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RWA Meetings

  1. notredomer23
    Hi Im ND23 and I am here to get over my Rep Whoring addiction.
  2. domehead1
    Hello ND23.....
    My name is domehead1 and I am a rep whore....I need help.
  3. daytonirish
    This should be the largest group going. Glad you started it ND23.
  4. notredomer23
    invite people then. Cuz im lazy
    When I think about rep whoring, I just think about what people who dont know what reps are thinking. It looks stupid. That doesnt include private whoring :)
  5. IrishGrizz
    Hell, I was gone for 1 week, and the whole world has changed. Kind of reminds me of the 3 yrs i spent in Germany, and when i got back, everything changed and I had a 3 yr gap in my current events knowledge.
  6. domehead1
    This meeting is slowing down??? Where is the "live" entertainment?
  7. IrishGrizz
    Rep me and I'll let you know the secret password to the MRFM thread.

    Crap, I fell off the wagon again!
  8. domehead1
    As long as you dont have to kill me after you tell me.
  9. IrishGrizz
    Not amongst us fellow RWAs- its all good.
  10. domehead1
    It's weird...everytime I smell a rep..I start that normal?
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