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We love Southern Cal, we hate USC.

  1. NDgrandson
    Someday I hope to join the Notre Dame club of Orange County and take the trip to Notre Dame to see he game vs USC every other year. I for sure will see it whn ND is here vs USC. This year I could not get anyone to join me for FREE!!! I went alone. But why wait until I am rich to enjoy ND games with the best ND fansinthe world??? We can get together at bars, restaurants, my place, his place... maybe your place, for free! This can also serve as a plae to organize our tailgating efforts for games held in SoCal (Rose Bowl???).

    So check in and join this group so you can be included in any planned events.

    Together, we will bring back the decade of dominance.
  2. NDgrandson

    My pics from last season's beat down.
  3. mlcspinner
    east coast > left coast ;)
  4. NDgrandson
    I've done the East Coast thing. I loved it, but SoCal is home for me.
  5. littlerick77
    I'm down.....So Cal baby where we gotta keep it real for ND in a nation of cardinal & gold
  6. NDgrandson
    I know robdog is in the SD area and littlerick is in Rancho Cucamonga.
  7. ACamp1900
    spinners mad cuz he ain't knowing how to west coast it when he's on the west coast, west coastin it west coast style...
  8. NDgrandson
    Hesperia in the house. Welcom ACamp.
  9. irishunclebill
    Ok, how does a Big Chiller get to join. My daughter just completed her Freshman year at USD and it looks like she is there to stay, and if Mom and Dad have their way we will be headed out that way within 5 years. The added bonus is we just found out that she ended the year with a 3.4 GPA which virtually guarantees that she will be able to keep the free ride they offered her as a Freshman throughout the entire 4 years. Now that is some serious cause for celebration, even starting at 11 PM EDT on a Monday night. :alcoholic:
  10. ACamp1900
    ND GS you are from Hesperia? Or were you talking about me?? I work in Hesperia so I wasn't sure
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