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03-08-2007, 07:16 PM
After you first requested we tell our friends publicly about GoldenHelmet I put up a simple, unprovocative, unproslytizing notice about GoldenHelmet on DomerDomain yet it was taken down.

It basically said,

New ND Board. Remember when DD was forced to shutdown and Svoboda gave you guys a spot of your own to post on his board. Well he's got a new ND board. Stop by. Say hello. No obligation. No registration required to look.

I included the GoldenHelmet Link from my userCP which tracts referrals.

The message was up for 2 or 3 days then deleted by the moderators with no comment nor even the courtesy of an email or PM.

Frankly I found that BS as there are still two threads on that board entitled, "We won't forget you SVO!" (http://www.domerdomain.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7529&highlight=happened+irish+envy)and "What Happened to Irish Envy" (http://www.domerdomain.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8150&highlight=happened+irish+envy). Curiously in those threads there are links posted to two other ND boards where DD moderators have affiliations. They were acceptable but a link to GoldenHelmet, which was germaine to those threads, had to be deleted.

Now if I was a first time poster on that board I might understand the deletion of a message from an unknown poster possibly trying to hijack members. I'm neither a new poster nor a hijacker. I've been a poster on DD since the second month it was running. I'm member #23 out of more than 2600. I was the 29th most active poster on that site. I'm not a moderator, administrator, nor owner of any board. I was just sharing a new site of interest with fellow ND fans.

I didn't post that announcement on any other site. I thought the relationship with DD was bigger than "board turf". When DD was shut down, a DD poster, Seniorle started a DD thread on Svo's old board. Several DD posters used that thread to continue their DD discussions. Some joined in other discussion threads. Seniorle didn't ask permission to post a thread about another board. None was required. His thread wasn't deleted rather he and the displaced DD clan were welcomed and accomodated graciously.

"We won't forget you, SVO!"

"Don't ask; Don't tell!" seems more apt. Actions do speak louder than words.

At the time I posted the notice, I also sent a couple of personal emails out to former IE posters who had contacted me personally to let them know if a new board came along. I see from my profile that 3 new GH members list me as their reference about equal to the number of emails I sent out. So it doesn't look like my deleted DD announcement was a threat to DD membership.

The deleted announcement however has cost them one member - me.

03-08-2007, 08:13 PM
BGIF, youre right, it was wrong to take that down. I pmed you about it, and i didnt take it down but ill go ahead and post it at DD telling about svo's new site. ND boards are to be shared, and Ryan wouldnt mind...so hope this helps, and hope you decide to come back and visit DD too, but its your call.

Sir John
03-08-2007, 08:14 PM

This really breaks my heart. I am the moderator responsible that morning for taking your post down. I was the only Mod on duty and I do take that responsibility "quite seriously." I have posted at a place """"I can't name that you know of"""" my reasoning.

We share many cross members of ND Fans and there should be no conflict and we or i at DD and other sites want none. It's my understanding 'direct advertising like come to blah blah site' with the http was forbidden. this comes from many past chats with ryan and someone you might not know of Nate NWLB of defunct Irish conclave. Philly an admin of another site asked me if he could pub his site at DD. I explained to him not directly, but if he created a banner, signiture just like >>>>SVO did tonight for you guys by all means use that as it is the political, diplomatic correct way.

I'm the biggest poster at DD but I do not own it and wish to make no troubles for my boss Ryan as however you cut it sites do compete in some ways.

Now BGIF yes IE provided a home for DD when we went down, cross sharing members.
You, these members may not know it i am the guy Svo got hold of in a problem for DD IE. That warning from Svo I passed on so I do well damned know DD owes Svo.
At DD in turn we allowed much discussion of IE guys bitching after Svo sold. But of course that IE, all knew where to find the http.

I did Pm Svo today about a way around this. Is their a piece of recruiting gossip?? Come on give me anything.......................... I can then say GH and Svo is reporting at http that............ Joe poops is irish. You see?

03-09-2007, 11:16 AM
Moved this into it's own thread so it could be discussed if you guys choose. However, I understand that some sites require permission before linking to a competitors website so I didn't take offense to anything that has happened.

I'm just glad we've grown little by little. We'll get there, I have no doubts. I do appreciate everyone that has posted a link or told their friends about the site. Thanks!