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Anti-Obama Wholesome Excelling Specially Opinionated Masterful E-posters (A.W.E.S.O.M.E)

  1. stonebreakerwasgod
    I love the name
  2. polishdomer
    Thank you kind sir...should I invite SonomaIrish? He sounds like he is an open-minded liberal...they have to be, right?
  3. polishdomer
    Hey guys...any ideas on who else to invite here?
  4. stonebreakerwasgod
    23, and I already did.
    Irishdodger, Hoff, Pete.
  5. mlcspinner
    how do you feel about Baracks' running mate
  6. notredomer23
    Great for the Republicans. It goes completely against his message of "Change". He should have chosen the guy from Indiana or Virginia cuz then he might have won those states. Now, he will never have a chance in those states, and some polls I have seen are even showing him losing illinois
  7. stonebreakerwasgod
    He's not horrible, but Biden does have baggage. Plus, he doesn't connect well with us types in Ohio and in the South. Obama coulda found better.
  8. NDFan4Life

    Why did No-Bama pick the Hair Club For Men President for VP? Biden is a has-been and will definitely cause him to lose the election. Tim Kane (the gov. of Virginia) is just an evil looking S.O.B.
  9. stonebreakerwasgod
    He knew he was seen as weak on foreign policy, where Biden is strong. Problem is, few care about Biden, and he doesn't connect with non-liberals. I'm not saying he's awful like some in his party, but he's definitely not a home run for Osama, I mean Obama.
  10. IrishinTN
    Obama is an immature, inexperienced disaster who consistently displays this with every important decision he's had to make since the teleprompters were turned off. He must be constantly coached and told what to say, and you can't have a president who needs that.
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