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Irish Guys

  1. daytonirish
    That is just plain genius IUB. Or just outright mean. Good luck with your club.
  2. irishunclebill
    Criteria for this very exclusive group. LOL.

    1) Handle must begin with Irish, unless you are a certified Stoney or Spinner basher. (AkronIrish & SoCal are therefore invitees.)
    2) Must also have at least 100 posts, or be a Gold Club Member.
    3) Cannot have the name Stony or Spinner in their handle.

    Since we are anti-social posts are not recommended. Just Kidding.

    This is just your opportunity to be a part of a group that does not include Stony or Spinner. (Tongue in Cheek)
  3. irishunclebill
    Dayton, if you keep working at it, you might qualify under criteria #1 listed below. I will be watching.

    I like mean genius, it's very anti-social sounding.
  4. SoCalDomer
    i do drive myself crazy :D
  5. Akron Irish
    Akron Irish
    This group is truly going to be a special place.
    Am I still allowed to bash Svo and IUB here, or do I have to go where they can respond
  6. IrishGrizz
    2 things i gotta ask-1) You do mean Irish Guys, not gays, right? Cause I don't roll that way. and b- How again did SoCal get in here? j/k. I see now how with the bashing note by IUB. Count me in.
  7. irishunclebill
    It seems as though anyone can post in these groups even if they are invite only, so I'm not sure what the point is.
  8. irishunclebill
    Looks like SVO has fixed the leaks, so it's Irish only and Stony/Spinner bashers from here on in, and oh yes IUB/SVO bashers for you Akron. In fact I am giving you special dispensation to bash anyone you please without fear of retribution.

    What other Irish guys should I put pictures of in here?

    I'm going to put at least one Irish girl in here, the Black Irish one from "The Black Donnelly's" who used to be a lesbo/bi one on the OC and is now on "House."
  9. Akron Irish
    Akron Irish
    I like the sound of that. I've gotta take a little time to get my moneys worth
  10. Akron Irish
    Akron Irish
    I think a Goodfellas pic is essential.
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