW in lieu of the Irish, there will probably be not more than a shrug on the ND message boards. However, if he ends up at pOSU, or Stanford, Karnak the Magnificent has advised me to prepare for a tsunami type meltdown on the ND boards. In any case, Nick is supposed to make a decision in June. Both ND and pOSU are hoping this is the case as both schools seem to be waiting on Montana’s decision before deciding where else to go with their 2010 QB recruiting plans. 6/9/09 Update- The Darkhorse or maybe Sarkhorse in this case wins out as Montana commits to UW.

    NC OLB Kendall Moore- The Irish are not heavily recruiting the LB position for the 2010 class, and Kendall appears to be ND’s best, maybe only, shot at landing an elite LB for this class. Moore is an ND football fan, and as is usually the case when Corwin Brown is involved, he has a great relationship with the ND coaching staff. In addition his football hero is Julius Peppers and he is excited about the prospect of being coached by the same guy who coached Peppers in college. There is a lot of buzz that ND is in very good shape with Kendall, but he has yet to visit, lives in Carolina Blue territory, and has family connections to LSU and the state of Louisiana. All of that means the Irish will still have a fight on their hands to secure his commitment. The next step for Kendall is a cut down list of 6 or 7 by the end of May that will presumably include Notre Dame. Then a summertime visit is possible, but if that does not happen, a definite seems to be an Official Visit for the USC game. 7/11 Update- Kendall becomes Irish commit #12 on 711. Sounds like some good lotto numbers to play.

    OR WDE Owamagbe Odighizuwa- Even after Owa’s UF graduation rate gaffe and a report that he has a Top 3 of UF, USC, and Stanford, ND appears to be firmly in the mix here. The Irish are going to need an Official Visit and a solid 2009 season to stay in contention for OO, but ND appears to be the kind of program that he is most interested in if everything falls into place. However having UF and USC at the top of his current list puts him at best in the “still a possibility” category. 6/21/09 Update- OO officially drops ND from contention.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to UCLA.

    CA S Sean Parker- ND has been consistently mentioned by Sean as one of his Top 5 schools, and I believe that he is sincere about that. However that will probably result at best in ND getting an Official Visit from Sean in the Fall. His relationship with Byron Moore Jr., and Sr. make it very difficult to conceive that he will end up anywhere other than USC, even with the gazillion Safety’s on the condom’s roster. I see Parker as the 3rd most likely CA offered Safety to end up Irish, after Bailey and Riley, and before Tony Jefferson.
    12/1/09 Update- Parker is out for ND with a final Top 5 of Cal, Michigan, Oregon, USC and Washington.
    12/21/09 Update- Now it's just Cal, scUM, and USC. Despite all of the bluster about leaving SoCal Parker will probably still end up at USC.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to Washington.

    CA SDE Ronald Powell- For some reason when OO has UF and USC at the top of his list, the Irish still seem to have a shot. However, in the case of Ronald Powell, having UF and USC at the top seems to indicate no shot at all for the Irish. Maybe it’s because OO also has Stanford at the top while with Powell it seems to be just USC and UF. Also the fact that he has had very little to say about his offer from the Irish since it was tendered. It’s awfully tough anymore to count out Polian with any recruit but this one would require another miraculous pull. 1/9/10 Update- No miracle here as Powell officially becomes a Gayturd at the AAA game.

    IL WR Kyle Prater- Prater is hands down the #1 WR in the Class of 2010. He is planning on having a cut down list of 10 by the end of May and has already stated that ND will be on that list. The Irish will have a difficult time pulling in Kyle but should be in contention with him until the end because of geographical location. It probably does not hurt that he is also Carlyle Holiday’s cousin. The success or failure of the Irish 2009 football campaign will ultimately have the most impact on ND’s chances with Kyle. If they do get his verbal, they will probably also land his buddy and erstwhile Illini commit, Corey Cooper. 9/2/09 Update- ND does not even get an Official Visit from Prater who joins the West Coast Evil Empire.

    SC ATH Jerrell Priester- As the first and still the only major program to offer Jerrell, ND should be a favorite here. A Clemson offer could be the biggest obstacle for ND. Jerrell plans an unofficial visit to South Bend in June. At that point in time he should know better whether ND is the place for him. 7/22 Update- Priester never visits, commits to Vandy, but didn't visit there either.
    2/3/10 Update- flips to Kentucky.

    CA ATH Hayes Pullard- Offered 5/29/09- Pullard has been rumored to be a USC “silent” for some time now, but he has flat out denied that is true. ND is recruiting him as either a RB or an LB, which may help ND to stay in this if in fact Pullard has not made up his mind yet. At this point in time he is saying that he will take an OV to Notre Dame, but that is what you typically hear after an offer, especially this time of year. One plus for ND is that Pullard is friends with Shaq, the big minus is the proximity of his school to UCLA and USC. Polian overcame that last year with Shaq, can he do it again? I wouldn’t count him out, but this one would appear on the surface to be even tougher than Shaq was.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to USC.

    IL QB Tommy Rees- Offered 7/1/09 Rees becomes the 3rd offer out of ND's camp. After receiving the Irish offer, Rees indicated that he was finished with looking for more offers, and would probably decide within the next few weeks between ND, Stanford, and Tennessee. ND would be the heavy favorite here except for the fact that Tennessee still does not have a QB commit in the 2010 class and will likely pull out all the stops to convince Rees that #1 at Tennessee is better than #2 at ND. Despite that though ND still has to be the favorite here as it would be quite a culture shock for Rees to go from the Risky Business land of Lake Forest to Rocky Top, that is unless of course there is a Rebecca De Mornay in her prime waiting for him there. 7/7/09 Update- All it took was CW's return from the 4th of July holiday for Tommy to become ND commit #11.

    FL CB Cody Riggs- Cody has both an ND family connection and the STA connection. His Uncle is former ND WR Bobby Brown. Those two items have helped to currently make ND Cody’s top choice, with no one else close. However, he does plan on taking Official Visits in the Fall. If ND is the last of those scheduled visits and he arrives in South Bend uncommitted, he will most likely leave South Bend Irish. 6/14 Update - ND is quickly in the rearview mirror as negative recruiting against the Irish vaults UGA and Florida into the lead pack here. 12/10 Update- One day his teammate Joyner commits to FSU, Urbie stops slow playing Riggs and allows him to verbal to UF.

    CA S Dietrich Riley- Riley has long been rumored to be a heavy USC lean and was expected by many to commit to them as soon as offered. That did not happen as Riley may feel a bit squeezed by the Trojans at both of his possible CFB positions. USC is still the odds-on favorite here, but ND is likely to get both a summer visit and an Official Visit from him in the Fall. It appears that if Dietrich does pass on USC that right now ND might be next in line.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to UCLA.

    OH ATH Derek Roback- Offered 1/26/10- Roback is a Toldeo commit who was offered by Kelly and now has an Irish offer. He plans on officially visiting ND the weekend of 1/29 where it is widely expected that he will flip to the Irish.
    1/31/10 Update- commits to Notre Dame.

    CA RB Cameron Roberson- Offered 7/1/09 The surprise offer of the day goes to Cameron Roberson. Even Cameron was surprised. After visiting ND for the B&G game, Cameron felt like he was close to getting an Irish offer, but after not hearing much from the staff lately he thought they might have cooled on him a bit. That did not turn out to be the case as he found out today. As the grandson of one of Notre Dame’s earliest African American graduates, Cameron is well versed in ND tradition, and the Irish offer as expected put ND in Cameron’s top list of schools which now stands at 4, and includes Northwestern, Washington, and Arizona. Provided Cameron’s role as a RB at ND is explained satisfactorily to him, it would seem that ND would be the team to beat here. 9/6/09 Update- ND lands its first legacy of the 2010 class after missing out on Montana, T. Jones, and Hicks.

    TX CB Kacy Rodgers- Offered 5/14/09 No Texas offer, but he does have 20 other choices, including from Tennesse where he is a legacy. Still, Kacy said that he is interested in ND, and hopes to be able to visit this summer. Without that summer visit I would not expect an Official Visit in the Fall, and without that, fuggedabout it. At this point though there is enough interest for Kacy to make the "still a possibility" list. 7/20 Update- After shopping around a bit, Kacy ends up at Miami.

    PA WDE Dakota Royer- Due to where Dakota lives, PSU has long been rumored to be his favorite. They probably are, but Dakota has never specifically said that. In any case we will probably see an official cut down list from Royer in the not too distant future that includes Notre Dame. He has already visited South Bend just prior to the B&G game and left with a very solid impression. If ND can get an Official Visit from Royer in the Fall, which right now seems a distinct possibility, most likely for the USC game, then the Irish could be major contenders here, especially if they defeat the Trojans. 7/30 Update- Royer makes it official before any OV's that he is headed to Happy Valley.

    HI WDE Kona Schwenke- Offered 1/27/10- Schwenke is a BYU commit who will visit ND the last weekend of the recruiting cycle to meet up with some old friends like Roby Toma & Manti Te'o.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to Notre Dame.

    CA CB Joshua Shaw- Offered 5/29/09 After being offered by ND, Shaw immediately listed the Irish as his leader. That should be enough to put Joshua in the “best hopes” category. However, it appears that a USC offer may also be coming his way. If ND remains his leader after a USC offer, he would fit into “best hopes”. Until we see what happens after a Trojan offer, Joshua is just a “definite possibility.”
    11/17/09 Update- After getting some serious man love from Urbie, Shaw sets himself on being a Gator.

    NC WDE Prince Shembo- Similar to Jerrell Priester, Shembo is an unheralded recruit that ND was early to offer. However, Prince currently has a lot more options offer wise than Priester. Still, ND will most likely be at or near the top of any cut down list by Prince, and a visit to South Bend will probably help the Irish a lot here, especially if fellow Charlottean area football player R.J. Blanton is around to show him the place. That visit will most likely be an Official Visit in the Fall, so R.J. should have a lot of fun in store for the Prince. 8/4/09- The Prince becomes Irish commit #14 for the recruiting Class of 2010.

    CA OLB Josh Shirley- Offered 5/29/09- Shirley is considered to be one of the top athletes in this recruiting class and is looked at as someone having a tremendous potential upside. He has offers from all the big Cali programs, including USC, which always makes it difficult for ND, but with Polian on the job it is foolish to count out ND on any Cali recruit until the recruit says so himself. That is unlikely to happen soon with Josh who although he likes USC and UCLA seems to be open to leaving California if he finds the right situation. Prior to the ND offer, Tennessee seemed to be getting the most mention from Josh of the non-Cali schools. We have not yet seen a reaction from him to the ND offer. If he does stay in California, UCLA currently seems to have a slight edge over USC.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to UCLA.

    GA DT Garrison Smith- One of ND’s more recent offers so it is a bit early to gauge Garrison’s interest in the Irish. However, early indications are fairly positive. Garrison has one of the larger offer lists of any 2010 recruit so ND has a ton of competition, but if Smith is interested at all in leaving the SEC/ACC, ND could become a player. 7/19 Update- After playing mind games with a lot of schools, Smith at any moment will select UGA or UF. It really doesn't matter which one as far as ND goes, only tharinger is worried that it won't be UGA.

    FL DT Calvin Smith- Like his HS teammate Corey Lemonier, we have not heard a whole lot from Calvin. He is Armando Allen’s cousin though and if Lemonier takes a ND Official in the Fall, there is a good chance that Calvin might accompany him. Otherwise, he is a Florida DL, so fill in the blank. 12/8/09 Update- Volunteer
    1/13/10 Update- Smith bolts UT when Kiffin does, but ND still not in the picture.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to UCLA.

    CO ATH Danny Spond- Offered 1/14/10- Spond is a former Colorado commit who will visit his new Final 3 (Stanford, TCU, and ND) on the next 3 weekends. ND gets the last visit which definitely does not hurt here.
    2/1/10 Update- Spond commits on his ND OV and makes it official today.

    TN OT James Stone- Although James does not have any kind of favorite list it is thought that ND has a very good chance with him. The Irish will probably be on any final list that Stone prepares and will most likely be part of his recruitment until he makes a decision. Kiffin will be pulling out all of the stops to keep James at home, but CW has a solid history of pulling Tennessee kids away from Rocky Top. If Stone does leave the Volunteer state, South Bend would probably be his destination.
    2/3/10 Update- commits to Tennessee.

    GA ILB Michael Taylor- Offered 1/14/10- Taylor's star rose at the UA game in early January which led to an offer from Florida & now ND. At that time Taylor was a UT commit but even before the Kiffen fiasco he was looking around. Now he has officially de-commited there. He also took an OV to UF last weekend where it was rumored that he had commtted. Taylor later denied that and said he is wide open. The Irish are expected to do an in-home visit with Michael shortly in the hopes they can convince him to take an OV to ND on 1/29. 1/17/10 Update- No visit to ND as Taylor becomes just another Gayturd.

    CA SDE Justin Utupo- Offered 6/1/09 Justin is one of four Lakewood HS rising seniors being heavily recruited by FBS schools. ND has offered one of the others, Dion Bailey, and has shown interest in one other, Jesse Scroggins. However, it appears that all 4 of the Lakewood kids will scatter to different locations. ND is Utupo’s first big offer. Up to this point Justin, who is a Mormon, seemed to be favoring Utah and BYU. It remains to be seen whether ND will get any traction here. 7/6/09 Update- Utupo commits to the school he always wanted to go to without even visiting.

    OH TE Alex Welch- Offered 5/14/09 ND' s second offer of May 14 goes to another recruit with 20+ offers, but differs greatly in importance from the offer to Kacy Rodgers. Welch's Uncle played for the Irish during the Montana years and Alex grew up a Notre Dame fan. With former Elder HS and current ND Tight End Kyle Rudolph in the Irish corner as well, the ND offer should make the Irish the favorite for Alex. 5/25/09- Welch commits to ND :partyon: :partyon:

    TX WR Darius White- You have to give the Irish credit for continuing to offer Texas WR’s, but that’s about all you can say about it. 1/2/10 Update- commits to Texas, what a shock.

    TX WR DeAndrew White- See the other Texas WR named White listed just above. 10/12/09 Update- Despite allegedly starting to show some late interest in ND, DeAndrew joins the Tide without ever stepping foot in South Bend.

    SC SDE Brandon Willis- The only one of the Byrnes 3 who has shown any interest in ND at all. Brandon said he would like to visit ND in May or June. If that happens he might enter the conversation as a possibility, otherwise he’s still highly questionable. 9/14 Update- Brandon not only becomes a Vol, but convinces his teammate Corey Miller to flip from FSU with him. Must be some good candy at Rocky Top.
    1/2/10 Update- Rocky Top candy gets stale for Willis who de-commits Kiffy to choose either UNC or UCLA at next week's AAA game.
    1/9/10 Update- After all that Willis sticks with UT at the AAA game. Lots of drama, no action.
    1/13/10- More drama and some action as well as Willis ends up at UNC after Kiffin leaves Rocky Top,

    FL CB Lo Wood- ND was tied with Lo’s long time favorite scUM after his Spring game visit, but we have not heard much lately from him about the Irish. Was it post-visit glow only? 6/26/09 Update- Obviously not. Lo commits and states that ND has been his favorite ever since that B&G game visit.

    CA ATH Robert Woods- Woods is the #2 ranked Athlete on the Rivals board. ND is looking at him as a WR prospect. He has an amazing offer list and USC/UCLA would appear to be a very tough combo for the Irish to beat here. However, unlike with Ronald Powell, the vibe with Woods appears to be that Polian has a solid chance to at least get this kid to South Bend for an Official Visit. Remember the Shaq! 8/19 Update- Forget the Shaq! Woods commits to USC.

    MD FB Zach Zwinak- Zwinak is that rare breed of a RB who actually wants to play FB in college. He is also the FB that CW has been looking for since his arrival at South Bend, so the Irish are likely to make a very strong push for him. ND is expected to make any Top 5 list from Zach, a list which will probably include Maryland, Va Tech (where he is a legacy), PSU, and scUM. Zach has explicitly said that he wants to visit ND this summer. Hopefully that will lead to an Official Visit in the Fall. This one will be very tough for ND, but it’s likely that Zach will receive more recruiting attention from the ND staff than any of the other schools that have offered him. 9/14 Update- For whatever reason Zwinak never paid any attention to ND and finally settles on PSU, another legacy spurning choice in a year that has seen a lot of that.

    Summary of the 0

    Who’s out- (0)
    Who’s highly unlikely- (3) Ferguson, Henderson, Christian Jones.

    Still a possibility?- (0)

    Definite possibility- (0)

    Best hopes- (0)

    Next commit?- (0)
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    IUB..that is just flat out awesome work.
    Here's to you. Cheers!
    Irish guard GH division

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    Great job overall. I also agree with you on almost every recruit how you rate them in likeliness.
    Only since Im an optimist I'd bump Amerson, Benedict and Bernard up a tier. I'd bump royer down a tier to though.

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    Excellent piece of work. Well structured and really insightful given the amorphous nature of recruiting.


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    great work!

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    Great job IUB........ thank you for everything you do.

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    Great job IUB!!

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    You the man IUB.......thanks for your efforts!

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    Fantastic summary! Now lets see how many of these you get right!

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    Lightbulb Where do you find the time?


    First, the sheer amount of info that you gathered for this
    post. Second, the time to summarize and write. Are you
    living in a trappist monastery?


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