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06-12-2012, 05:07 PM
I simply can't manage the stadium now.... sucks but hey that's the way it goes, I'm not having a pitty party and although you are all near and dear to me I will ride a bus to your town and kick your rear parts if you try... i still golf. I put the pin in the ground crawel back to the cart get back on my feet and go and tee off... pretty cool huh... I might not be the smartest but i make it happen!!! I started building and repairing clubs several years back and got cerified through the Golf Works in Ohio... Instead of taking the one class so I could hang my certification on the wall I've been taking all the classes and get a masters equivelent certification... My sweet love started working rediculouse hours so I could get what ever it takes to have a first class shop and we are currently at 12000 bucks but finally closing in on completion... It is called R and C Custom club and repair... I enjoy it not only cause GOD gave me a gift to make a club look better than it did new... But I can take a kid with seriously ugly hand me downs and make them look like the are on one of the tours... I eat the cost when it comes to kids... I will charge them like 50$ for 500$ services rendered... If you know anyone in my area send them to me and let me blow their mind... I promise you will move to the top of their love list if you're not already their...

That all being said and you are now caught up with what I've been up to... I need your help... I need an eaddress for ANY one that can get me to someone attached to coach so I can beg him to let me see the boys practice for a couple days... My little brother and my son will come and get me and I will stay with my son who lives about a mile from the campus... I want to play the golf course also... But I want to see the boys more than anything!!! Don't get me wrong I'm going to live for a LONG LONG TIME... I just may not get around as much... I don't need coaches address (unless you have it) just get me pointed in that direction... would truly appreciate it folks...

love ya all

06-12-2012, 05:40 PM
Ron, this link is for you but I suggest everyone read it. A few months ago I took a day off work to go the funeral of a golf loving family friend who had lost his life to cancer. Shortly before dying, Tim’s son took him to Pebble Beach, including the famed par-3 seventh hole.

GolfDigest/Golf World picked up the story and it came out last week. The story is on the front page of Yahoo! Sports’ Golf page a few days ago but here is a link http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-tours-news/2012-06/gwar-a-day-to-remember

Funny enough, Tim's wife was featured in the local paper this week for the 20th anniversary of the Limo business they started so I got to tease her a bit about that the other day for all the media 'attention'.

06-12-2012, 09:44 PM
THANKS will read tomorrow after my lesson... I'm trying to get some distance back... I get beautiful loft, straight as an arrow and can't hit farther than 150/175 yds... reeeeeally getting on my nerves...