It has been a rough 2 week stretch for Irish fans. I personally lost it on this site and attacked a players preformance. Totally wrong on my part. Now we have members who are starting to attack others personally and that needs to stop. Cause folks believe me the mods and admin will not put up with it and will put an end to it. If someone attacks, just bring it to one of the mods attention and let them handle it. If you get into it with them and start attacking them you will be in the same boat. Be careful and trust the folks who run this site.

Also things are starting to pop up about certain players and things going on. Right now it seems to all be rumors. Let us not get to worked up about it until we have solid info. I'm sure when someone has solid info they will post for all to see.

Thanks guys and gals. Let's keep GH the site we all love to talk Notre Dame football.