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    Well, it looks like we didn't miss anything in the Big Dance.

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    Meh, letdown games. Takes a certain mindset for NIT.
    "Doggonnit............The Lord gave you two legs, protect them" - Coach Hart

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    Quote Originally Posted by LOVEMYIRISH View Post
    Well, it looks like we didn't miss anything in the Big Dance.
    Syracuse won two games.

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    Duke is going to end up winning this stupid thing and, as a graduate of the University of North Carolina, I can't tell you how much this pisses me off.

    Stupid Aggies.

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    Since he doesn’t have his own thread, thought I’d post this update for Bonzie here:

    Adrian Wojnarowski

    The Milwaukee Bucks are signing forward Bonzie Colson to a two-way contract, league sources tell ESPN. He was playing with Canton Charge of G League. He missed pre-draft and summer after broken foot ended Notre Dame career.

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