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Season 5: Episode 16: Cover Me

  1. Svoboda
    Charlie goes to Don with an economic strategy to disrupt emerging drug epidemics, and Don and his superiors at the FBI agree to put it in to action. The plan calls for one of the team members to go undercover and make several large buys from the four dealers who sell the new drug “Hawaiian Ice,” thereby squeezing demand and driving the product out of the market. Liz, who has a friend, Cal, working deep cover for the DEA, agrees to go undercover and use Cal’s connections to make the buys. Liz succeeds in making the first buy, but at the second an ambush takes place, and the drugs are stolen by another one of the four dealers Liz was buying from.
  2. Svoboda
    The team then discovers that another one of the dealers Liz was working with had his stash raided after being murdered. The ambush and raid were not expected in Charlie’s plan, but the team pushes on, thinking they will be able to purchase all the drugs from the single seller now, and achieve the same end. However, when Liz goes to make the final buy she discovers the dealer is no longer interested in selling, he wants to corner the market and he needs the drugs Liz was able to buy. He ends up taking Liz hostage, and sends Cal to retrieve the stash, but when Cal returns he comes in with a SWAT team and saves Liz.
  3. Svoboda
    Was a pretty good episode. Liz has a rocking body, too.
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