A Flash Floyd Warning has been issued for the following counties in North Carolina: DURHAM; ORANGE.

At 4 p.m., EST, the National Secondary Service in Raleigh spotted on radar a Floyd approaching from the northwest. The Floyd appears to be headed in the direction of Durham and its surrounding metropolitan area, specifically Chapel Hill.

A Flash Floyd warning means that a Flash Floyd is imminent or actually occurring in the immediate area.

A Flash Floyd can occur anywhere, anytime, but one is more likely in the presence of a porous secondary consisting of undersized cornerbacks.

In the event of a Flash Floyd, remember to follow these safety guidelines:

- Seek higher ground; leaving 10-15 yards between yourself and the Floyd is recommended, but 20 would be safest.

- Do not attempt to outrun the Floyd; even a record-holding Pac-Ten track champion cannot beat a Floyd on foot!

- Keep children, pets, and head coaches away from the sidelines.

- Upon sighting a Flash Floyd, immediately call for safety help; if none is forthcoming, do not attempt to interfere. The Floyd will still catch the ball, and you will only look foolish!

Keep in mind that a Flash Floyd can occur in only seconds. There is no way to prevent it; you can only hope that you survive it.