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Is Shelden not the best character or what?

  1. Svoboda
    Man, I can't sit through an episode without laughing my ass off at him. The writing for his character and his casting is perfect. Anyone else agree?
  2. Win4Gipper
    Ditto...Sheldon is a riot... they have done a good job of keeping the show from being too predictable...but Penny makes the show... I liked here on 8 Simple Rules before Big Bang
  3. Svoboda
    She does a good job providing balance.
  4. domehead1
    I saw a shirt that had Sheldon on it and said "bazinga"...I have got to have it.
  5. Purebred Irishman
    Purebred Irishman
    Sheldon is great and he will make you laugh each episode. His funniest line is "I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested".
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