So Iím finally going to a game this year . If I think about it to much I start getting emotional . I assume all the bottled up emotions from the last 40 years will be released and , Iíll melt in to a puddle of tears . In case I some how can keep it together, Iím looking for advice on how to get up close and personal with the campus . Iím flying in to Pittsburgh on the 16th of November. Then heading to Steubenville Ohio to visit family for a few days . Then Iím going to pick up my best friend in Akron on my way to south bend . Iíve all ready booked Friday and Saturday night at two separate AirB&Bís . Donít ask , im still learning the internet . Iíve tried to search for info on tours of the stadium and what not , with no luck with finding anything I can solidify. According to the airline and stadium their are no restrictions. ( pray for me if that changes ) I figured you all would know exactly what I need to do to so I donít miss anything . Any advice would be much appreciated I love you all go Irish !!!