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If you follow my blog you'll know that I traveled to Ireland this past Sunday to meet with the Benedictine Nuns at Kylemore Abbey in County Galway...

During my time at Kylemore I met an individual by the name of Paul Smithwick. Beer drinkers may recognize the last name -- yes, he's "beer royalty." Paul's family began brewing Smithwick beer in 1702 in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Two years ago, Paul and his son Dan launched another brewery in Kilkenny -- Sullivan's Brewing Company.

Paul was kind enough to drive me from Kylemore Abbey to Dublin Airport (a four hour drive) on Tuesday. During that time together -- I learned a great deal about Paul's career and some of the honors he's received...

I even convinced him to show me some of the "medals" that went with these honors (photos above).

I don't believe there are too many people walking around the planet who have been honored with the: