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Gold Helmet
03-10-2007, 11:00 AM
By Sir John

100 NFL Coaches, owners, and scouts turned out for Notre Dame's pro day. Like you, I have been reading the accounts of Brady Quinn's work out. It would be redundant to repeat here all that you have read about the first pro day in many other articles and sites.

Coach Weis has become more settled in as a college level coach. I'm not saying he never was before, but he admits to having discussions with other Division 1 coaches on how to approach a bowl. As well earlier this year made changes in how he approaches recruiting.

What I am seeing now from this pro day is how he is marketing Notre Dame and himself as head coach in this the first of two. If you noticed HE ran it. HE did it as if he were still one of those 100 pros. Not too long ago in print someone named Zook rolled his eyes that "a college coach could get an NFL guy on the telephone and influence him." That was a Zook and media smack in the mouth to coach Weis who has also said in print that he could pick up the phone and call any NFL guy.

Media specifically mentioned that the Vikings coach and Romeo, Weis's friend, drooled over Brady and the number of passes thrown which was "more than a combine." To me this is nothing more than Weis marketing Notre Dame and himself as doing more for his kids than the NFL expects or any other college coach can do. Also notice that the second NFL pro day comes the day after Notre Dame opens spring practice. Do you need a picture to see that not just the normal Notre Dame media followers will be on campus for this, but 100 NFL owners, coaches, and scouts?

Weis just told those future college recruiters who will whisper in some kids ear, "Notre Dame and Weis can't do anything for you"; to simply, go suck a prune.

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