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Anti-Obama Wholesome Excelling Specially Opinionated Masterful E-posters (A.W.E.S.O.M.E)

  1. polishdomer
    I had a suspicion...Is Sonoma Biden then?
  2. notredomer23
  3. Flyin_Irish
    Is this the young (and old) republicans of GH forum?
  4. Flyin_Irish
    And Polish, let's not forget that while Obama wants the image of not being a "Washington insider" he goes and picks a senator of 36 years to be his running mate. It doesn't get much more "inside" than that.
  5. IrishGrizz
    What an Awesome group you have set up. Will be interesting if anyone who currently is getting all tingly and moist over obama will actually look into his background and his non-list of accomplishments. Sure won't get that from the main stream press.
  6. SoCalDomer
    wait, this group is anti-Obama? i'm outta here.

    i bet none of you have weed whackers either.
  7. IrishGrizz
    Is that like a pud-puller?
  8. polishdomer
    Obama is such a hypocrite...I hate the fact he is from IL...makes us look bad...of course, I think I am the only Republican left in Crook...I mean Cook County. I definitely have my McCain stickers out and need to get a yard sign.
  9. polishdomer
    Any word if Obama has been given the city keys to Denver yet?
  10. NDgrandson
    I'm in.
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