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    Would you guys be surprised if Paul Duncan starts at LT next year?

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    I know he isn't a popular pick but I think that he will. Or at least share snaps with someone.
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    I think that is exactly why he didn't play this year and is applying for a medical redshirt. He is the #1 guy going into camp and I don't see Romine or Cleland surpassing him. Certainly not at the start of the season.
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    Wouldn't be surprised. But I also won't count out Romine. And I don't think anyone is entering camp as the #1 LT . Spring practice should spread some more light on the compition, but this will definetly be decided in the Fall.
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    The way our line played nothing would surprise me. This also includes how the DL played as well. Also, with the comments that were floated around prior to the bowl game about Crist pressing Clausen, there could be a change there. I know this might not please people but Clausen at times last year looked like a kid who believed his own hype and performed like Rex Grossman. A lot of the Ints were completely unnecessary and could have been avoided.
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    I hope Paul does it. It is wide open and as his last year comes he might as well sieze the opportunity. Also who knows, maybe Verducci can teach him, and the rest for that matter, a few things and he might just surprise.
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    I think that Trob will get a shot at it with Stewart staying at OG full time. I think Trob has to much potential to sit and not play. So they will work him in a bit, plus Duncan has the playing time advantage being a veteran. And also I think Romine will make a push. But I see it as a Trob/Duncan battle. But who knows what Verducci's style, or preference of player is. So as of now its up in the air IMO.

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    I bet every position on the line is up for grabs this spring and fall with Verducci coming on board. Having a new coach is good for more than just technique, every player is starting over and will be busting thier butts to earn thier spot. There will be no allegiances and everyone starts fresh. There should be some pretty motivated O lineman this season for sure.
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    i'm not a huge unl (huskers) fan, however i do like that pelini took away the "blackshirts" and told the defense that they would not be reemplemented until they earn them. i hope this spring and summer charlie et al employ a similar tactic with regards to pt

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    I would bet that each and every spot on that line will be open, and we might see some changes w the younger guys getting a shot at unseating some of the older guys. JMO

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    Former ND OL, Paul Duncan; has passed away. His wife, Ellen; reported he suffered cardiac arrest while out jogging in his neighborhood. He was pronounced brain dead. RIP

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